Fashion over 50: Summer White Pants

Hey, friends!  I’m driving to Charleston, SC today to begin the Haven Conference this year and it’s going to be a fun time.  So excited about having it in Charleston and then taking a couple of days with Mark after the conference is over to explore the city a bit.  I haven’t been back there in several years, so it’s sure to be a treat all over again.

Today’s Fashion over 50 is just a simple white jeans outfit I wore recently.  I tend to try to stay as cool as possible during these summer months and I definitely wear sleeveless things often this time of year. I know some over 60 women do not show their arms anymore, but there’s no way I’m covering up arms in the heat.  It’s a matter of being cool and that comes first for me this time of year.

This is a pinky red top I picked up in FL last summer at the beach. It’s the same Raya Sun brand as the dress I shared recently and this is a comfy top.  I found a similar one that I linked below.  Seems that Amazon has the biggest selection from this brand.

We went out to our newest favorite brick oven pizza place in downtown Acworth, Fusco’s Pizza. It’s very good and we have enjoyed the food since they recently opened. It’s a great place to go on a Friday night close to home.

Downtown Acworth has lots of old brick which makes for good photo opps.  These jeans I’ve had for about 5 years from Target.

We finally went into the local antiques store there on Main Street, Two LiRu, after dinner and browsed around a bit. There’s a lot of fun stuff to look at in there. I found a cute Kate Spade straw purse in there that I’ll show you soon.  It was a good deal and I’m happy I found it.  I got this straw purse I’m carrying at TJ Maxx this year, but another one is good too.

That’s it for this week, hope y’all have a great week!  It’s going to be slow for me the next couple of weeks, so bear with me as I am traveling. I’ll have lots of fun stuff to share when I return from Charleston!

Here are a few thinks linked and I hear that Nordstrom (affiliate link) is having their Anniversary Sale this week, started July 12, so you might want to check that out! Affiliate links used below:

- Rhoda


  1. http://Becky says

    Cute outfit! With arms like yours, I say show them off!

  2. http://Roxanne says

    Have fun in my beloved hometown of Charleston! Wish I was there to give you a tour. Charleston is a foodie’s paradise, but my absolute favorite is Fleet Landing on the harbor. Fantastic seafood, reasonably priced. Be sure to make a reservation and ask to sit outside on the water!

    • http://Lynne says

      I had the best shrimp and grits at Fleet Landing years ago! Your outfit looks cool and comfy Rhoda.

    • http://Rhoda says

      I made reservations for Monday night, so I’m so glad to hear this!

  3. I, too, enjoy sleeveless but freeze inside with hyped-up air conditioning. We live with the thermostat on 75, and I just can’t do frigid so I carry a pashmina.

  4. http://Marianne%20A. says

    I’m planning on going to Charleston in October. I am interested hearing about hotel and restaurant recommendations! Based on the other commenters, Fleet Landing will be in my list. And I will be ordering shrimp & grits. 😊

    • http://Roxanne says

      The fried shrimp and flounder are also delicious! Check out Fulton Five for a tucked away, romantic meal (Italian). Also go over the Ravenel Bridge to Mt. Pleasant (where I actually grew up) and check out Pages Okra Grill where the locals eat and Saltwater Cowboy on Shem Creek. Be sure to drive through the old historic district in Mt. P…that was the entire town when I was growing up. Now it is huge and sadly overbuilt. The weather will be lovely in October!

    • http://Rhoda says

      THanks, Roxanne, I’ve heard great things about Mt. Pleasant, we’ll have to go over the bridge.

    • http://Rhoda says

      I made reservations for Magnolias and Fleet Landing for Mark and I. Can’t wait to check them both out!

  5. http://Linda says

    Enjoy your travels & I will be looking forward to pictures from Haven and any others that you will be sharing! You look so nice in that cool top & white jeans. It’s nice that Mark will be joining you.

  6. Oh, I love Charleston! Hubby and I went about 5 years ago and just had a wonderful time. Yes, I haven’t worn sleeveless in a very long time but I’m very cold natured so it’s not a big deal to me in the summer. I almost always wear 3/4 sleeves. Love your outfit, very summery for sure.

  7. http://Yvonne says

    You look beautiful in that outfit… cool as a cucumber. So glad to hear that you are not afraid to wear sleeveless tops… many blogs says that women of a certain age should not. Today thanks to you, I am wearing sleeveless.

    • http://Rhoda says

      Hi, Yvonne, so glad to hear that! I say wear what makes you feel comfortable. I’m not giving up sleeveless anytime soon!

  8. http://Yvonne says

    … and I love your purse. Not available in Canada, malheureusement.

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