Feature Friday: Ballard Designs Bosch House at Serenbe

A couple of weeks ago, I got invited to a preview party of the new Ballard Designs Bosch Net Zero house in Serenbe.  Net Zero means all sorts of green living and high-tech, energy saving devices in this house, but I went to see the pretties.  If Ballard is involved, I know it will be pretty!

And it was!

Ballard Designs Serenbe house

Come along for the tour!  As usual, I couldn’t stop taking pics.  You don’t mind, do you if we do it in two parts again?  I didn’t think so!  The outside of the house is very charming and cottagey.

Bosch house

Sponsored by Bosch

Jill Sharp Brinson

Designed by this cute lady, Jill Sharp Brinson, Creative Director at Ballard Designs. It was great to meet her and she was very friendly.

lanterns on porch

Loved this touch of the black and white paper lanterns on the front porch.  Cute, cute!


These hanging vases in fishing net was an extra special touch as well.

Ballard House front porch

Overall, a very inviting porch.  And I happen to love inviting porches, don’t you?


A hanging swing on the side porch creates almost a hidden little room.


All cozied up with Ballard pretties and you have a winner in these accessories.


Wouldn’t you love to while away some free time here?


Inside the living room is cozy and textural too.


Loved the fabric on these chairs.


Lots of textures going on with this rustic coffee table and fabrics around the room.  Neutrals with pops of color.


Graphic fabrics are really catching my eye these days, so expect to see some of this in my new house.


That looked like wallpaper on this wall in the dining area and it was very striking.


How pretty is that Ballard’s light fixture?  Love it!


Inside the front door is this pretty iron and wood bakers rack.


Loaded with all sorts of glassware and practical storage pieces.  Open shelving can be a good thing.


In the kitchen, there’s more open shelving.


Those are my friends in the kitchen chatting it up with the Bosch rep, as I was busy snapping pics.  That’s my friend, Ruby, Debbie and my sister, Renee.  I’m not sure what was so funny.


The kitchen was spacious and pretty at the same time.


Loved the big island in the middle with open shelves below.


Open shelves with fabric or wallpaper behind.  Love this look!


This room was one of my faves.  I love green anyway, so this one made me say “ahhhhh”.  I’m loving Ikat fabrics now too.  They seem to be classic fabrics, but I sure don’t remember seeing them before now, but I love their textural feel and how they look.  I’m getting some Ikat too!  This green really makes me smile.


There’s that beautiful lantern again that I bought for my dining room.  Sigh….love it still!  Can’t wait to get it hanging in my house.  Isn’t this bed gorgeous?


All this green just makes me happy!


I also want a leaning mirror in my house.  That’s on my list too for my bedroom.


Love how that artwork is displayed on the wall.


Another pretty Ballard’s mirror.


This sconce is pretty cute too with the moss ball on top.


A cozy little porch off this room is a nice retreat.

Hope you enjoyed Part 1, I’ll be back next week with Part 2 of this beautiful house in Serenbe.

- Rhoda


  1. Thanks for sharing this great house and all the pretty/funky things inside. Great field trip! I also loved seeing The Foundry on your previous post…y’all do have great shopping in Atlanta. I have always wanted to see the Ballard Outlet in Atlanta too (if it is still open…I may be dating myself). I need to just take a shopping trip to Hotlanta sometime.

    • Amber B. says:

      There are 2 Ballard outlets in Atlanta! The one on Defoor Ave. is next door to the headquarters and is a mix of outlet and retail store. I have found some GREAT deals there. The other one is north, off Holcomb Bridge and it’s more of a scratch and dent store. Still some good deals, I bought our kitchen chairs there for a steal! 🙂

      • Yep, I love going in both Ballard stores. My fave is the Holcomb Bridge road location, I have found some good bargains in there.

  2. Ooooo! I LOVE the porch swing, the black and white lanterns, and the green Ikat bed! I’ve only ever bought chandelier shades from Ballard, but I may need to go back and re-visit them based on this. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Oh Rhoda….this home is fantastic!…I love all the colors, patterns and textures….I really want to visit this house….I am assuming that the home is open now…do you know how long this home will be open?…Need to make the trip!…Thanks for all the wonderful pictures…I think I could have hung around that home all day!

    • Hi, Shirley, It just opened in the last month, I think & it should be open for this summer, not sure how long it will go. Definitely fun to visit!

  4. Elizabeth H says:

    Great house and I love the porch swing and I too love the green. Looking forward to part 2.

  5. What a great house and thianks for sharing this, it gave me some great ideas for our new house too! Can’t wait to see the next post! XO, Pinky

  6. Love this house it is beautiful. I love leaning mirrors. I say go for it in the new house they look so beautiful.


  7. I love looking at these homes! Thanks for all the pics you take. Ikat is so fun. I have a wingback chair that we got from my MIL, and we had it recovered in ikat. Bought the fabric and had it done at Fabric and Fringe Warehouse in Marietta, actually. They did such an awesome job. It’s bold but neutral colors, so it works. Can’t wait to see what you do with ikat in your house! 🙂

  8. Love this house much more than the other one from there!!

  9. Soooo cute and pretty. I love Ballard’s stuff and that shade of green is my favorite too. I am a huge green lover!!

  10. Tardevil says:

    That bedroom was gorgeous. What a unique idea for window treatments in there, too. LOVE that green…my favorite shade. Love that industrial shelf in the kitchen, too. Wasn’t wild about the print on the wallpaper, but the rest, I liked. You can’t go wrong w/ anything by Ballard’s.

  11. Oh, Rhoda, I’m a green person too and that bedroom really spoke to me as well. I can’t wait to see that light fixture hanging in your new home. It will look fabulous. I also really loved the wallpaper in the back of the open shelves in the kitchen.

  12. What a beautiful house!! I love everything!! It is so nice to go and visit all those houses through out your wonderful pictures! Tons of inspiration! Thanks!

  13. Wow! What a darling home! Favorites? Probably too many to list, including the swing on the porch, the “coffee table”, the green bedroom, wood and metal shelving…! Ballard’s come a long way!

  14. so pretty….I think I will have to go back through these pics again! Btw….I LOVE my new Bosch dishwasher!!!! (yeah Bosch)

  15. Rhoda! What great coverage you have given to our little project! SO fun to meet you the night of the party – it is always so fun to meet a die-hard Ballard customer! The house has been so popular that it will now remain open THROUGH AUGUST! Hope that you can come back again on a Saturday when the Farmer’s Market is in full swing and also attend the Stables Market place – lots of great vendors selling antiques and home made goods – also – come to see ALICE in Wonderland – one of 4 amazing plays happening this summer that takes place in the WOODS of SERENBE! Beyond MAGICAL! x

    • Hi, Jill, so glad you found me and stopped by. It was such a pleasure meeting you, one of the creative forces behind Ballard Designs. This house was so fun to visit and tour and I know my readers will enjoy it too. Next week, more on Part 2! I do enjoy Serenbe and will have to get back down there for more festivities this year.

  16. Love the house! Thanks for sharing. Do you know the source for the flooring or what type of flooring it is?


  17. Yippee! I think I just found the light for above my dining room table! Thanks for sharing the Ballard rectangle light fixture; I’ve been looking FOREVER!

  18. I love that hanging swing! I could take on a nap on that..wow! What a gorgeous house.

  19. I’m going to ask this as I do every time I see a swinging couch/bed/etc. What keeps it from slamming into the wall?

  20. Thanks so much for sharing that darling place!! Y’all look like you are having a grand time!! I can’t wait to see your place.

  21. That was beautiful! I loved everything they did!

  22. I guess I’m in the minority. I find the design totally too busy. I would never be able to relax in that house. Too much stuff.

    Gail D.

  23. Rhoda,
    I love when you share these design homes. This one is beautiful. Two Ballard outlets in GA? I must travel south once summer and the triple digit temps disappear!
    Your Friend,

  24. I love all of the features of each room and there were so many interesting prints of fabrics!

  25. Thanks for the tour of this house! Do you happen to know the source for that wonderful porch swing?

  26. Oh I love that porch and all the natural elements used in the house! Very pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Do you happen to know where they found those great pieces of art in the green bedroom? They are exactly what I am looking for.

  28. My favorites are the antiqued mirror behind the stove, the open kitchen island and that fabulous porch swing bed!

  29. Rhoda…I finally got to the Southern Living one…now I have to try and make this one before it closes 🙂 Great pictures!

  30. Loved it ALL! Seriously!


  31. Love the house! I’m like you these Ikat fabrics just catch my eye and the geometric designs look great…enjoyed my visit thru your eyes! Can’t wait for part 2!

  32. Hi! Do you know where the sheep print above the mantel came from? I love it!!

  33. I am the carpenter of the white porch swing and made this for Serenbe. I build to order and to the customer specific measurements. Please inquire if you are interested in a purchase. Stands are also available if required.


  34. Jennifer Riehle says:

    Where did you get the grey and white stripe porch lounge furniture?! I love it!!!

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