These Are A Few of My Favorite Things!

My friend, Melissa over at 320 Sycamore does a favorite things party every year, so I’m joining her this week and thought I’d put together a little recap of my favorite things.   There are several other bloggers this week participating too, so I’ll send you over to them in case you want to find out more fave things from everyone else too.

If you are dropping by from my friend, Cassity, welcome!

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Can’t have too many favorite things!


My Fave Things

These items are all over the place, from home stuff, to kitchen and beauty products.  I have a lot of things I really love, but these are some that I will be enjoying over and over again.

  1. Sensationail – I just picked up this gel nail kit (with UV light) from Walgreens, since my own nails are in such bad shape (from a couple of years of doing acrylic nails at the salon, they got ruined by those electric drills), so I’ve heard great things about gel nail polishes, so decided it would be cost effective to buy my own kit and do it at home.  This is supposed to last 2 weeks and I’ve tried it once and had it stay on a week for me. I think once I practice more and get it on in thinner layers, it will be even better.  It smooths out my natural nails and leaves a nice shine with all the coats applied.  I know a gel manicure at the salon is about $30, so this is much more cost effective. I bought it on sale and used a coupon and it was around $42 or so.  You can also buy additional colors of polish to use with it.
  2. Nars Concealer  – I had heard about this concealer from a couple of different sources, so decided to try it out and so far I really like it.  It’s creamy and I found a color that was good for me, Custard.  A good concealer is a must!
  3. Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist – My stylist got me started on this. She uses it on my hair when she flat irons it and it helps to protect the hair and adds a nice glossy sheen.  I use it at home when I’m styling with my flat iron.
  4. Campari tomatoes – During the winter months, these are the best tomatoes out there. They aren’t cheap, but I look for them on sale and it’s really worth it to have some decent tomatoes on hand when summer produce is long gone.  Best tasting and really a nice texture!
  5. Palmer’s cocoa butter lip balm – My niece, Lauren, got our whole family onto this large tube of lip balm. You can find it at most drugstores and Walmart.  Good stuff, I use it every night before I go to bed and it really hydrates the lips.
  6. Bare Minerals – My fave makeup base of mineral powder makeup. I use Medium Beige shade.  I also use the Mineral Veil as a top coat and it has a little shimmer in it to highlight and set your face makeup.  Love them both!
  7. Olay Filling & Sealing Wrinkle Treatment – Good primer before makeup goes on, it’s silky and fills in pores and small lines and helps makeup look better after applying.  I use a moisturizer and then add this in my lines and wrinkles where needed.  My mineral powder goes on top.
  8. Pampered Chef garlic press – Hands down, the best garlic press I’ve found.  It mashes out the garlic leaving the skin inside.
  9. Bamboo Blinds – Still love my Tibet bamboo blinds from Payless Décor in my house.  They really make my house feel warm and cozy.

I’m not linking up any affiliate links or anything. These are just some of my favorite products that I came up with for this season.

I’m sure you all have some favorite things too that you might like to share.  Go ahead and share in the comments if you have something that you just LOVE and want to share with everyone
else. I love reading beauty tip ideas and am more likely to purchase a new beauty product after I read a good review on it, are you?

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- Rhoda


  1. Glad to know about the nail kit. I might have to try that! Happy Holidays!

  2. I’m a big Palmer’s lip balm fan too!

  3. Such a great list, Rhoda…love seeing these! And I need to try that Nars concealer…I keep hearing great things about it!

  4. Thanks for the introduction to the Nars concealer. I order it in vanilla and am anxious to try it and compare it to the French product I have been using.

  5. Love love love the Pampered Chef garlic press too! Like your name too!

  6. Hi Rhoda! LOVE your favorite things! So nice to “meet” you and check out your amazing blog! I’m totally getting that garlic press! Happy Holidays!

  7. After you posted that wonderful column about your closet re-do and wonderful jewelry storage unit ( … I fell in love! It’s on it’s way to me now and will hopefully make it under the Christmas tree. I think that’s going to be one of my favorite things.
    Rhoda, I’ve been looking for something like this for years. Thank you.

  8. Oooh, this is fun!!!!

  9. I have never heard of the Campari tomatoes, I’ll have to keep an eye out for them. The silkening mist sounds awesome too!

  10. Jacquie Bollinger says

    I am a big, BIG fan of Kenra products. The hairspray, Kenra Volume Spray 25, is by far the best out there. I have tried all the well-known brands sold in salons, and always go back to Kenra 25. (I also use the
    Platinum Silkening Mist)

    Also, the best eye make-up remover is Mary Kay oil-free eye make-up remover, or Dior’s. Mary Kay is much more reasonably priced. (I used to work for Christian Dior so am very familiar with the products.)

    Going to look for those tomatoes. And that concealer! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Rhoda……..Love my sensational nail machine too. Lovestruck is actually on my fingers right now. I recently saw on Facebook about an article saying that wasn’t recommending it as putting your fingers under the light might lead to skin cancer since the light is like a tanning bed BUT my gosh, do they have to take the fun out of everything, Right! You can buy gloves I heard with fingertips gone or put on sunscreen on your fingers and keep on. YOur fingers are only under them a total of 3 minutes each 2 weeks, ha! I did go buy some no lamp gel polish by Sally Hansen that I am going to try after I take this off in another week…….it’s a 2 step procedure and hope it dries instantly cause I love the Sensational Nail system that is dry by the time you are finished and you can go right on with your life! I will let you know after I try it out. 🙂

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