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Happy Friday, my friends!

Today’s Feature Friday is a blogger I’ve met a few times along the way, Rebekah with A Blissful Nest.  She lives in Texas and is a mom and interior designer, as well as blogger her home is really pretty.  I think you’ll love it!

This entryway table is super inviting and I love that pretty wall papered niche.  Definitely a show stopper!

Rebekah uses lots of neutrals and textures, but she isn’t afraid of color either.

Lots of blues sprinkled throughout, which of course I love.

Blues really energize a space so much.

So many pretty corners to peek at in her house.

An artfully arranged bookcase is always so pretty.

Her breakfast nook is very inviting and pretty.

A peek at the kitchen.

Bold black and white pattern in the master bedroom.

Black and white mixed with soft blues is a pretty look as well.

I love this painted side table/chest in a bamboo motif.

Guest room with more blues.

A lovely place for guests to stay.

And her outdoor spaces are equally colorful and inviting.  Makes me long for Spring, how about you?

Yes, I’m definitely getting in the mood for Spring now, with these lovely outdoor sitting spaces.  I can’t wait to get our backyard entertaining ready this year.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Rebekah and A Blissful Nest.  She’s got a lot of inspiration over there, so be sure and stop over.



- Rhoda


  1. What a pretty home, thanks for sharing. Seeing her little dog peeking out the window in one of the shots was cute.

  2. Linda Gilbrech says:

    Lovely house! The colors and accessories are perfect. The only thing I noticed that there isn’t room to sit on any of the chairs or sofas ,inside or out, for all the large pillows. I wish my outdoor space was that pretty!

    • Becky in 'Bama says:

      PILLOW TALK: I have asked several bloggers about pillow placement when people are actually trying to sit on furniture – but no one ever answers me. At my house, I tell folks ‘just throw them in the floor.’ While they look nice for decorative purposes – they are in the way when it comes time to actually sit or recline. LOL!

    • Well, you are right, Becky! As much as I love pillows, when my husband comes in and sits on our family room sofa, those 2 pillows on that end of the sofa end up on the floor. In fact, they are on the floor now. I put them back, he moves them. I like lounging on pillows but I know they can get in the way too. But I like them most for their color and texture in a room. It just feels unfinished to me with no pillows. But I think most husbands would never have pillows at all!

    • Becky in 'Bama says:

      Ha. Ha. BUT what about all those pillows on the out-of-doors furniture in these photos? If I was a guest, I’d be hard pressed to throw them on the patio or deck and it would be difficult to sit comfortably. LOL … maybe she just put those in for styling in the ‘photo shoot’. 🙂

    • Yeah I hear you, they can get in the way. I love them for showing in photos too, but try not to have too many that they all end up being a bother.

    • Mine are actually down filled and give A LOT when you sit and rest your back on them. Otherwise if it’s too much they can throw them on the floor but my hubby likes to prop his feet up with them too when he is watching tv. We are a very family friendly designed home.

    • I love all your pillows! The requirement my pillows must ha e is to down filled! They do give. IM a pillow hoarder and my hubby always says why do you have so many pillows? I just love them and I have a huge basket that guests can put them in if they want to sit down.

    • Note to self: check spelling before hitting send lol

  3. I do love Rebekah’s home! So pretty and a great home to feature. 🙂

  4. I love Rebekah’s house! My own home features a lot of blue, so this really captured my interest. I recently started mixing that turquoise/teal /seaglass color with my Chinese blue and white, and I adore the results. I picked up a lot of good ideas here. Thanks Rhoda and Rebekah for the tour!!

    • Hi, Roxanne, I love those blue colors together too and am amazed how good those colors look together. I used to think that only one shade of blue went together and that you couldn’t mix, but I’ve changed my mind on that. Blues are great in different hues around the house.

    • I used to think the same thing too Rhoda. I love various shade of blue and never thought I could successfully mix them together. Lots of great ideas here. She uses color beautifully!

    • Oh that sounds GORGEOUS! I love mixing different shades of blue for more depth to my color palette!

  5. Really enjoyed this tour today! Everything is so tastefully done. I will have to come back & look at this again!

  6. Wow! I really love Rebekah’s colorful home! I love her use of all the different shades of blue. I Also love the way she mixes and layers so many textures and mixes modern with classic. I love the breakfast nook too. Absolutely gorgeous home! I love it!

  7. Beautiful home and tour! I love home tours and do a post of a home tour for the different seasons. I have a lot of blue and white that I have been collecting for years and love mixing it with orange! Yup, they are on opposite sides of the color wheel so go together beautifully!

  8. Rebekah’s home is truly beautiful…and I love her pillows 🙂 I love to see the personalities that a home takes on of the homeowners….you can tell that Rebekah is a very happy fun loving person as it shows so beautifully in each and every room…

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