Feature Friday: Blue and White Home

Happy Friday friends!  Aren’t you glad it’s the weekend again?  I love the weekends since my darling is home more.

I’m back today with another fun and inspiring Feature Friday.  I met Elizabeth recently on Instagram and found her blog, Blue and White Home.  She loves all things blue and white and that’s what you’ll see on her Instagram account as she shares her own home and other inspiring homes with lots of blue and white.  She’s a fairly new blogger and writes her blog along with her 14 year old daughter.  When I saw they live in a vintage 1920’s high rise apartment in downtown Chicago, I thought that would be such a fun and different feature than the usual homes I feature. It’s beautiful, as you would imagine an older building in Chicago to be and Elizabeth’s style is Traditional, yet fresh.

What an entry way to come home to everyday!

Elizabeth does have a love of blue and white and she has many pieces around her home.

The fireplace and living room are so pretty.

Love this shot of the living room sofa and ottoman.

I love her paintings and gold frames and the fact that she loves color.

Such a pretty vignette!

Lots of pretty antiques and interesting fabrics are all throughout the home.

Another pretty vignette on a tabletop.

Office space

The family room feels so cozy and comfy and lots more blue and white here.

I just love all her blue and white pottery pieces that she’s collected.

A peek at the master bedroom in soothing shades.

Her home has such a collected look and I love that.

The music room has some gorgeous pieces as well.

Beautiful view from the dining room to the music room. This home looks so stately and grand.

An orchid in a blue and white pot makes a statement on the dining room table.

The kitchen isn’t huge, but very pretty in white.

And those windows are nice for letting in plenty of light.

And the guest room winds up our tour.  I hope you enjoyed Elizabeth’s home at Our Blue and White Home as much as I did. She shares some gorgeous inspiration on Instagram too on all things blue and white so be sure and look for her there as well as her blog.

Have a great weekend y’all!

- Rhoda


  1. one of the most beautiful posts yet—-no turquoise, no chevrons, no PB nor RH anywhere in sight..just good solid decorating with good solid pieces that turn their back on the trends…enduring and gracious, it’s a refreshing break from what we constantly are seeing on the blogs…THANK YOU For posting!!!!

  2. Rhoda,

    As an apartment dweller myself, I am so glad you shared this. We are making the best of our apartment and it is just adorable. I love that Elizabeth uses classic pieces and makes her apartment feel so warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to start reading her blog.

  3. Becky in 'Bama says

    Ahhh… I love a classic look. Rhoda I will say that your home is beautiful as well – but in this ‘vintage’ apartment, she has chosen to preserve the bones of the place. I enjoy looking at the period furniture and admire someone who can decorate with it and make it appear timeless. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  4. This is very pretty and absolutely timeless!

  5. This is now my favorite home you have ever shared with us! It is very similar to my color scheme and taste, so I am feeling very inspired!! I was hooked with the first picture of the foo dogs and temple jar. Wow! Like others above have said, it is timeless and elegant and ignoring trends. I love, love, love this!!!

    Rhoda, we are about to move my darling 93 year old mother-in-law from her condo in FL to an independent living apartment near us in S.C. if you could find something like that to share for inspiration, it would be wonderful. She has so many beautiful things and pieces of furniture that will have to be paired down. I want her new home to feel beautiful, familiar and elegant. It’s a situation so many of us baby boomers are now faced with.

    • Dian Owens says

      May I suggest that you take photos of each room of the condo before the move (with the square footage and layout of the new apartment in mind)? Take photos of things with fond memories, before you part with them. I hope you mother-in-law’s move goes well.

      My former house sold quickly, and I moved to a smaller house 2 years ago. I was able to sell some furniture, but it was costly to bring “former” treasures. Then, my sisters and I had to go through our late mother’s things and sell her home a year ago. It has given me the resolve to sell or give away what I can part with now. All those books I haven’t re-read are going out, too.

    • Dian and Roxanne, I think this is a very good idea with how to deal with your MIL’s new place. We are right now dealing with my parents selling their mountain house that is full of stuff. They should have sold it before now, but just weren’t ready to part with it yet, so here we are with 2 houses and they have way too much stuff to deal with. We girls will be dealing with it when they go and I’m hoping that the mountain house sells soon, it’s been up for sale over a year with no offers and it’s going cheap! Seeing this with my parents has made me really look at what all I’m hanging on to as well. We just don’t need all the stuff we end up with and then we have to help our parents get rid of their stuff too. It’s not an easy situation at the end of life to have all of the stuff to deal with. My sister and brother-in-law are dealing with it too with his mom who is selling her big house and moving to ATL.

    • Dian, those are all great tips! Thank you!! I’ve got the floor plan to the new place and am making furniture templates to plan this all out before the big move.

      My sister and I went through the samrthing as you when our mother passed two years ago. I went home and started cleaning out my own closets and cabinets. It’s rather liberating!

    • I just looked at all the pictures again…those weren’t foo lions, they were Staffordshire dogs. I guess I had not drunk enough coffee yet! 😱

    • If I come across anything like that that I can take pics of and share, I will Roxanne. I’m not inside these facilities yet, so it’s not something on my radar yet, but it certainly could be in the future. You are so right that we baby boomers are dealing with aging parents and our own stuff.

  6. Audra Taliaferro says

    Love love love this one Rhoda!!!! The building details are amazing! They just don’t make them with character like this anymore. And I love her blue and white theme throughout! My colors are very similar to hers, I love antiques and the bird and botanical prints, and I even have an antique secretary that is almost identical! Thanks for posting this one….off to savor her blog!

  7. Traditional style is and always will be “timeless”….. love the mix in this gorgeous home!! So warm and inviting in every way….great post!! 🙂

  8. What a gorgeous traditional environment she has created. It reminds me of one of my favorite designers, Mary Carol Garrity (Nell’s Hill). Tmeless.

  9. Lynne Beattie says

    I agree! Beautiful!

  10. Gorgeous. I love that the blue and white theme stands out yet is not overpowering!!

  11. I love every photo! The traditional style is such a classic. Warm, invitingly liveable. …I think this is my favorite of all the lovely homes you have shared.

  12. What a stunning home ! Absolutely love it – as others above has said, it is timeless and classic. But’s it also very comfortable looking – I love everything about it ! I am going to follow their blog – love that Mom and daughter both are blogging !

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