Feature Friday: B Vintage Style

Happy Friday! Hope you’re off to a good New Year and ready to tackle what’s ahead. I’ve been busy this week taking down Christmas and getting my basement space organized. I’ll share what with you later if you’d like to see it.

Today’s Feature Friday is a really pretty historical home in Canada, home of Deborah and her family from B Vintage Style. A little about Deborah, she’s a wife and mom and has been blogging her home renovation for about 5 years. She and her husband bought a 1903 Queen Ann style home in her husband’s Canadian hometown and it was formerly a rental home so they had a lot of renovating to do.

Deborah says this about her style:  Most all of the furniture and decor elements in my home have come from salvaged finds while out hunting garage sales, second-hand stores and auctions or are pieces I have handmade myself. It has taken a few years to gather my collection of decor but I believe that you don’t necessarily need a big budget to have a beautiful home. A little paint and some elbow grease has done the trick for me.

So, come along with me for a tour of Deborah’s 1903 charmer. Isn’t this a gorgeous shot in the snow? I’m sharing a few pics from Christmas and others from her spring tour last year, so you can get a good idea of all the seasons there.

This is a magical shot too in the snow of the front of the house. Those red berries or leaves framing the shot are picture perfect.

And here’s a look at her in the spring, so pretty and welcoming. Don’t you want to go inside? Me too!

Such a pretty front door ready for Christmas.

A porch swing hangs in summer months on the spacious front porch.

Deborah has worked hard on her home to really personalize it to her family’s needs. It’s so pretty and I think you’ll love the tour!

Family room space, look at those pretty floors.

The kitchen

So charming and that cute pup makes a great photo, doesn’t he?

Posed perfectly!

Dining room

This back staircase is so quaint, I love the use of these old shutters on this wall.  We have some Plantation shutters in our basement that were left behind by previous owners and we are going to repurpose when we build our screened porch under the deck.

The master bedroom with old doors as a headboard.

Love the windows in this room.

The guest room.

The newly redone attic space. I just love this with the white planked ceiling.


The backyard has a gorgeous deck and pergola added. Love what they’ve done outdoors, what a great space for entertaining.

The also added an old brick patio next to the deck space, which is so charming.

Great spot for a fire pit and chairs.

The deck holds a large table and chairs and outdoor grilling area.

I just love Deborah’s home and all she’s done with it, don’t you? It looks like a peaceful family home now with all they’ve done. They have made it a very comfortable home to live in and I’m sure enjoy that outdoor space so much. Be sure and stop over to B Vintage Style for lots more from Deborah.

Have a great weekend!

- Rhoda


  1. I would like to see how your organizing your basement, do share.

  2. The gorgeous shot of the house in snow looks like the opening to a Hallmark Christmas movie! I love all the crystal chandeliers against the wood elements. Beautiful home. Happy weekend Rhoda…with all this rain, you may need to do a Fashion over Fifty with rainwear!

  3. Beautiful home. Love the statement that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have beautiful home!!! Please share you home\basement. Always inspirational!!!

  4. I follow her and love her adorable home and style. I remember when she was trying to figure out what sofa to get for the attic room because it had to fit up those back stairs. They’ve done so much and it’s all picture perfect for sure!

  5. Beautiful home! I love seeing old homes that have been refreshed but not completely rebuilt.

  6. I love her home! I will go visit her blog to see more. Thanks for sharing Rhoda.

  7. Rhoda, Thank you for sharing this beautiful home! I agree with Roxanne, it looks like the beginning of a Hallmark Christmas movie, so beautiful and inviting in all seasons. Love all the repurposing and salvaged items. It will be fun to see what you do with your shutters someday! And any organization tips are always welcome.

  8. I love it!

  9. Hi, Rhoda-you have become my favorite blogger. I enjoy your posts so much. Wondering if you can recommend other bloggers like yourself, in your age range. I am in my 60’s, and while I like to read other blogs, I sometimes get tired of the younger gals who just blog about decorating their homes, and really enjoy hearing about your travels, fashion and family. Any suggestions out there about other gals our age who blog about more than just decorating?

    • HI, Linda, there are quite a few older bloggers out there who blog about different things, I’m trying to remember who blogs a variety of things like I do. Let me think on it. Many of the blog friends I know in my age group only blog about home stuff or crafts.

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