Feature Friday: A Marietta Historical Home Tour

Picture me clapping my hands and smiling really big over this Feature Friday!  I know I say it a lot…but, you’re in for a sweet treat today, directly from my hometown of Marietta, GA!

Last December, I took the tour of the Marietta Pilgrimage at Christmas, a yearly event highlighting several historical homes in the Marietta Square area.  I’ve always loved this tour and getting to peek inside the homes I’ve driven by since childhood is a thrill that I couldn’t pass up.  Driving down Church Street into the Marietta Square, my face would be pressed to the glass of the car window, oohing and ahhing over the beautiful old historical homes.  I grew up in a regular house, but have always appreciated the beauty and stateliness of an older historical home.  Along Church Street are many kinds of architecture, from cottage style homes to Tudors and more.

Roland house1

I’m not an expert on home styles, but I know what I love and this one I love, a late Victorian beauty.  The Roland home was built in 1905 and the Rolands found the home in 2001, after keeping an eye on it for awhile.  Once it came up for sale and they purchased it, they added their own touches of renewing this historic charmer, embarking on a 2 year renovation.  They faced the reality of an older home, as everything but the plumbing had to be restored.  The initial renovation happened to the existing home, with a later addition adding a family room and master suite to the back of the house, when their family grew with 2 little boys.

exterior Roland house

Charming is definitely the word for his lovely Victorian with a white picket fence.  If that’s not the ideal home in many of our minds, I don’t know what is.

HIstoric sign

The Historic district of Marietta sports these pretty green signs in many of the front yards, proclaiming the history of the house and its owners.  This one has apparently had 3 owners, the Rolands being the last.

red front door

A red front door sets off the white clapboard house.

front porch

And this large and spacious wrap around porch is also charming and homey.

kitty cat

This sweet kitty was more than happy to pose for me.

long view porch

Another look at the porch.

front door

Front door from the inside.

living room

Walking into the front door, this is the first view to see, a beautiful living room.

living room 2

Sofa and chairs.  I love the way Ann mixes Traditional and modern in her spaces.

sofa in living room

Like the modern painting, and leopard print, along with the vibrant colors.

corner table and drapes

Side table with family pics in the living room.

entry table

Entry table in foyer.

lamp living room

Side table with shells.

living room to front door

Living room to foyer view.  Ann has lots of beautiful antiques and knows how to mix it all without it ever feeling old and granny.

antique chest

Nothing about this house is stuffy at all.  Ann has a great eye and is a self-taught decorator.

vintage mirror

A vintage bullseye mirror in the foyer.

dining room

The dining room is spectacular, with a mix of painted and wood pieces.

sideboard and mirror

This large mirror is definitely a focal point above the painted sideboard.

dining room drapes

Drapes and toile shades.

plates on wall dining room

White plates on the wall.  I’m not the only one who loves white dishes.

top of china cabinet

More pretties atop this china cabinet.

dining table

Table set in these beautiful brown transferware dishes.

dining room large mirror

What a pretty dining room, don’t you agree?

boy's room

Moving on, Ann and her husband, Mark, have 2 sweet boys and they share a room.

boys bookcase

Love how masculine the room is and it has a nice vintage feel too.

boys shelf

Shelf on the wall with numbered buckets.


Right next to the boy’s room is their playroom.  I love, love how Ann added the numbered baskets in here.  So cute! Not sure if she made these or bought them.

playroom shelves

It’s such a sweet room, full of things for little boys.

playroom 2

Chalkboard and table with bookcase on one side of the room.

playroom fireplace

The boy’s bedroom and this playroom both have a nautical feel.

playroom mantel

So adorable!

boys bath

The boy’s bathroom, with vintage hex tile and a clawfoot tub, sits off the main hallway.

boys art


Staircase in the middle of the house goes upstairs to the attic guestroom.

guest room

This is a spacious guest quarters, complete with bathroom suite.

attic guest room

Love those planked white painted ceilings.

attic bath

The bathroom, in white and marble is so classic and airy.

attic bath 2

Lovely touches all around.


The kitchen is cozy and charming.  They kept some existing cabinets and added to the kitchen’s footprint.

kitchen open shelves

I found out too that Ann’s kitchen, along with mine, will both be featured in an upcoming Better Homes and Gardens.  How exciting for both of us!


Such a charming vintage kitchen it is.


A built-in desk by the backdoor comes in handy.

kitchen to breakfast space

This whole other section that I’m about to show you was an addition the Rolands added onto the house after they bought it.  This is a wonderful new space.

breakfast table

Breakfast area with built in bookcases at one end of the room, next to the kitchen.

kitchen view

Looking to the kitchen from the family room.

family room

And this is the other end, a spacious family room, with fireplace, all part of the new addition.

family room 2

This is such a gorgeous room and I love all the details that Ann has added. She has a great eye for details!   That door above on the left goes to the master suite.

family room gallery wall

I especially adore this collected gallery wall.  Ann has some great pieces on display and she really has an eye for antique collecting too.

side table

Another pretty vintage antique displayed with collectibles.

family room sofa

The sofa, cozy and casual with a Union Jack pillow.

family room end table

Another beautiful end table.

antique side table

And yet another gorgeous table, she has so many pretty pieces.

family room to breakfast

A magnificent room full of personality and details.

breakfast room

Closer look at the breakfast area with built-in bookcase.

master bedroom

Moving on, the master suite just took my breath away.  I felt like I had stepped into a beach cottage when I went into this light-filled space with blues and greens.

master bedroom sitting

Sitting area with white chairs and a beautiful painting.

master bath

The master bath suite is also a new addition and it is just stunning, with marble and white vanities, a wonderful retreat.

master bath 2

Again, so many beautiful details to take in, Ann and Mark really got it all right in their renovation.

bed and artwork

I just love this master suite space.

art room

Downstairs in the garage area is a cute little art room that Ann uses for arts and crafts.

So, I hope you enjoyed this beautiful tour of a Marietta historic home, in my hometown.  It was so much fun for me to get in there and takes pics to share with all of you.  I knew you’d love to see it and Ann was gracious to let me come by and take pics.  Thank you, Ann and Mark for letting me share your beautiful home with the world! 

- Rhoda


  1. Wow! A stunning and beautiful home! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Judy Clark says:

    Hi Rhoda,

    I always wondered who owned that cute house near the square.

    They have done a lot to secure the integrity of that house. Beautiful!

    • Oh my goodness — I agree Rhoda — what an amazing house. I am lucky to live in a 1941 traditional/cottage style house that I love. I so wish my house would have a front porch like that. Thank you.

  3. Lucinda says:

    Wow what a beautiful house. So original and a great mix of cottage and contemporary…love this style!

  4. Beautiful home. Thanks to you, Ann and Mark for sharing.

  5. Passed this many times while visiting family in Marietta and Powder Springs. Love it!! Thank you for sharingg!!!!

  6. Rhoda…thanks so much for presenting this gorgeous historical home…I love touring the historic district of towns…I drive by and am amazed at the wonderful architecture and charm of the homes..I always wonder how they are decorated inside…are they full of antiques, or they have the juxtaposition of old and new…this home is so wonderfully decorated with antiques lending to the style of the home mixed impeccably with the updated furnishings…I love how she incorporated the coastal/cottage feel in the rooms…such and eloquently appointed home!…thanks for sharing this with us Rhoda…so loved the tour and I am sure you did too!!! Have a great weekend!

  7. Did she happen to tell you what her paint color are? I love the colors in her dining room and the family room (which may be the same throughout the first floor, but it’s hard to tell).

  8. Rhoda, I’m clapping with you! This is one of the prettiest homes I’ve seen in ages. I love how beautifully detailed and decorated everything is but it seems so uncluttered. Love the colors…and the ribbons…and the photos…and all the little tables scattered around. I’m happy to see a home that isn’t already shown in blogland. Thanks for this beauty!

  9. Christy says:

    Wow, Rhoda! What a treat to be able to tour this beautiful home! I’d love to know her paint colors. They are perfection!

  10. Deborah says:

    What a lovely and tasteful home! It definitely has my taste. I love the color choices she used which lends to such a calming feeling as soon as you enter the front door. The home is so welcoming and envelopes you with it’s calmness and tranquility. The homeowner’s design skills are to perfection. I could move into this house tomorrow! Thank you for sharing!

  11. My kind of house Rhoda. Love it!

  12. Very pretty! Thanks for the tour….I’ve always admired from the outside and was thrilled to find this one on your blog!!!!

  13. Liz VanKirk says:

    I really love her color palette! So inviting and you can actually tell that someone really lives in there. Very homey!

  14. Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it very much.

  15. Thank you for the tour. That is such a lovely home. It has given me a few ideas for ways to treat some areas in my home that seemed to defy decor.

  16. Jacqueline Lee says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks to the owners for allowing you to share.

  17. Beautiful! Thanks to you and the homeowners for sharing. I love the paint colors they used.

  18. Thank you for sharing! This is my favorite home in Marietta! Every time I drive by it, I want it more!!! So happy to now see the inside – I love it even more!!

  19. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the inside of this old home. I love the grouping of pictures going up the stairs.

  20. Thanks for sharing a big sneek peek into this lovely home! Fabulous home tour! Love the big painting of the lily, so pretty!

  21. What a beautiful home. I love everything! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  22. This house is beautiful!
    And that leopard chair! I’m lusting over it and how well does it work in their room of classic and antique pieces!?!
    I’m so jealous of the beautiful American architecture you all get to see everyday – I wish all of our houses in Australia had such detail and craftsmanship!
    Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous home!

  23. First of all congrats to you both for being feautured in upcoming BHG magazine! Her house is extradinary, I love how she mixes old and new. The addition is GORGEOUS and it inspird me seeing the bookcases in the breakfast room. I may just try to get my hubby to do that for me. I am in desperate need of some display areas. XO, Pinky

  24. Toni Fleischmann says:

    I’d love to know the brand and color name of her blue paint in the Living Room and guest attic room….they looked to be the same. Seem’s like many are curious about colors…could you post about those? Thanks.

  25. I am obsessed with this house!!!!!! Does anyone know what those round topiary like plants are?

  26. Vicki Crowe says:

    One of my favorite posts you’ve done! Love it!

  27. charlottem34 says:

    This is a beautiful home. Thank you so much for the tour.

  28. Beth Morrow says:

    Always love the home tours!

  29. Thanks for sharing this lovely home! Loved the antiques, white plates, white furnishings, mix of black items, topiaries, and uniqueness. I hope I can accomplish some of this inspiration into my dining room I’m working on. Loved it!

  30. I got a few wonderful ideas from this tour. Thank you both for sharing (the house AND the photos). My favorite was the master bedroom.
    And I actually need some Roman shades myself, but they are pricey for the window I need them for. Anyone know a good site to teach DIY?

    • YouTube has lots of Roman shade tutorials. I love to watch someone do it. Much better than still photos or printed instructions.
      I’ve made some myself. Not hard to do.

  31. Beautiful home!! Loved the use of antiques!! Thanks for sharing!!

  32. What a treat it was to see this home again. It was my favorite on this past year’s tour. Thanks for posting these pics.

  33. And that’s what I like about the South!

  34. Oh. My. Goodness. This home is beautiful; and you’re so right about her knack for blending new and old. I think my favorites are the boys bathroom and the family room. Ahh!

  35. Thank you for sharing this, Rhoda.

    Homes built today lack the charm of older homes. Even homes that are supposed to mimic the sophistication.

    I love riding through the historic areas of Marietta (and Kennesaw) because it’s eye candy. I know I’ve already invited you to visit my home here in Cartersville, but we will have to include a stop at The Roselawn. You have to pass it to get to my house and I think you would love it. 🙂

  36. Ann Roland says:

    Thank you all so much for your gracious comments! Wow ~ you have overwhelmed me! Our home is our nest, so your comments make my heart happy! Rhoda asked me to post paint colors. The dining room paint is Chelsea Gray, by Benjamin Moore. Mark has often joked that we have lost square footage in that room because I have constantly repainted in there….but it took a while to get it right!! No doubt y’all understand ;). The parlor (front room)…..I have no idea!! We call it “Ann’s Fifty Shades of Grey” because I mixed it myself from many colors that I liked but just were not “the one” by itself. My painters always shake their heads at me….. I wish I knew how to replicate it because a few places need touch ups from the boys wrecking everything known to man into the walls. The addition is another creation: Restoration Hardware Atmosphere Blue mixed with RH Silver Sage (equal parts). The master bedroom is slightly different shade of blue….I can provide the color when I’m back at home if anyone needs it. The master bath is white, with the bedroom blue on the ceiling, which gives the white a nice little glow that keeps it harmonious and not stark. I hope this helps!!

  37. Beautiful home Ann. I love all you’ve done. Thanks to Rhoda for the wonderful photos.
    Congrats to both of you on being featured in BHG. Rhoda, please be sure to let us know what issue. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  38. Absolutely gorgeous! I grew up in a 150 year old house an this made me so nostalgic. I’m always so wistful when I drive down Church Street. Love downtown Marietta!

    Do you know if Ann has the source for her chandelier over her breakfast table? Thanks!

  39. Loved the tour! How nice of them to open their home (we were on tour recently, and it is NOT an easy task! – especially for messy people like me!) Love the look of homes that are “lived in” rather than museum-like. I think the kitchen is my favorite room in that house – very pleasant.

  40. Love the master bath and the breakfast room!

  41. Laura @ the shorehouse says:

    I am having a hard time containing my excitement with this one — I love it! Totally my style — antiques and modern with a splash of seaside. So lovely, Ann!


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