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I’ve met so many great women since I’ve been blogging and my friend, Emily who blogs at Décor Chick is one of them.  She’s been blogging a little over 2 years and I met her at Blissdom first and then got to spend a little time with her earlier this year at the SNAP conference in Utah.  She’s mom to 2 beautiful little girls and lives in Houston, TX in a really pretty home. I’ve so enjoyed watching Emily hone her decorating skills the last couple of years and her home has grown in style so much during that time.  She’s focused in on what she loves, added lots of architectural moldings to her house and all of that really  makes her house feel homey.

And isn’t that what we all want?

DC foyer

Emily’s foyer is ever changing, as she found this pretty dresser and uses it as a foyer table to change out for the seasons.

Fall entry table

This is Fall décor.


I love how Emily has added lots of molding to her home, it’s such a great way to add architectural details to a home that is missing those features.  I plan on adding more to my house too.

DC living room

Her family room is another great spot that she added board and batten and see what a focal point it puts on that 2 story wall.  Adding the gallery frames is another way to personalize.  I just love this space now that she has made it over and it was a fun process to watch.


Her kitchen recently got a new backsplash and it’s lighter and airier now.




Breaksfast room with neutrals and textured.


She decided they didn’t need a dedicated dining room, so she turned it into a home office and it’s so pretty.

office owl

Love the colors in here too.

laundry room

The laundry room got a makeover with beadboard and some pretty colors.

girls room

Her oldest daughter’s room, pretty in pink.

boys room

And her stepson’s room got a board and batten treatment too.  It really does add a lot.


The new baby, Ellie, to her own Scrabble tile wall and this is so cute.

board and batten

More board and batten in the game room.

crown on doors

And another great idea for adding architectural details.  Just go up on a plain doorway and add crown molding.  I’m taking notes!


Outdoors, their back patio got a nice makeover with the addition of the roof and columns and now this is one beautiful entertaining area.


She found the wicker on Craigslist and now it’s a cozy spot retreat.  Emily  loves shopping thrifty and making things over and she’s made a beautiful home for her family with all the details and decorating ideas.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how a family in Texas lives and some ideas you might incorporate in your own homes!  I know Emily, the Décor Chick would love it if you stopped over and said hello!

- Rhoda


  1. Such a beautiful home and I’m going to check out her blog now.

  2. Emily of Décor Chick has a a beautiful home. The patio furniture that she has from craigs list is great, I never find anything cool on craigslist where I live.

  3. Why do we always ignore our laundry rooms? (We definitely spend a lot of time in there!!) – LOVE the paint color, thanks for the inspiration to paint mine.

  4. I love the way she used all the trim on the stairway. I had not thought about using it above the hand rail like that. And what a great idea to add a little icing to the top of the doorways!

  5. I’ve been following Emily for quite awhile and she does such professional work. I look forward to incorporating some wainscoting & above door trim into my home. Also, I just can’t help but drool over that rug in the laundry room!

  6. Rhoda – I’ve followed her for quite a while and always enjoy your blog. Thanks for the tour of her lovely home.


  7. I love the glass owl.

  8. I’m a total sucker for the arches in the backyard patio! Lovely Tour!!!!

  9. I’ve followed along and seen a lot of these changes. Emily’s home is so pretty and keeps getting better as she continues to do projects that WOW!

  10. That backyard patio space is such a great addition to Emily’s home. And who would not want to do laundry in such a bright and pretty room. I love so many of her ideas so I’m going over to visit her blog!

  11. That home is just lovely. The molding around the home adds so much interest and character. Great backyard space. I am going to visit. Thanks for sharing.


  12. Such a wonderful feature post, Rhoda. I’m lucky enough to see Emily’s gorgeous home and family on a regular basis. She truly has made her home just as gorgeous as the pictures portray. I love her style and love her family. We both have great taste in men as we are both married to a super handsome Allison man. 😉

  13. It’s all the attention to detail that make this home so lovely!

  14. I am a New Zealand blogger, we are a pretty rare crowd over here, almost as rare as our “kiwi” bird. However, I have already made a few other New Zealand friends from blogging but not yet met any of them. After reading your post and also the post on French Essence where she met her blogger friend in Paris, I am thinking it would be a great idea to meet up with the three other NZ bloggers I know as two of them are in Auckland where I live. We have only emailed and commented on each others blogs, not yet met.

    I love what Decor Chick has done to her house, she has some really lovely ideas. I especially love the dresser in the hallway and love the idea of changing furniture to give a fresh look. I have some lovely peices but unfortunately I have very little space in the current house and have even had to sell some pieces which we had when living overseas, that was heartbreaking.

    Thank you for this post and thank you for inspiring me several ways today.


  15. I too have been following Emily’s transformations. She has really honed her design skills. Nice piece Rhoda!!!

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