Fashion with Lauren & Some BIG News!

A few folks mentioned along the way on my fashion posts, that they’d like to see Lauren’s fashion choices and how she dresses, so I thought that would be fun to share with all of you.  She’s a young mom as well as business woman and at 33 has a wonderful fashion sense of what looks good on her.  She’s always been an old soul and is way more Audrey Hepburn than the latest pop star icon in the way she dresses and carries herself.


(Lauren, Parker and Philip on Halloween….cutest family ever!)

But before we get to that, let’s go ahead and get to the BIG NEWS!  Lauren is expecting baby #2 and we could NOT be more excited about that.  We are all over the moon happy to have another baby joining the family, as we have been totally smitten with Parker since the day she was born.  Babies will liven up your family, no doubt about that.  She was the cutest little gnome for Halloween and got to experience trick-or-treating for the first time this year.  Baby #2 will be arriving the end of April next year.  We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet, but they will find out.


I thought it would be fun to share more about my beautiful and smart niece, Lauren.  She has a big personality and has always been the lively one.  She graduated from UGA and then went on to law school at Georgia, where she met her husband, Philip.  Not only did she pass the Georgia Bar exam, she went on to pass the Louisiana Bar exam too and that is no small feat.  Her profession suits her well.  She’s always had an incredible work ethic and she’s a top producer at her firm.  In our family, she’s known as the one who gets to call customer service and deal with issues.  The girl can negotiate with the best of them, I’ve heard her in action!  But, she also has a soft spot for senior citizens and animals.

She’s very close to my parents, as she was raised near them since she was a baby.  They love her dearly as you can imagine, being the only grandchild in the family.  She put in for a truck when she was getting her drivers license and learning to drive and my dad caved in and bought her a Dodge truck stick shift from a man in our church.  Lauren recalls that he just about had a heart attack teaching her how to drive it. They drove around and around the block with her practicing the stick shift and with him doing a little screaming, I imagine.

Although she’s a girly-girl now, while she was in college, she worked at Tires Plus, getting dirty along with the guys.  She changed oil, put on tires, and worked on brakes.  I would have loved to have seen that in person!  My sister remembers her playing with the little boys in their neighborhood and when she came in late afternoon, she was always the dirtiest one of them.

We are so proud of her!  She is everything you would hope for in a daughter, niece, and grandchild.  She’s grown up to be the best wife and mama and we love her dearly.  It’s so fun to hang out with her now as adults. In fact, I’m so excited that she will be here this weekend and she and I will be heading back up to Asheville, NC and the Grove Park Inn for the National Gingerbread competition.  They asked me back again to be a judge and I couldn’t be happier.  I love that I get to share this with her.

fashion over 30 lauren001

Let’s get on with the fashion show.  I asked Lauren to take some pics for me when she dressed for work everyday, so this is a sampling of how she dresses for the law office she works in.  She has a very classic style and it works perfectly for her. You’ll notice her new sassy short haircut, which I think saves her time now that she is a working mama. I think it suits her so well too and shows off her cute face.  She might be 33, but I still think she looks like she’s 20.

She’s not nearly as much of a jewelry person as her mom or I are and likes her jewelry a bit more subdued.  My sister and I…we like the bling!

fashion over 30 lauren002

She gets her love for clothes and shoes honest, as her mom and I have always loved fashion too.

fashion over 30 lauren003

She actually first found that C Wonder store last year that was going out of business and after I saw her bargains, I hit it after she did. This dress was from there, such a pretty dress and jacket.  Perfect for work.

She got the dress for $20 and the jacket for $35.

Shoes are Nine West.

fashion over 30001

Dress: c Wonder. $20
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace and earrings: Premier

The dress has sparkles on the bottom of it.
fashion over 30002

Cream Dress:  Brooks Brothers

Shoes:  Nine West

fashion over 30003

Notice the little photo-bomber!

fashion over 30004

Gray and white dress:  Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx, $50

Shoes:  Nine West

Jewelry:  Premier

fashion over 30005

I see a baby bump in this photo!

fashion over 30006

That cute photo bomber again.

fashion over 30007

Pants from J Crew (affiliate link)

Blazer from H&M, without patches, her’s is an older version  (affiliate link)

Jersey Top from H&M, similar (affiliate link)

fashion over 30013

The other photo-bomber, Stickers the dog.

fashion over 30008

Dress:  Saks Fifth Avenue

Shoes:  Salvatore Ferragamo

fashion over 30009

fashion over 30010

fashion over 30011

Dress: Ralph Lauren Outlet,  $100

Jacket:  Zara, $50

Shoes:  Ralph Lauren outlet, $50

fashion over 30012

fashion over 30015

Shirt:  Express, same shirt in polka dot (affiliate link)

Pants:  Express, similar pants (affiliate link)

Shoes:   Nine West

fashion over 30014

That’s a look at my stylish niece, Lauren, and how she dresses for work.  I hope you all enjoyed the fashion show and can take some inspiration with you.  I know I do have some younger readers who might enjoy this one.  We are very proud of our girls….both of them!  It’s going to be so exciting to have another baby in the family.


- Rhoda


  1. Congratulations to all of you! Lauren is a classic beauty with a winning style!

  2. Great taste in style runs in the family! So enjoyed Lauren’s working wardrobe ensembles! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on the wonderful news!

  3. Congrats to Lauren and your family! I love her short haircut, too. Thanks for sharing some of her outfits – she has beautiful taste!

  4. Carolyn Williamson says

    Congrats to your family! And enjoyed the “photo bomber” in pictures.

  5. Lauren is such a lovely girl! But then, all the women in your family are lovely. I know y’all are so proud of her, and how great that she’s expecting another baby! I’m guessing you’re the best aunt EVER.

    In terms of fashion, I think we can all thank Kate Middleton for allowing us to have natural-colored legs again. I had a big occasion this past weekend and I wore nude hosiery with black pumps–first time in years! I was so grateful for the hose since the weather was cold and my legs don’t look good at all without hose. 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing Lauren’s style and her great news!

  7. She looks great in everything, but I especially love the polka dot blouse and pants on her. Congratulations Lauren and Philip on Baby #2!

  8. Diane in Wis says

    I love all your pics of Lauren and all her beautiful clothes. She looks great in everything! I am so excited about her new baby coming, you’d think I was a member of your family!!! Her little one is such a doll. Thanks for the great Blog Rhoda!

  9. Lauren’s new haircut totally suits her! Loved seeing a young woman look so polished and professional. And congrats on the big news!

  10. Your niece and grand-niece are just beautiful and I am so happy that number 2 is on the way. Congratulations.

  11. Congrats on the new addition! I love the Express outfit so much! Lauren is tres chic!

  12. Love her style!! Parker keeps getting cuter and cuter, and congrats on the new baby!! I think Lauren looks a lot like you 🙂

  13. Rebecca McCabe says

    How beautiful she is! Cutest haircut and a great figure for modeling those beautiful clothes! BUT!! The photo bomber was adorable also! Sweet family!

  14. Rhoda, I’m seeing a strong family resemblance between you and Lauren. I think she looks younger with short hair(I might shave mine ha ha). Lauren has a great figure and a wonderful sense of style. On top of that,she’s a lawyer! My sister is the bling girl and my daughters following in her footsteps.

  15. What a lovely post, thank you Rhoda and thank you Lauren! You are both excellent dressers, I wish I could be more like you both!

  16. Lauren is beautiful, but that little photo bomber is so cute!!

  17. Congrats on the new baby! I am praying for blessings on your whole family…they are all such good sports in sharing their lives and likes on your blog. It’s great to read such happy news when our regular news is filled with so many sad stories. I loved the story about Lauren’s job at the tire store….such a go-getter!! Think she gets that from YOU!

  18. Congratulations, on the baby news,Lauren is very beautiful.

  19. How exciting baby #2 , Im sure big sister will be oh so helpful 🙂 . Loved the fashion show!! I was telling my daughter who is 28, that it seems the classic,preppy clothes are getting harder to find in the shops anymore, maybe I am just looking in the wrong stores too?!?!
    Funny how nieces can take after their aunties more so then their own mums , for my niece and I do also.
    Thanks for sharing , your posts are always a delight !

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