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It’s Friday, so that means another Feature Friday, this week with a beautiful California home of Jennifer, from Decor Gold Designs.  These girls I’ve discovered on Instagram have such gorgeous, well decorated homes, so I knew you’d all enjoy the peek into another outstanding beautifully decorated home tour.  Jennifer is a new blogger and has shared her home tour on her blog and I’m so happy to share her with all of you. Enjoy the tour of this elegant home!

decor gold home tour017

I’m not going to talk a lot through this, since I’m not an expert on Jennifer’s home.  But, I can comment about the beautiful mix of textures, patinas, and attention to detail that Jennifer creates in her home.  Also note the use of some vintage elements mixed with new.  She also sprinkles fresh flowers liberally around her home, which makes it extra special.

decor gold home tour016

decor gold home tour013

Elegant Home Office with Black Desk and Black French Doors

Black French Doors, Beautiful Mirror Collection, Bench and Light

Beautiful Home Office with Black French Door Gold Chandelier

Home Office with Taupe Painted Beautiful Details on Restoration

decor gold home tour018

decor gold home tour004

decor gold home tour002

decor gold home tour001

decor gold home tour008

decor gold home tour034

decor gold home tour033

decor gold home tour021

decor gold home tour020

decor gold home tour023

decor gold home tour022

decor gold home tour024

decor gold home tour006

decor gold home tour007

decor gold home tour011

decor gold home tour010

decor gold home tour009

decor gold home tour012

decor gold home tour031

decor gold home tour030

decor gold home tour032

decor gold home tour028

decor gold home tour027

decor gold home tour026

decor gold home tour029

Did you enjoy this one?  It truly is such a well appointed California home, with lots of beautiful details and fixtures.  Jennifer is very talented and I’m happy she let me share her home with all of you. Stop over to Decor Gold Designs for more from Jennifer and to get to know her!


- Rhoda


  1. Jennifer has a beautiful home and certainly has an eye for detail. I love all of her lighting fixtures. Thanks for sharing her home with us!

  2. Love the attention to detail! A little too neutral for me. Some of the pictures almost seem like they were taken in the sepia setting. But she does have good taste!

  3. I really enjoyed this one – thanks for sharing!

  4. Melesa Garrison says:


  5. Hi Rhoda, Jennifer’s home is beautiful,but I think a little too stark. She has some wonderful furniture and has an eye for arranging things. Thank you for everything you bring to your readers.

  6. Bonnie Brown says:

    Enjoy reading your posts. Again though, this house is way to neutral for me. To stark and cold and colorless. Hope you have a great Independence Day weekend with your honey.

  7. As a former magazine editor, I realize just how much editing was required to maintain the commitment to white and gray, subdued wood tones, and natural stone. It’s beautiful—the perfect blend of rustic sophistication— but probably wouldn’t fit my lifestyle. I enjoy poking around for antiques, and I can’t see rejecting something wonderful because it didn’t quite fit my color scheme. Still, it would be easy to add a jot of color to the neutral backdrops if she decides to do so in the future.

  8. Hi Rhoda! Jen’s home is so stunning! Love her neutral palette and the way she infuses fabulous pieces with texture to create interest! Thanks for another great feature Friday!!

  9. Such a beautiful home! I love Jennifer!

  10. Love it ! Love everything about it!!

  11. Jennifer’s home is beautiful, but every room I went into I kept looking for color! I even checked my monitor to see if something had happened to it. But really it is a beautiful home and thank goodness we all have different taste and decorating styles. My house would probably put your eyes out, it has color like yours does.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing my home Rhoda! I enjoy your blog very much and it is such an honor to be included! Can’t wait to meet you soon! xoxo, Jennifer

  13. I tend to agree with other comments.. Too much of the same color. It makes me wonder if anyone actually lives here, it is all so stark. Did they pack their things up for storage?
    100 shades of grey.

  14. While we don’t all have to agree on what we love and enjoy in home decorating, please remember that this is someone’s home, a real live person and her family lives here. I know that we open up ourselves to compliments and criticism when we put ourselves on the internet, but manners should not be forgotten. I enjoy color too and couldn’t live in a neutral home, but I happen to think Jennifer’s home is exquisitely done and beautiful.

  15. Rhoda, I hope Jennifer hasn’t been offended. When I posted it was stark,I certainly didn’t mean it wasn’t beautiful. The black cabinets in her kitchen are my dream. I plan to copy her. Decorating and choices are like ice cream,everyone has their favorite. I going to Jennifer’s blog to tell how much I love it.

  16. Very calm and serene! There is such beauty in the simplicity of her colors and styling. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Very beautiful home. Being featured has to be an amazing honor. Good for Jennifer.

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