Fashion over 50: Spring Jumpsuit!

I bought a jumpsuit! For the first time since around 1978, I bought a jumpsuit. I really can’t remember the last jumpsuit I had on, but it had to be late 70’s or early 80’s and I did have a few back then.

So, here’s how I found the jumpsuit. Ross stores has an annual dress event. I have bought dresses there before and when I heard their dress event was back, I stopped by and took a look. Bought 5 outfits, including this jumpsuit. I’ll be sharing the other 4 dresses soon too, but I really scored on their event. This is not sponsored at all, but I enjoy shopping there sometimes. They have some nice things that are very reasonable. I spent about $130 for 5 outfits. That sounds really cheap, but honestly I love all of the things I bought! With my casual lifestyle, I just can’t seeing buying expensive clothing. I like a few trendy things to mix in my wardrobe and these will fit the bill.

This jumpsuit is a stretchy knit fabric and very comfortable. I think that I can easily dress it up or down. I would also wear this with more casual wedge espadrille type shoes.

I wore it to church last Sunday with my blush pink suede heels from Sole Society I bought last year. It was chilly so I added a jacket, but I really like it better without the jacket.

It’s dark navy with gold buttons and I loved dressing it up a bit with those shoes. I may look for a blush jacket to  mix and match with this and white pants too.

I zips up the back and yes you do have to deal with the zipper and going to the bathroom thing, but I only wore it for a couple of hours so all was good.

It’s fitted at the waist and cropped at the ankles and I  felt very good in it. Mark liked it too and told me I looked pretty! I added this pretty straw purse in blush and natural that looks good with it.

It felt like a great spring outfit and I think I might have to look for more jumpsuits now. I didn’t know how I would like them this time around since it seems to be a young look. I was happy to find something that worked on me and it feels very classic. I think a jumpsuit would be fun to wear to a wedding for something different.

I added blush pink and gold jewelry and felt really good in this one. I’ll be sharing the other dresses too. I definitely need some color on my white arms and I’m planning to do a spray tan before we leave for our cruise on April 27th. Can’t wait for that and this jumpsuit might be going with me, or at least some of the dresses.

Have you tried a jumpsuit lately? I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this once I put it on. I liked this one so much, I just bought another one, so I’ll keep you posted on that one too. They were all the rage in the 70’s and early 80’s and like everything else, fashion keeps reinventing the old things. There’s really nothing new out there, it’s all recycled from year’s past, isn’t it?!

This brand is Enfocus Studio and I couldn’t find this one online, but here are a few jumpsuits I found online:



Jennifer Lopez Kohls

Nina Leonard



- Rhoda


  1. Gorgeous! I love the buttons on the side, too. Thanks for the inspiration, Rhoda!

    • Thank you Susanne, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I still loved a jumpsuit! It’s been so long since I had one on!

  2. Wow!! You look like a “teenager,” and you are a darling in that outfit so slim and love that curly hair. Gorgeous lady.

  3. Cute, cute, cute! I’ve never had a spray tan so I would love to hear details if you get one…do you wear a bathing suit or are you au naturelle? Do you have your face sprayed, so then you need completely different makeup? So many questions!

    • Hey, Roxanne, I’ll be sure and do a blog post about the spray tan and share with you all! I will definitely wear a bathing suit, I still have some 2 pieces in my drawer that I don’t wear out anymore. My sister gets her face done so I probably will too although I would want my face a little lighter, not dark so I can still wear some of my makeup I have.

  4. Rhoda… not only do you look pretty… but this is stunning on you, truly. So figure flattering and gorgeous. wowza! I’m sure Mark loves seeing you In This jumpsuit. such a classic and elegant piece. I’d be curious if you might ever have to ask for assistance in the restroom zipping and unzipping this jumpsuit.

    • Thank you, Paula, I appreciate that! When I tried it on the first time, it felt so good so I knew I had to get it. I just ordered another one too, so we’ll see how that one goes. I did get Mark to help me zip it, but I can unzip it myself with a little maneuvering!

  5. Sue A Wheeler says

    Very flattering! I might go look as I use to wear them also!

  6. Harriett Campbell says

    I believe the last time I owned a jumpsuit was on my trip to Bahamas in 1980. Love the Navy on you with blush purse and shoes. Thank you for my memory and now I will have to buy one after decades….lol. Have a safe trip.

  7. Sherry Mullis says

    This looks lovely on you. Classy but very youthful. You wear it beautifully. I know it was a good buy at Ross. Good find.

  8. Marianne A. says

    That looks stunning on you. I just ordered the one from Nordstrom Rack. We’ll see how it looks!

  9. readlisten says

    You look wonderful. I think I’ll go watch “My 600 Lb Life’ to make myself feel better.

  10. Susanne M Murray says

    You look absolutely beautiful! Great outfit on you!! I think all pieces worked well together!

  11. I absolutely LOVE that jumpsuit and you look wonderful in it! I like it with or without the jacket. The shoes, purse, jewelry and your wonderful hair make for a spectacular look!

  12. Mary Sturgeon says

    You look great! When I first read that you bought a jumpsuit, my first thought was….”but, how quickly can it come off for bathroom break”🤣 The joys of the 50’s and drinking lots of water. I’m going to stop in at our Ross store and check to see if ours have one like yours. Love the navy and gold, very classy!

    • Thank you, Mary, that is one drawback, but I probably will only wear this a few hours at a time so hopefully I can make it. To church, out to eat and back home was just right last weekend!

  13. This is a beautiful outfit on you & the buttons really set it off. You should be admired for staying so thin & all of your time at the gym has paid off. I have found some nice things at Ross too & need to check that store out again.

    • Thank you, Linda! I am glad I have worked out for so long, it has paid off now. Definitely check out Ross, they have some good things and so reasonable.

  14. WOW! That looks fantastic on you. You have me changing my mind about jumpsuits too. I’ll have to check them out.

  15. Kaye L Thornton says

    That jumpsuit was made for you! You look absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! I would put it in the suitcase, right this minute, to go on your cruise.

  16. diane in northern wis says

    Really cute outfits Rhoda! But then, you look GOOD in everything! Happy Spring!

  17. Absolutely love your jumpsuit and thanks for the Ross idea, the last time I wore a jumpsuit was in 1982. My husband and I are going on a cruise to the Caribbean in May and I am definitely hoping to get at least two. I’m a natural curly hair curl and your new hairstyle looks great!

    • Thank you, Angela, I was so happy to find this jumpsuit and loved it at first wearing. I ordered another one too for our cruise in April.

  18. Jackie L Crane says

    You look beautiful in this jumpsuit! Very pretty!

  19. Pat D'Ambra says

    Rhoda, I love everything you wear, but, this jumpsuit is by far the best. You look fabulous! And, I love your hair. I wish we could shop together. I could use your help. I also love that everything you show is affordable. I feel a shopping spree coming on!

    • Thank you, Pat! I do enjoy trying new things and just bought a couple more jumpsuits, so this is going to be the summer of jumpsuits for me. And yes, I’m all about affordability in clothing. My lifestyle is so casual these days and I just can’t see spending a lot of money on things I’ll get tired of in 5 years.

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