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With Fall approaching, this is a good time to feature my next blogger, Selina with Creative Juices Décor.  From the state of Idaho, Selina and her hubby have just this year completed their dream home, an Italian villa that looks like it would be right at home in Tuscany (an American version anyway).  Selina is an interior designer and her hubby a structural engineer, so the home they created together is a wonderful showcase of their talent and design ideas.

Selina is an American Clay artist and her entire house (I think most of it) is done with this unique clay application on the walls.  I wasn’t familiar with American Clay, but it is very pretty and gives a rustic vibe to the house.

blog full exterior with grass

With stone, siding and extra special details, this is one special dream home.

blog exterior of new house

Selina and her hubby should be very proud of their creation.

blog rustic tuscan door entry_thumb[5]

Inside the foyer, you can see the American Clay treatment on the walls.  Gives the house a rustic, but yet refined ambience.

blog rrustic tuscan entry

Beams, plaster and warm earthy colors are at the heart of Selina’s home.

blog final living room side

Living room with dark leather and pretty rugs, lot of wood tones make this an autumn feel home.

blog final piano living room

Looking back towards the entry way from the living room.

blog final living room from kitchen

From the kitchen to the living room.  Selina’s home looks like a place to get cozy for the winter months and I imagine they get some cold weather in Idaho.

blog rustic fireplace mantle

Love the warmth of the stone fireplace.

blog rustic tuscan fireplace 017

There’s nothing like a fire in the winter.  I can’t wait to use mine either.

blog dining final decor

Dining room is earthy and cozy as well.

Selina Kitchen

And the kitchen with alder cabinets, honed granite and a tumbled marble backsplash is very inviting.

blog rustic tuscan kitchen sink oil rubbed bronze_thumb[4]

Love this honed granite and I do believe Selina’s sink is granite too (what I’m getting as well).

blog rustic tuscan dog bowl hideaway

She thought of everything, even a built in dog bowl.  How cute is this?!

blog rustic tuscan barstools bar

Barstools lined up and waiting.

blog rustic tuscan master bedroom

The master bedroom with Pottery Barn linens is warm and cozy.

blog rustic tuscan master bedroom_thumb[4]

The clay treatment on the walls really envelopes the space.

blog rustic tuscan master bathroom

The master bathroom has the same Tuscan feel too.

blog rustic tuscan master tub

And it is beautiful.

Blog Kaelahs bedroom pink american clay

Her daughter’s room even has pink American Clay on the walls.

blog ry pottery barn explorer pirate ship boy room 012_thumb[4]

And her son’s room rounds out the tour of her beautiful Tuscan style home in Idaho.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how another blogger lives and what her dream home looks like.  Hope you’ll stop by and say hello, I know Selina would love to meet you all.  It’s always fun for me to see how other bloggers across the country live in their homes.  That’s the beauty of the internet, we can all take a peek behind the doors of so many homes and see inside!

- Rhoda


  1. Yesterday I made the eggplant with panko crumbs, but I baked it rather than fried it. I dredged them in flour, egg wash then panko crumbs and baked it at 400 degrees for about 45 min and they would a huge hit! Delicious and crispy. I’ll be making them for my mother-in-laws birthday party. They are that good!

    Please thank your mother for me.

  2. I am drooling over this beautiful home! I love this cozy look and Selina & her hubby have created an amazing place! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thanks for the tour. I always enjoy seeing your some features.
    On an other note …I made Zucchinni fries yesterday and thought you might enjoy since you like fried eggplant. Just cut Zucchinni into spheres then dip in egg and milk wash(I used heavy whipping cream…no carbs), then roll in grated Parmesan cheese. Place in hot 350 oven until cheese browns. Delicious!

  4. Marianne in Mo. says

    Selina has avery pretty home! I too love that we can take a peek at how others live. That’s what I do here and elsewhere! Not enough time in the day to look at all the great blogs out there. And it’s funny how many folks from nearby I’ve found, or how many have a connection to my area. Small world on the internet! Love It!!!

  5. What a beautiful home!

  6. Thank you Rhoda for showing my home!! You sure know how to make someone feel special. (-;

  7. Just had to let you know I made the zuch last night and it was delicious!!! Of course everytime you have a recipe I try it and it is always GOOD!!! I love your mamma frying pan.

  8. Of course it was EGGPLANT!!! (not zuch)

  9. The exterior of the home is gorgeous. What a beautiful elevation. Love all the exposed beams and soaring ceilings on the inside as well. What an amazing home!

  10. I love this home the outside is beautiful and I am in love with the front door. It is gorgeous. The kitchen and the bathroom are great too.


  11. Thank you so much Rhoda for featuring this home! I find it very refreshing to see natural deep wood again on a design blog. I know the trend now is painted cabinets but I miss the timeless classic look of solid rustic wood and those clay walls are beautiful!

  12. Such an amazing house with some great inspirations thanks for the post!

  13. What a beautiful home….the wall treatment is so magnificent and warm.
    Love the exquisite beams and architecture throughout the house…Selina and her husband did a spectacular job in planning and building their home. Just love all the wonderful details. Thanks for presenting her home to us…I so truly enjoyed the tour..and thank you Selina for allowing us to visit!!!

  14. This home is truly spectacular! What I wanted to comment on was looking at your home from Birmingham, reading your story, following your blog of your new home , seeing the love of family and friends for you. I think your home is going to look and be fabulous! Filled and made with love! Your “old” furniture is going to look great there! And most importantly the presence of our Saviour that abides wherever we are is already there. Many are going feel that presence in this wonderful new place! Shelia

  15. Love the exterior of the home! So pretty! Hey Rhoda please visit my blog and check out my den we created from my daughter’s old bedroom.

  16. BEAUTIFUL home, I could just move in.
    really they must be extremely proud and happy to have such a peaceful place.

  17. Wow! The dog bowls built into the wall is an amazing addition. I love quirky amenities and the Tuscan theme adds a rustic touch. Awesome.

  18. Thanks for sharing this beautiful, timeless home. I can just see a roaring fire in that gorgeous stone fireplace with mounds of snow outside. And the dog bowl nook is a perfect solution. I can’t tell you how many people have knocked over our dog food bowl.


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