Fashion over 50: Summer Maxi Dress in Blues

Hey there and happy Fashion over 50 day. I’ve got a new dress to share with you today, one that I got from a local consignment shop, Urban Renewal on Whitlock Ave. You girls who are local might know that one. I love this dress, it’s a knit fabric and is very flowy and soft. It would be the kind of dress you could roll up and it wouldn’t wrinkle.

I took more pics than usual because we were in downtown Acworth for this photoshoot and I had to show you a little bit of the new that’s happening in our little town. That’s the pedestrian bridge behind me for people to walk over the railroad tracks as we get more restaurants on the other side of the railroad tracks from town. Acworth is growing!

It’s a fun backdrop for photoshoots so I’m taking plenty. The jacket is from Chico’s, also from Urban Renwal consignment and it matched this dress perfectly. Sometimes I need a little jacket for cold air conditioned rooms.

This building is Acworth’s new little train museum, showing the history of Acworth inside. I love that they are sprucing up downtown and making it so nice. This is a replica of the old train station. We get trains through here all the time.

I love the tie dye look of the dress and of course the colors are right down my ally. The jacket highlights it perfectly. I’m wearing those wedge shoes that I shared last week and love! Several of you bought them too. So comfy!

Here’s the back of the dress. It doesn’t have a label, so I have no idea what it is. It has a band around the waist and then the fabric drapes over that so the band is sort of hidden, but I think it’s very flattering with a waistline.

My hair was between curly and straight that day. I blew it out with a brush and didn’t flat iron it.

There’s a pergola next to the train station. I should have taken a pic of the red caboose that’s been repainted.

Closeup of the colors and my jewelry. I have plenty of turquoise jewelry and love it.

Another look at the dress and shoes. I love that these shoes are neutral for everything.

And here’s another look at the jewelry. Jord watches just sent me this new watch. I love the turquoise face and the pretty gold and wood band. I have shared Jord before and love the look of their watches. I have to get a coupe of links taken out of this one. If you’d like to check them out go to Jord. This one is called the Cora Polaris.

Can you tell I like this dress?

They’ve been working on the train tracks replacing some of the cross ties, so they haven’t opened this crossing back up yet for cars to go over. But the improvements are happening and Acworth is looking great.

That’s it for Fashion over 50 today. I have a few maxi dresses linked for you below as well as those shoes again. I still love maxi dresses in summer, so comfy and yet dressed up.

Here are a few maxi dresses I found online at Nordstrom Rack. They have some good deals right now and their dresses are nice, I’ve bought several from them before.

I’m sure if you’ve been online you have heard that Nordstrom is having their July Anniversary sale right now. I’m going to spare you the onslaught of links, but you can check it out if you’d like. It’s Fall things at 40% off, so you can get a head start on Fall clothing updates.

Affiliate links used below as well as text links, which means I earn a small commission if you buy through my links. 

- Rhoda


  1. You look sensational in this dress!!!!! Love the colors and style and the jacket is perfect with it. The matching jewels really top it off. I probably look like a new follower as I don’t usually comment. I have been a fan for a long time. I’ve enjoyed all the pictures and stories of your life and family. I laugh, cry, and pray right along with you. Thank you for a lovely blog and I’m so happy life is good for you since meeting Mark.

    • Thank you, Doreen, I really appreciate you sharing this with me today! I love hearing from all of you.

  2. I love the dress on you and the colors are so pretty with your skin tone. It is a definite winner!

  3. Mary Sturgeon says

    Beautiful!!! Love the dress and all the accessories ❤️❤️❤️ Acworth looks adorable!

  4. Rhoda, as always, you look amazing in your Wednesday fashion outfit. I especially like that many of your clothes come from discount stores and consignment shops. It inspires me to find clothes that are well made, yet reasonably priced. Your blog is one of my very favorites and I can’t wait to see what you have to share each day! Thanks for inspiring and encouraging us to be the best that we can be in all areas of our lives! Blessings!

  5. Rhoda, I always love your outfits. But do you really need so many pictures showing the same thing,but just a different pose. It would be more interesting to show several outfits and not 11 pictures of the same dress. Just a thought. Wish I was tall and could wear pretty dresses like you do.

    • HI, Cindy, I know I had more than normal today, but I was showing our little downtown area too. I promise I won’t be sharing that many of one outfit all the time. But really I only have one outfit a week in me! I’m not one of those fashion bloggers who does an outfit a day.

    • Sharron B Jones says

      I agree, Rhoda is the only blog I follow that posts so many photos of herself on both her blog and her Instagram! I really enjoy seeing her projects and her DIY posts.

    • I only do it once a week.

  6. Marilyn Parker says

    Hey ~ I’m feeling a little bitchy today!! I know the heading says “speak your mind”, but really!! Rhoda’s blog and instagram are just that “Rhoda’s”. I always enjoy checking to see what she has posted about each day. Some interest me more than others. What is interesting to one person may not be to another. You GO girl, we’re here for ya!!

    • Thank you, Marilyn, I don’t get it either. Just move on if you don’t like something.

  7. Hi Rhoda, this is my first leaving a comment here but a long time follower !! I love your fashion and style , every week I check in just to see what you have on fashion over 50 and I really enjoy it!! that dress is so pretty!! please keep posting !!

  8. ~Rhoda~
    Thank you for sharing ALL of your pictures!! Your new dress looks great on you, and your town looks quaint !
    I have been a fan of yours for many years, I love that you are down to earth and love your family. In this rude world we are living in anymore, please know there is still wonderful people out there !

    God Bless

    • Hi, Paula, thank you so much! You all out there are so wonderful and that’s 99% of what I see all the time, so I’m grateful for all of you. The rude comments are fortunately very sparse and I’ve learned to just let them roll off.

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