Fashion over 50: Summer Maxi Dresses

Hey, friends!  You all sure left some sweet comments yesterday on the garden post. I told dad that he has fans all over the country and he still can hardly believe that so many people like seeing what he’s up to in the garden and seeing pictures of them.  But, I read him some of your comments along the way and it makes him smile, so thanks for that!

Today’s Fashion over 50 is all about the maxi dress. During summer months when it gets so hot here, a maxi dress feels so cool and comfortable when nothing else will do.  I like shorts, but shorts aren’t appropriate for all occasions, so I find myself gravitating more and more to maxi dresses in the summer.

I’ve shared this one before briefly last year, but got it out again to wear, so it’s worth sharing again.

This is a Chico’s dress that I got last year at thredUP (affiliate link), the online consigment shop. I have found so many great things there and of course, this was a fraction of retail.

The purse is a recent find from TJ Maxx, great for summer.

I love this black and white pattern and the fabric is a jersey knit, very comfortable and forgiving. It’s actually 2 layers of fabric, but very cool for summer. Wish I could link it for you!

There are slits on both sides, which makes it easy to walk in. I just love these longer dresses for summer. You can wear them with heels or weges or with flats/sandals.  These shoes I have had for a couple of summers from Sam Edelman, they’re called Susanna, but they are no longer available.

I try to find similar things when I share, but these shoes are 2 seasons ago and I don’t replace my shoes every year, as I’m sure you don’t either. My shoes last me for several seasons and there’s no need to buy new ones all the time.

I will be sporting maxi dresses more this year, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more.  How about you, do you like maxi dresses too?

I checked out some maxi dresses online and found a few that look like a great deal.

Eddie Bauer (affiliate link) has several on sale that look really cute!

And here are a few more similar items, also affiliate links:

- Rhoda


  1. Andrea G Corley says

    You look great in whatever you where!

  2. Hi!

    I am 5’4” and have had a difficult time finding maxi dresses that aren’t too long for me! One day, I discovered my friend wearing one and she simply tied a knot on one side and it’s so cute! I love maxi’s now!


  3. Nope. They are impossible for short people. Sometimes I can do a maxi skirt if I hike it up and fold over the waist. Petite is usually too short. I am at that 5’3″ height that is way too short for normal clothes and too tall for petites. I’ve tried knotting like the commenter above and it did not work for me, especially if there is no slit to begin with.

    Lovely dress though!

    • I am petite but the high/low maxi dresses work great and if you can pull up the waistline alittle with a skinny belt that works too. If all else fails, do a tall sandal. I wear them and am 5 foot.

    • Hey, Bonnie, you are petite and if they work on you, they could work on others too.

  4. Love a maxi dress – can dress it up or be very casual, depending on accessories and shoes!

  5. I am petite and have found maxi dresses at both Old Navy and Macy’s that work for me … Old Navy has some dresses advertised as a Midi which hit just above the ankle on me. Depending on the style I think that length works. I love a maxi dress or T-shirt dress in the summer. I find them cooler than shorts. You always look great Rhoda!

    • Thanks, Lori, that sounds like a good tip and Old Navy is a good resource for summer casuals.

  6. Super cute maxi dress! I love maxi dresses in the summer too with my self tanner since I don’t get in the sun to get a tan. I use some on my arms to try to look firmer and rub it in good on the places where the muscle line is to define. Trick a wonderful friend taught me!

  7. Love the dress and it is very slimming! I just read your “Daddy’s Garden” blog too and am so very happy that he is back to doing what he loves best!!!

  8. Edie Walker says

    Thanks for the reminder about maxi dresses. Yours is a winner! I find I sometimes need alterations with maxi dresses to get them to a length where they do not look sloppy, but stylish. I used to be 5’6.5″ and am now a little less than 5′ 5.5″ (oh, the joys of aging!), but can still wear them. You’ve inspired me to find one for this summer!

    • Hi, Edie, I hear you, I’ve apparently shrunk as well, last time I had my height taken, I was about an inch shorter, I hate that!


    Rhoda, you look lovely in your maxi dress! You are so right — dresses are great for the hot summer months! Blessings!

  10. Rhoda, the dress looks great on you as usual. I love Chico’s clothing! I noticed you were at Tapestry restaurant for your post. What were your thoughts? My son is part owner and I would love to hear how your dinner was.

    • Hi, Suzanne, yes this is the first time we’ve been back. Trying to figure out what is happening there. Did Gabriels sell to someone else or is it still part owned by Jonny? We were there for Sunday brunch, so the choices were limited, but I did enjoy my omelette. Mark got the fried chicken with gravy and he liked it fine. I did look at the menu to see what’s changed for regular dinners and it looks like some is the same and there are several new items on there, so I’m looking forward to trying the new things. It had definitely started to change when it was still Gabriel’s and not so much for the good, so I’m hoping it takes off again and everything goes well. Tell me about the owners? Would love to hear the story.

  11. This is the cutest dress! And so flattering!

  12. Ohh, Rhoda, You look so gorgeous with this maxi dress, I was looking for something like this only on the internet. The best one is that strips linings designs & neck border. I’m gonna check on that link & see more like you wore.

    Thanks for sharing.

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