Fashion over 50: Mother of the Bride Dress Ideas

This post is sponsored by eShakti. I was sent this dress at no charge and I’m sharing the process with you, all opinions my own. 

With a formal wedding coming up in December, I needed a new dress to wear. I had a couple I could have worn, which are all black, but really what fun is that? It’s much more fun to get something new. I worked with eShakti a few months ago on one of their dresses and couldn’t help but notice then that they carry a lot of formal and evening type dresses, so I started looking through all of them. There are so many I narrowed it down to about a dozen and then showed them all to Mark. This one stood out to both of us. It was one of my top faves and he agreed, so I ordered it.

Mark’s youngest daughter, McKenzie is getting married in December and I thought it would be fun to talk about Mother of the Bride dresses, or stepmother in my case. The wedding will be at Monteluce Winery in Dahlonega, GA and the venue is gorgeous. We went with McKenzie and Patrick to their wedding tasting at the winery a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. I asked McKenzie if she would let me blog her wedding and she said yes, so I’ll be sharing it with you all! It’s going to be so pretty, she has spent well over a year planning her wedding and I can’t wait to see it all come together.

Now the great thing about eShakti (link to this dress, but use link below if you order for the $25 off discount) is that you can take your measurements and place a custom order for a dress that fits you perfectly instead of just ordering a regular size. It’s an additional up charge of only $9.95. I think on a dress like this it is so important and I wanted it to fit me like a glove and it does. I love the style and colors of this dress. It’s a pretty peacock blue satin underneath with a polkadot overlay of sheer organza fabric on the bodice and skirt.

Here’s my affiliate link if you’re interested in shopping with them and a link for $25 off your first order. I’m really impressed with their clothing and they are reasonably priced too!

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The top bodice is a black fabric. I have to wear a strapless bra with this, so that straps don’t show, but the other part of eShakti that I love is that you can choose the sleeve length, neckline design and the hem line.

Here’s the dress on their site, on a young woman. I love that this dress can be worn by so many ages and body types. See the sleeve length? I changed it to long sleeves since this is a December wedding and it will probably be cold. I got the formal length, but it doesn’t touch the floor with shoes on.

The back has one pretty little button and a zipper and I feel so elegant and pretty in this dress. The skirt is full so it would be very forgiving too along the tummy line, I think. Oh and it has pockets! I love pockets.

I already have these suede shoes so I’m going to wear them. Closed toed will be good for that time of year. I may have to take a back up pair to dance in though!

You’ll notice I had on a couple of different necklaces and then without. I’m thinking of wearing pearls so you all can help me decide. I think the chunky pearl might be too much, but I do like the long strand doubled.

Mark liked this one the best, the long strand doubled look and the simple pearl bracelet. I’ve got several pairs of earrings to choose from too, so feel free to vote for your favorite. I’ll share them below.

I had fun with this gif from my Live phone pics. for some reason it loses clarity when I uploaded it to WordPress so I don’t know what else to do to make it better. It looks so cute, but this one is grainy.

Here’s the long strand pearl necklace with the simple pearl bracelet. Which earrings do you like the best? I’m not sure which ones I’ll go with, but I’ll be sharing the whole wedding festivities when December gets here. We are excited for McKenzie and Patrick to start their lives together. They met when they were like 15, so have been together for about 10 years and they are the cutest!

We’ve already had a couple of bridal showers and now we wait for December to get here and the wedding to happen. I know it’s going to be beautiful!

I sure didn’t mind going along for the food tasting, that was fun!

Mark and I at Monteluce.

I visited here about 5 years ago and it’s still so pretty! The ceremony will be held inside the wine making area and the reception will be in the room where we did the tasting, where that big fireplace is. It’s going to be so pretty and I’m so happy for them!

- Rhoda


  1. The dress looks beautiful on you…great choice. I agree that you should not wear the chunky pearl necklace and as far as the choice of earrings, from your picture I would say either the bottom or middle ones. Also I wanted to tell you how flattering the dress you wore to the wine tasting looked on you. From what you wrote it sounds like this is going to be a romantic and beautiful wedding.

  2. I love it. 💖

    I love those shoes, too, but I think they look too heavy for the dress. Maybe something that looks a bit delicate.

  3. Stunning!!

  4. Add a sparkly belt and no pearls.

  5. Hi, girls! Thanks for all the feedback. I grabbed this jewelry as I was trying on the dress in 90 degree weather so hadn’t really thought it all out. But I’m going to listen to the consensus and no necklace for this dress. I do have some other black and gold pieces that I’ll get out and try, I know I have a black and gold blingy bracelet, so will probably wear that and the sparkly tear drop earrings or borrow something from Lauren or Renee. Simple and elegant!

    • michelle Ferrer says

      Hi, Rhoda. Beautiful dress and you have a lovely frame for it. Would agree with no necklace and think your middle earring sets the right tone. A touch of bling with the pearl. Pearl bracelet also a good complement. Let me suggest a sparkly belt either in black or deep blue. You are short waisted. The belt will lengthen your top line giving you an elegant proportion. Have fun at wedding!

    • I agree Rhoda! Simple and elegant. The dress is beautiful and you want it to be the showcase not your jewelry. I would consider a more delicate shoes as these look a little heavy. But, I understand not wanting to spend a lot of money for only a one time wear. The winery is beautiful!

    • Yeah, I’m not buying new shoes just for this dress, you will hardly see the shoes anyway. I’ll probably change to a more comfortable pair for the reception anyway, something I can dance in.

  6. Love the dress – those are my colours! No necklace, please, but would go for the pearl earrings with the gold ring (no 3 from the left in the picture) and a chunky pearl bracelet.

    How lovely to have the dress in your closet already, no last minute panic!

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Gorgeous dress!! Love it and it looks great on you. Weddings are so fun! 🙂

  8. I agree with some of the other comments. I wouldn’t wear the pearls. The dress is so chic — the pearls kind of make it look older and not as modern. I would just pick a pretty bracelet and some statement earrings. You look amazing!

  9. Love the dress, the colour combination is gorgeous! I like the shoes as well, avoid a necklace, but do go with the pearl earrings (no 3 ftrom the left) and I might consider a black satin or velvet ribbon around your waist.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Angela Mahnke says

    You look stunning in the dress. Great color choice for you! I would not go with pearls, doesn’t match the dress or shoes. The shoes are hot with the dress, the pearls brings it down. I would go with a diamond looking earring and a chunky bracelet, no necklace.

  11. Sparkly tear drop earrings are my favorite! It’s so wonderful Mark’s children have embraced you, Rhoda. Of course, I’m not surprise. You’re the sweetest. And now you have a fun formal occasion to look forward to. The dress is stunning and looks fabulous on you!

  12. The dress is gorgeous. My very first reaction was that the pearls were too stark and too much for that particular dress. I vote for statement earrings and a bracelet….I liked the pair with the rhinestones and pearl drop or something that is a more rhinestone look only. I know you southerners and your pearls though! :o) But in the end, YOU wear what you like! You’ll look lovely for such a happy occasion.

    • It’s funny, Toni, I have pearls and never wear them. Just thought I’d try them out with this dress, but it was a quick grab when trying on the dress to photograph it. So jewelry will be decided later. I’ll probably borrow some from my niece or sister. Earrings and maybe a ring and no other jewelry.

  13. Janel Calamia says

    Oh so elegant Rhoda! You look fabulous and I’m with you on just the strand of perils. Ours is October 12…getting closer!!

  14. I have to agree with most of the other people posting. The dress is beautiful, and the pearls are just distracting. Statement earnings are really all you need.

  15. Gorgeous dress, so elegant. But please try other jewelry. You will look amazing. Get your hair done in an updo. You will look amazing……..just like you do every day! Hugs.

  16. Dress is divine! No necklace…pretty drop earrings with a touch of the beautiful blue color. Pearls don’t go with the dress at all in my opinion. You look very pretty.

  17. I love the dress! I agree with everyone else that you don’t need a necklace since the bodice is fancy. I’d do a bracelet and the rhinestone earrings.

  18. You look beautiful in this dress, Rhoda! I agree that the dress doesn’t really need a necklace, but I like the 1st earrings.

  19. I think the pearls compete with the dress too much. I’d stick with a sparkly bag and earrings, maybe with black crystals. The dress is stunning on it’s own, and doesn’t need anything more than that. Less is more in this case!

  20. Love it! Center earrings, pearl bracelet, and no pearl necklace. You will look perfect!!

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