Fashion over 50: Summer Dress {Black & White}

Cool is the name of the game these days! With the intense heat we’ve been having, my main goal is to dress cool and casual. I’m wearing dresses more these days too, since they do feel cooler to me. I wore this to church recently and it’s also from Ross. Black and white are my faves and this gauzy dress that’s lined is very comfy, so for Fashion over 50 I’m wearing a cute and casual dress from JBS brand. I didn’t find much of this line online, so not where they are sold.

With subtle polka dots, it’s so cute and I paired it with black wedge shoes by Sam Edelman I got maybe 2 years ago.

No pantyhose for me, I’m trying to keep my fake tan going these days to add a little color.

I really like dresses in the summer, they feel a little more dressed up and are way cooler than pants. It’s sometimes hard to find them below the knee though, but this one worked.

I don’t like showing too much leg anymore, so below the knee for me.

Wearing wedges elevates a dress a little bit too, although I could wear flat sandals as well. But a little heel adds a nice touch.

You’ve seen this necklace before as I’ve had it for several years now, but I did get a new base chain for it, as the original one had really started showing wear. I got this from Art by Amy years ago when she had a booth at the Atlanta Mart ( I think she still does during temporaries on the lower jewelry level), so check out the website for more. The new replacement necklace came from a local place I was shopping and it seemed to be a perfect one to add my charms to so I switched them out. These are all just big charms hanging from a chunky chain.

Look under Catalog…Bits to see all the charms she has online. You could order charms from her (including initial ones like I have, you can barely see the initial in the pic) and find your own chain. Some of her custom things are pretty pricey, but the charms aren’t too bad.

Here are a few things I found online, including dresses and shoes you might like (affiliate links). Lots of sales right now on summer things so click through to see the sale prices! Thank you all for buying through my links when you can. I do earn a small commission and that helps my business. 

- Rhoda


  1. That’s a reallly cute dress Rhoda and looks so nice on you! Your closet must be amazing with all of the pretty clothes you have!

    • Thank you Linda, it’s time for me to clean out my closet. Have to do that periodically don’t we?

  2. That looks so cool and comfortable for this heat! BTW, those L’Oréal bronzing towelettes you recommended are da bomb! I love it gives my fair skin a subtle tan with no streaks and no icky smell!

    • Hey, Roxanne, I’m so glad you are liking those Loreal towelettes. They are my go to every summer!

  3. I agree dresses are cooler than pants. I too like them below the knee which sometimes are hard to find. This one is perfect and looks lovely on you

    • Hi, Debbie, below the knee is a little challenging to find sometimes, but I’ve found several this year.


    Rhoda, you look so pretty in this dress! You will certainly be able to wear it a lot this summer! Love all your accessories, too! You always look lovely. Have a great day!

  5. Mary in VA says

    I have been looking around to see if I could find a dress or two that I might wear to church. Like you, I’m ready for a change from constant pants. The dress you show in this post is just right. I could sure use a fake tan, what do you use?

    • HI, Mary, I’ve been using Jergen’s Sunless Tan Mousse and also Loreal towelettes. Both of those work pretty well for me. With the mousse you can tell where you put it on and it bronzes immediately and then softens up when you shower later. The towelettes you can’t see until it gets darker later.

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