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Happy Friday, once again!  Yay for the weekend!

Today I’m introducing you to  Claire of Claire Brody Designs. She’s been blogging for a few years, I think, and also has her own decorating business where she helps others with their spaces.  I was reading that she and her hubby just became foster parents too, so that’s such a great thing for them to do.

Claire’s style is a bit eclectic and they bought a 1960’s ranch home in Austin, TX after renting for a few years.  They are now making this home their own and I think Claire is doing a wonderful job.  She loves color, something I’m happy to see from the younger generation, in the sea of neutrals that is out there now.  I’d say she’s a happy mix of modern and boho mixed with vintage things and her home is very interesting and pretty to look at. Claire is definitely not a copy cat and I admire her bold and tasteful style!

Here’s their family room that they started with and you won’t believe all the changes.  They did knock out a wall that separated the kitchen and went from there.

Here’s that same view and wow, doesn’t it look so different!

We’ll get to that colorful kitchen makeover in a minute but first the family room with that soaring vaulted ceiling.

Look at the difference painting that dated brick made, the backdrop of white makes all her things just pop.

Such a nice contrast with her wood pieces and all that texture she uses.

Claire has a very collected and traveled style.

Painting those double doors a darker color really elevated them and made them look so much better.

So many interesting objects to look at.

Now let’s look at the kitchen. I love that Claire was not afraid to go bold and the green cabinets mixed with the clay tiles is very eye-catching and brave, but I happen to love it.

She hung all these bread boards on the walls for decoration.

Here’s a shot of Claire, isn’t she darling?

That shot really shows the whole kitchen well.

This is such a pretty design she came up with for open shelving and I read that she had her tile guys cut saltillo tile down in smaller square with no grout for the backsplash.  Very innovative!

Here’s their guest room.

And with a new little boy that they are fostering, they needed a nursery.  This one is gender neutral and very colorful.

A bathroom gets a bold treatment as well and I love that Claire is so brave with her designs.

Lots of contrast and mood.

Here’s a look at an outdoor space at their old house.

So inviting and pretty!

And their current patio space got a makeover too.

Claire carries her style inside and outside and it’s very charming and eclectic.  I hope you enjoyed this tour of Claire Brody’s home and all that she’s accomplished.  I think she’s done an outstanding job on all!


- Rhoda


  1. All I can say is WOW! …. I like you love her use of beautiful color and she has curated her interiors with such perfection. Love, as you stated, her traveled style….what a most amazing transformation and seeing her photograph truly says that a delightful, happy person lives there and her interiors definitely show that! Thanks for the tour Rhoda…always love seeing your Feature Fridays….have a great weekend!

    • Thank you, Shirley for stopping by! Claire is a doll and has done a great job on her home.

  2. The first thing I do on Friday mornings is open your blog to see Feature Friday for inspiration and plan my decorating for the weekend. You did not disappoint on this one!! Has to be the best one in a long time. Love the colors and how BOLD she is!! Thank you so much and THANKS to Claire for stepping outside the “WHITE” box.

    • Hey, Stephanie, thank you, I’m so glad you all enjoy Feature Friday! There is so much talent out there and it’s fun to scour the internet and find more decorating styles. I try to mix things up so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. I admire Claire’s bold style and you can tell it’s totally her.

  3. Very striking and unusual. I like the giraffe theme she has going. How cool to put one on the kitchen counter.

  4. What a great home. I Love the eclectic vibe. So great to see something different!!!! I love the bloggers that “do their own thing” (Rhoda included) rather than the majority who follow the trends. Then, everything starts to look the same!! Thank you Rhoda and Claire x

  5. Gayle olson says:

    Stunning! I have loved seeing this house develop. I am so tired of the norm we see in decor land.

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