Fashion over 50: Maxi Dress

Today’s fashion post is a flashback to the 70’s.  I happen to like long dresses and happy that maxi dresses are back.  I remember wearing these back in the 70’s and since I’m tall, I’ve always like long skirts and dresses with heels.  It was hard to find skirts long enough back then, but now maxi dresses are really long.  In fact, this one would probably drag the ground on a shorter person.

maxi dress

I found this pretty striped maxi dress recently at Ross for $23.  Yes, a great deal for a summer dress. Even if it doesn’t last for years, it’s a good deal.   I stand corrected.  I thought Ross was in the same group with TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but that is not factual.   I enjoy shopping at every one of these stores and they all have good buys if you get in there and look.

This striped maxi dress is by Beige by ECI and I found a sleeveless version at Macys.

Beige by ECI maxi dress (affiliate link).

Here’s a short version of the same dress:

Another Beige one from JC Penney, same brand (affiliate link). This one looks same colors as mine, black/beige.

maxi dress sitting

For summer clothes, I definitely don’t spend a lot of money and I enjoy buying a few things for my closet that are fun and trendy.  This striped black and tan dress will be a nice addition to the wardrobe for summer.

maxi dress 2

I wore it with some chunky jewelry and my new sandals by Franco Sarto.

Now, let’s talk about under garments for this type dress.  I have a few pair of those long shaper things (think Spanx).  I got mine at TJ Maxx and there are many versions out there.  They really come in handy when you don’t want panty lines and panty lines in a dress like this would ruin it.  So, be sure to put on a smoothing shaper when you’re wearing something like this.  I wear these with tight pants too when I absolutely don’t want a panty line.  Panty lines are a big no-no and I really try to avoid them.  If I’m wearing a long top, I don’t worry about it so much, but if you want a smooth line, go with a shaper (or thongs, I have those too for summer).  But, I wear my shapers in the summer too, there are lightweight ones that are not hot.

This Spanx pair (affiliate link) is very similar to what I have.  Many are lightweight spandex and very comfortable to wear. 

maxi dress detail

I love the detailing of the waistline, with the X accenting the waist making this dress very slenderizing.

maxi dress jewelry

Simple jewelry is all that is needed to add a little flair.

leather tan sandals

These tan leather sandals will be a summer staple for me as well.  By Franco Sarto, they are called the Keller style.  I have searched online and cannot find them anywhere, so since I got them at TJ Maxx they might be discontinued now.  They were $40 and I’ll be wearing them plenty this summer.  Instead of wearing white shoes, I’ll wear these with lots of things, like white jeans and blue jeans.

Franco Sarto Ulysses shoes (not the same, but a similar look) (affiliate link).

maxi dress walking

I do love maxi dresses and they definitely make you look taller and leaner.  Some folks don’t like to wear horizontal stripes, but I think most of us can do that.  If you are shorter, I think you could still get away with a maxi dress and heels.

maxi dress

I wore it to church last Sunday and paired it with my black wedge shoes, which I also got at TJ Maxx. Add a jeans jacket to a maxi dress for a casual look.  My jeans jacket is Gap brand and I found it years ago at a yardsale.

Gap Jeans Jacket (affiliate link)

black wedge shoes

These black wedge fabric shoes are from TJ Maxx and the brand is White Mountain.

White Mountain Lakefront black wedge shoes (affiliate link).

Let me introduce you to another fashionista friend of mine.  Judy and I have been longtime friends for more than 25 years.  I have several Godly women in my life who are so dear to me and Judy is right up there at the top of my friends list.  We also go to church together, so when I saw what she was wearing last Sunday, I said let me put you on the blog. This outfit is so cute and perfect for my maxi dress post.

judy maxi skirt

Judy, at 66, wears a size 6/8 and enjoys dressing stylishly.  I love her long striped skirt, white top and jeans jacket with a pretty floral/stripe scarf.  Judy always looks very put together and is a classic dresser.

njudy striped scarf

She said the scarf came from Old Navy and the jeans jacket is also Gap.

Here’s a pretty scarf I found, which would look good with a jeans jacket. It has some great colors and is a super deal, so I bought one too!   Scarf (affiliate link)

wedge shoes

She paired the outfit with a pair of tan wedge shoes and it looks great.  Skirt is from Steinmart.

judy jean jacket

With her summer purse, Judy is looking like a style maven.  So, I wanted to show her off and give you more ideas on dressing stylishly in your mid-60’s.  Judy has it going on and always looks great! She likes jewelry too and always has her toes and nails polished. That makes a statement too, so don’t forget those extras, which make a big difference in your look.

Super excited to be off on another adventure this week!  Headed to Mobile, AL today to see a wonderful historic home renovation in person by Phantom Screens CEO, Esther.  She took on this house in historic Mobile and invited a group of bloggers to come down and experience it all in person, up close and personal. I’ll be reporting in on all the fun when I return!  I love a Southern Romance, don’t you? 

The Morgan-Ford House




- Rhoda


  1. I love all of your posts, Rhoda! Very inspiring, I always get so many ideas from you! You’re always doing something different. I wish I had all of your energy! Have a great day!

  2. Genie Krivanek says

    Like your stuff. Your outfits look great on you. But I’m struggling with a tummy that I can’t seem to reduce and your things wouldn’t look right on me. Any posts for women with figure shortcomings?

    • Hi, Genie, I think the key is to disguise the tummy area. Buy things that are not form fitting, but skim over and lengthen. Longer flowy tunic tops are great for hiding flaws. Wear straight leg pants which slenderize too. There are many longer tops out there now that can help hide a tummy.

  3. You look fabulous!

  4. Great post. You both look fabulous!

  5. My birthday was April 7th… and received a lot of giftcards, I wanted a long skirt and at Khol’s I found a black with a white stripe skirt! With a 5 dollar coupon and 30% off I got it for $14.00. I love it! I turned 64, still can’t believe it.:)

  6. LOVE Maxi dresses and yours is so cute. I haven’t been able to find a spanx=like garment that doesn’t “roll” at the waist. I tried a high waisted one and it also rolled. Very uncomfortable and unflattering!

    Thanks for showcasing Judy — she is my size – 6/8 so would love to see more of her styling in your posts as well!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Anne Boykin says

    Wow, you look fabulous Rhoda! And so does Judy. Have a safe trip. I love your fashion posts as well as your posts about homes. I guess I just love your blog.

  8. You do know you’re adorable right? Enjoyed this post 🙂

  9. Nancy from RI says

    The dress looks good on you but I have to compliment you on growing your hair longer. I love it.

  10. Another fabulous outfit! And, I love that your featured your sweet friend. She looks amazing for 66. I love a good Maxi dress and plan to pack several next week when we head to sunny Hawaii. I hope to bring that sunshine back with us. This weather is so dreary.

  11. Cheryl Ann says

    You both look great in your maxi dresses!

  12. Patricia Wilson says

    Rhoda, in the pic with you on the walkway in that gorgeous maxi dress, your legs seem to go on forever.

  13. I can’t get enough of maxi dresses and skirts. Now that it’s warming up here in New England, I am happy to be wearing them again. In fact I bought a new dress this week. I probably own more than 10. Florals, stripes and solids. Maxis are my go to outfit for so many events, church and work. Your dress is very stylish Rhoda. I have a striped dress in the same colors. Those shoes are very pretty, too.

  14. Be very careful about thongs. I can’t stand the “feel” of them. I have noticed many younger girls wearing them and if you do, check your back view. Unfortunately many of the knit fabrics are very clingy, especially to bare “cheeks” and might not be the view you want to present! Panty lines might be better!! LOL

    Actually the boy short panties and brief will give you a no-line look also.

  15. A Maxi is on my shopping list for spring and summer. I have a couple of skirts which I love but have passed on dresses the last 2 summers because I was too lazy to hem one. I do wish they were made out of fabric with a little more weight but I guess then they wouldn’t drape as nicely. Very cute outfit!

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