Fashion over 50: Summer Casuals

Hey, friends!  I’m ready for some dry weather around here, has it been raining where you are?  I love rain, but day after day gets old so I’m waiting for the yard to dry out a bit so I can get back outside.

In the meantime, over the Memorial Day weekend, we had a dinner party at another couple friends’ home and I decided to dress up a little bit, since we don’t get dressed up all the much on our casual weekends.  This isn’t super dressy, but dressed up for a summer outing dressy and I felt good in this one.

Fashion Over 50 Summer Casuals

fashion over 50 Summer Casuals

I found this top on thredUP and it’s by Vera Wang. I’ve been shopping there more and more and get some great deals and this top was $8.99.  I just love it, it’s totally my style and you know how much I love black and white.

fashion over 50 Summer Casuals

The sheer black detail on the bottom makes it very interesting and I paired it with my white jeans from Old Navy.

fashion over 50 Summer Casuals

These shoes are by Guess and called Janger, but they are a couple years old, so no longer available. I have really enjoyed these sandals for summer.

fashion over 50 Summer Casuals

I got this jewelry a couple of years ago from a company that sent it to me, Happiness Boutique, and it’s a pretty piece. It’s a marble look, not sure if it’s real stone, but it’s heavy and the earrings are too.

fashion over 50 Summer Casuals

It’s a pretty piece and I only wear it occasionally.

fashion over 50 Summer Casuals

I really like this top and it’s so easy to mix tops like this with black or white pants.

fashion over 50 Summer Casuals

One more share today, this is a casual shorts outfit I wore to a Braves game recently. It’s nothing special, but it was a very hot day that day and I wanted to be cool and comfortable. Both these pieces came from TJ Maxx. The shorts are striped (and stretchy) and the top is a gauzy type fabric, both good for summer. This is a typical summer outfit for me.  Mark didn’t think it was all that flattering, but I told him I was going for comfort and beating the heat and I really wasn’t making a fashion statement. When Atlanta heats up, it’s all about being cool during these hot summer months.

fashion over 50 Summer Casuals

My Converse Chucks get a good workout for casual clothing and that’s what I sported to the game.  It was my first time visiting the new Braves stadium here in Cobb County and my friend, Jill, invited me to go and take in the Chairman’s Club level, which meant all the food and drinks we wanted.  It’s a beautiful stadium and I’m glad I saw it at least once.  We are not huge baseball fans, so I doubt I’ll go back again, but getting to experience that part was a treat!

That’s it for today!  Here are a few things from Vera Wang I spotted at Kohl’s. I’ve had good luck with Vera Wang items and have enjoyed the pieces I have. Thank you as always, for stopping by to see me! 

fashion over 50 Summer Casuals


- Rhoda


  1. http://Linda says

    Hi Rhoda, You looked so pretty for the dinner party and the top looks like it was meant for you with a really good fit. Love your sandals too! It think I saw your TJ Maxx outfit in the store recently. I always enjoy your Blog!

    • http://Rhoda says

      Thank you, Linda, I appreciate that! I felt really good in that outfit and Mark thought so too!

  2. http://Uta%20Z says

    Don’t listen to Mark! That casual summer outfit looks great! You look so young in it!!! And despite your comment about not being a baseball fan….I’ll still continue to read your blog! ; )

    • http://Rhoda says

      Thanks Uta! I know, men like different outfits sometimes than we do on ourselves. I do go for comfort and cool in the summer. I used to be somewhat of a baseball fan, but just didn’t keep up with it over time. It’s America’s summer game though!

  3. http://bonniee says

    Cute outfits on you, Rhoda! Yes, hot & humid here in MS too. I wanted to tell you I found an air dry crème from Pureology at Ulta on the their special beauty buy days for half off ( hair when you do curly) and it does dry somewhat faster with no frizz. If I need alittle extra I use the Pureology curl defining spray – both recommended by my stylist. Oh and he said scrunch the crunch out with paper towels if you have any. The crème makes soft curls- no crunch!

    • http://Rhoda says

      Thank you, Bonnie, I have Pureology shampoo and conditioner so I’ll have to look for those curl products. I do wear it curly more in the summer months, so need all the help I can get with frizz, ugh. Never heard of taking out the crunch with paper towels, that’s interesting.

  4. http://Debbie says

    Perfect outfits for the occasions you wore them to. You look fresh and cool. I am not a fan of heat and humidity.

    • http://Rhoda says

      Thanks, Debbie, with the heat and humidity, I’m all about being cool these days.

  5. http://Molly says

    You look fabulous! I completely understand about the heat… Memphis is hot and very humid too! I am the only non baseball fan in the family. My husband loves the sport and my son in law played for the Cardinals his rookie year then the Memphis Redbirds. So…. unfortunately I did have to endure some baseball games lol! Last year my son in law was asked to go up to St Louis and sign autographs and throw out the opening pitch. It was exciting to be on the field at Busch it was a special day for our family.

  6. http://diane%20in%20northern%20wis says

    Oh Rhoda… look great in everything you show us. You’re so nice and skinny and your arms look good….a lot of the things you wear, I don’t dare wear anymore. But I enjoy seeing them on you!

  7. http://Julia says

    The outfits look good on you! Yes, to being cool and comfortable in the summer months!

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