Fashion over 50: Sweater Dress and Boots

Hope you’re having a great week! We are having much better weather this week than in the past few weeks, so it’s so nice to have sunshine these days. What a difference it makes in mood and just getting more done. At least, that’s the way it is for me.

Today’s Fashion over 50 is a repeat, but isn’t that the way it is in real life? I don’t alway have new clothes to share but this is a revisit.

This is a sweater dress I got last year from thredUP, the online consignment store. Great dress for this time of year with a pretty Fall/winter print and great weight for cooler days.

I paired it with black tights/leggings and black boots.

My Cole Haan purse and a few accessories finish it off. I do love sweater dresses as I’ve shared in the past. They are so comfortable for Winter months with boots, stylish and cozy.

This is downtown Acworth, our little town we live in now. We go there often for dining out and there’s a peek at the new pedestrian bridge they’ve been working on for the past year. It’s hard to read, but it says Acworth on the side. We will be so glad when this construction is all finished downtown, but we do enjoy this cute little town.

And that’s it for Fashion over 50 today. I hope you got some good ideas and have a great week! My closest is pretty full, so I don’t need to add a lot more to it, but it could use its yearly cleaning out, so I may have to add that to my list of organizing this place! It’s an ongoing process, isn’t it?

Here are a few sweater dresses and boots I found that you might enjoy. My boots are Ralph Lauren and I’ve had them about 5 years, I have a pair similar linked below.

- Rhoda


  1. Cute as always Rhoda! I love that purse. Sunny skies and warmer temps are making me feel like a bear coming out of hibernation!!

  2. You and that cool dress were made for each other. Rockin’ look. Cheers, Ardith

  3. diane in northern wis says

    Love that dress Rhoda and always love your boots! Tall boots look so cute on thin legs. My days of wearing them, unfortunately are over. But I enjoy seeing your array of boots and other cute things that you wear so well. Always a joy to come to your blog!

  4. I live in boots and dresses very similar to yours. So comfy and flattering. Happy New Year.

  5. Hi there, Need your advice. Going on a cruise. Need help with what to wear. I am 69 and have flabby arms. What do you suggest? Thank you. Fondly, Nancy from Ohio

    • HI, Nancy, depending on the weather and what the temps are, go for nice pants and lightweight cardigans mixed with sleeveless or sleeved 3/4 nice t-shirt tops. There are so many ways to layer outfits starting with nice jeans, black pants, khaki pants, and then mix with that cute cardigan and different tops throughout the week. I love cardigans for dressing up outfits, lightweight scarves, again depending on the weather. Take summer cardigans or heavier ones for colder weather. Flat shoes, booties, for shoes. Be sure to take good walking shoes, you’ll probably be doing a lot of that too. A nice dress or pants outfit for evening would be a good mix too.

  6. P.S. Love your hair. Nancy from Ohio

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