Fashion over 50: Summer Date Night Skirt

Hey, friends!  It’s that time again, Wednesday and Fashion over 50 sure does roll around fast these days.  I am only getting dressed up maybe once or twice a week, so have to be sure and get photos when I’m dressed in something besides casual workout clothes or shorts and cool tops around the house.  In the summer, it’s all about beating the heat for me!

Fashion Over 50 Summer Date Night Skirt

Fashion Over 50 Summer Date Night Skirt

We met some friends of ours out in Woodstock for dinner.  Firestone Grill in case you’re local and interested.  Woodstock is always a fun place to go out and we enjoyed it very much.  Also listened to some live music there too, such a fun small town atmosphere there.

Fashion Over 50 Summer Date Night Skirt

This skirt is one I picked up in LA when I was down there visiting a couple of months ago.  My sister and I shopped at a cute shop in Covington, LA and they had some really cute summery things with lots of cotton material, my fave for summer.  The skirt is by Cottonseed and I found a link at their online store, so check it out if you like it.  I love that it’s all cotton.  This skirt is very comfy with elastic and drawstring at the waist and I love the points on the edges, for a casual summer look.

I thought it would be good with wedge shoes and also sandals and flip flops for a very casual beachy look.

Fashion Over 50 Summer Date Night Skirt

I paired the skirt with an off the shoulder top I got a couple of seasons ago in black and white stripes.  It’s a very inexpensive top, but it’s fun to wear in summer.

Fashion Over 50 Summer Date Night Skirt

The shoes are Sam Edelman with a little leopard accent that I found ages ago at TJ Maxx, so no longer available.  Still love my Sam Edelman shoes so much, that seems to be the brand I have most in my closet these days. I’ve been using a little self tanner on my legs to give them some color. I’ll link the 2 below that I’m currently using, both are good.  You have to be a little careful with them to try and not get streaks but overall I do like them both.

You can see the skirt is 2 layers and a gauzy fabric.

Fashion Over 50 Summer Date Night Skirt

You know I love black and white, so here are a few similar things for you to check out (affiliate links):

Fashion Over 50 Summer Date Night Skirt

- Rhoda


  1. http://Judy%20Clark says

    You look beautiful Rho! I love that skirt and top. Black and white is one of my favorites too!


  2. Love this outfit. Perfect for summer. And, adore your new summer haircut as well.

  3. http://Andrea%20G%20Corley says

    Love the top and skirt. I would want the stripes to be horizontal to make me look smaller and taller 🙂
    Shoes are cute too…..

    Great date-night outfit!

  4. http://VintageBeachgirl says

    Great outfit but I’m commenting because I love the new haircut, it looks fabulous and makes you look so young!!

  5. http://Debbie says

    Lovely outfit. I think I would wear that skirt a lot. Perfect for the summer.

  6. http://Nancy says

    Your hair cut looks darling! You look so young and polished. You are adorable!

  7. http://Faith says

    Adorable as always! Love the touch of leopard on the shoes!

  8. http://Diane%20Taylor says

    WOW this look is fantastic on you :):) I thought about you today, I am wearing that pretty white top you showed us back in March from Cracker Barrel??? I got one and it is my go to summer top this year, thanks to your fashion over 50 posts.

    • http://Rhoda says

      Hi, Diane, so glad you got one too! I love that top too, happy to share when I can find things online for y’all!

  9. http://Jeanie says

    So pretty Rhonda. Thanks for sharing. Love reading your blogs and LOVE seeing the choices for clothing. Such a lovely cool summer outfit.

  10. http://bonniee says

    That is a really cute outfit on you, Rhoda! I love love that skirt & the top is amazing! I love off the shoulder tops if they would stay up good. They tend to fall down my arm if I am real active but out to dinner is a good time to wear a cute one. The sleeves are so cute too! I love bell sleeves. You look amazing and probably cooler too than pants.

    • http://Rhoda says

      Thank you, Bonnie, that top is a really cheap one and it does stay up. I found it at one of those pop up shops in Facebook and now I can’t remember the name of it.

  11. http://Julia says

    This look is very becoming on you! So stylish and cool! That skirt is definitely one I’m going to check out. Thanks for sharing these fashion posts!

  12. http://Susanne%20Murray says

    Your shorter hair is so attractive on you!!!

    • http://Rhoda says

      Thank you, it’s just over an inch shorter, that’s it! But it’s cooler for summer.

  13. http://MARY-ANN%20(FROM%20CANADA!) says

    Rhoda, you look so pretty in your outfit! Your haircut is so cute, too! I’m going to order that white skirt! Have a great day! Blessings!

  14. http://Kate says

    You should model the skirt for the company because I went to the link and would never order it based on what I saw. But on you with the way you paired everything with it, I would totally buy it.

    • http://Rhoda says

      HI, Kate, that made me laugh! Honestly, the company website is a little matronly and I don’t blame you for that!

  15. http://Patricia says

    I’ll say it again Rhoda – you have the lovely, willowy figure of a model ! Everything looks great on you !

  16. http://Lynn says

    You do look wonderful in that cute outfit.
    Love the skirt. See that they have a shop in Tarpon Springs which is fairly close, so will pop in when in in that area.

  17. http://Kathy%20Barnes says

    WOW, you look great in this outfit but then you always look great. I’ve noticed seeing lots of longer white skirts in the stores. I guess I’m going to purchase one. Unfortunately I’m not as slim as you but I really like the look. Thanks for sharing.

  18. http://Dee says

    Nice outfit! I particularly like the skirt. I do have questions about the sunless tanners you like. My coloring is identical to yours…in fact you would be mistaken for many of the women in my mothers side of the family. So, I too use the L Oreal product but am curious about the Jergen’s mousse. Do you alternate them? What features of the Jergen’s to like? I’m happy with just a little color at this stage of life; did all the skin damage years ago when we didn’t know better….the darker the tan the better back in the day. Would like to hear your thoughts and comparisons. Thanks.

    • http://Rhoda says

      Hi, Dee, so you have lighter skin like me? Freckles and burn easily and don’t get really dark. Me too, spent too much time in the sun as a teen and young adult, so trying to stay out of it for the most part now. I heard from a couple of people on Instagram that they liked the Jergens mousse because you can see it as it goes on. It’s tinted so you can see where it’s going. The wipes to me are the easiest. They wipe on really fast and dry fast so you can put clothes on and go. The mousse didn’t dry quite as fast, but you can see where you put it. So that’s my thoughts on both of them. I’ll continue to use them both since I have both of them this summer. I’m also using one of those body lotions with sunless tanner in it in between. Got mine from Walmart, but Jergens started that too, so most drugstores have one of them. Just to keep it going during the week. It adds just a bit of tint to your legs. I’m doing the sunless tanner maybe once a week and then adding the lotion like every other night. Hope that helps!

  19. This is such a great summer look and you can stay cool in also. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Stunning as always! I have been following Fashion over 50 for sometime now. I always love your outfits, I am trying harder to pull a pretty look together, with your help. Today I jumped over to Thred up and purchased a purse, thanks for the link. I had no idea what Thred Up even was so, thanks for sharing. Keep the cool fashions coming. Also, I adored the converse shoes and short outfit for the Braves game. Converses are all the rage now. I must have 10 pair.

    • http://Rhoda says

      Hi, Dana, I’m so glad you are inpired. Thredup is a great way to add to your closet without breaking the bank. And yes, I love those Converse shoes too.

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