Fashion over 50: Shorts and Cool Tops

Hey there friends!  Wow, you all sure outdid yourselves with comments on Mark’s man cave post. I was so happy to see the warm welcome and he had fun reading all your comments.  I’m not sure he’s up for blogging just yet, but I’m really hoping this will give him a nudge to at least do some posts for me along the way. A man’s perspective on all of this is a welcome change and since we are a team in all we do around here, I’d love for him to chime in more.  He is a great writer, isn’t he?  He really did enjoy reading all the comments!  I knew you all would love him too.

So, it’s back to Fashion over 50 today, but nothing too earth shattering or exciting today.  It’s August, the hottest month of the year, so it’s all about cool weather clothing for me these days.  I’ve got several pairs of longer shorts and that’s what I mostly wear out when I’m trying to look halfway decent when I go out.

Mark and I went to brunch for our anniversary at a local Acworth restaurant, Dogwood Terrace, and really enjoyed it. We had been before, but it’s really tasty and good.  I wore simple Bermuda shorts that I got last year working with a company in Montreal, called Lisette L. They are a stretchy fabric and very comfortable. They are a little pricey, but the quality is very nice. I found the gray sleeveless top at a local shop called Glitzy Chicks for $10 on sale. It’s very soft and drapey.

I see looking at this picture that I need to put on a different bra with it, but it’s really comfy.

The whole outfit was cool and casual, which is what I go for this time of year.

Downtown Acworth has lots of great photo spots.

I found these shorts on thredUP and have enjoyed them.  And I found a few summer tops from Target on sale for really good prices.  I wanted some very casual tops to wear around for summer and this one fits the bill. It’s sort of tie die and all cotton.  Not expensive at all, but perfect for summer days.  These are definitely not super high quality, but great for casual summer wear.

I found two more from Target too that I’ll link below, the black and white botanical print tank and the white crew neck T. I needed a few more casual tops and these will be great with shorts or jeans.  Everything right now is on sale, so I’m linking a few other things I found online in Bermuda shorts and tops that are all good prices right now.  I love Bermudas this time of year!

Thanks for stopping by today!

- Rhoda


  1. http://Lynne says

    These outfits look like something I would wear around to stay cool. I like the length and style of these shorts. I might need to head over to Old Navy to get some new ones while they are on sale.

  2. http://Marsha%20Shaw says

    I recently discovered your blog . I love the fact that is is so relatable to my lifestyle and budget. Thank you so much. Many of the other blogs are beautiful to look at but the clothing and decor are so impracticable to just everyday living. Your make me feel welcome.

    • http://Rhoda says

      HI, Marsha, welcome and I’m so glad to hear that! I hear you, I like to be totally down to earth and relatable. I’m not into spending a fortune on clothes or decor either, so I hope you’ll enjoy what I share here and come back often.

  3. Yes, it is all about trying to stay cool in this awful heat. I adore that handbag you have!

  4. http://Donna says

    Cute outfits! Your healthy living regime shows! You look fab. I love the handbag and looked for a reference to it. Looks like a good size and perfect for summer.

    • http://Rhoda says

      Hi, Donna, thank you so much! I mentioned that straw bag in a previous post, but it’s a find from a local antiques store and it’s Kate Spade. Got it for $55, which I know is a good deal, first Kate Spade thing I own!

  5. http://Jane says

    I’ve found that I prefer the longer, tighter-fitting shorts as well. They’re very flattering. Great find, that KS bag. Love it. Mark’s man cave post – loved that too! He’s a natural.

  6. http://Ally says

    Target has gotten some great clothes in. My
    14 year old daughter got two cute tops. She always gets compliments when she wears them.

  7. http://Sandy says

    you always look so cute; the photo on the porch really favors your Mom!

  8. Rhoda, both outfits look great on you! They look so comfortable. I have to watch myself when I go to Target; too many pretty things and good deals! Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of the week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

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