Fashion over 50: Navy Jumpsuit Repeat

Summer is here and it’s definitely in order to wear cooler clothing these days. Dog days are no joke! I’ve shared a few new things with you all recently and I’ve already shared this navy jumpsuit from Ross, but couldn’t resist sharing it again. This time I wore it with more casual espadrille shoes and I love them for a summer look. I wish i could link this jumpsuit, but I can’t locate it online anywhere.

It’s got gold buttons so I added some gold jewelry to go with it.

Those animal print wedge shoes are going to be so versatile this summer. I’ve worn them with so many things already.

This jumpsuit is comfy too in a stretchy knit fabric and very flattering too, I think. I got lots of compliments when I wore it.

I only have 3 jumpsuits so far but I’ve enjoyed all of them.

Again, the only drawback to them is going to the bathroom. This one has a zipper so is a little more challenging. The others are stretchy and pull up and down easily so they aren’t too bad.

Jumpsuits continue to be hot this year, so if you haven’t tried one, there are some great sales on now. I’m adding a few below (affiliate links) that I think are cute, as well as my animal print shoes again. I am loving these wedge shoes this year!

- Rhoda


  1. Jana Leigh says

    That jumpsuit looks so stylish and comfortable. Very nice! Will add, it looks as if you’re doing a good job of keeping your skin protected from the sun. I find that to be a challenge when it is soooo hot.

    • Hi, Jana, I definitely have sun damage already on my face with lots of sunspots and freckles. But I do try to keep sunscreen on every day now and wear hats and visors often.

  2. Good morning, Rhoda. I haven’t worn a jumpsuit in years, but remember how easy if was to grab especially when I was in a hurry to go somewhere I wanted to feel put together. You have me wanting a new one! You look beautiful as always!

    • Thank you, Susanne, you should definitely try one on, they are really fun all over again.

  3. Rhoda, you look amazing! This is one of my favorite outfits you have shone us. Also, because of your post about lost luggage on your cruise, I was well prepared for my trip to Scotland last week. I had extra essentials packed in my carry on. My families luggage was lost for 3 days! Yep, no fun, but packing the essentials and an extra change of clothes in carry on, was a Godsend. 🙂

    • Hi, Faith, thank you so much & that’s so good that you packed extra clothes in your carryon. We learned a big lesson on that too & won’t make that mistake again. I don’t know what it is about international travel, but they seem to lose luggage a lot!

  4. Clarissa Hopkins says

    Jumpsuit really compliments your waist.

  5. When you first posted this I went to Ross(2 different stores) and tried to find it but no such luck😞 And just looked again over the weekend at yet another 😕. But, I now have 3 so I’m good! One from Old Navy, one from TJ Max and one from JC Penney’s. Love them!!!! And they all passed the test that they must pass…remove/undress easily for bathroom breaks😬 Looks adorable!!!

    • Thank you, Mary, so glad you found some too. They really are comfortable and fun to wear.

  6. You look absolutely stunning!

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