Feature Friday: Design OCD

Meet Jae, with Design OCD. She has a great blog with lots of DIY ideas and has renovated her home on a budget.  Her kitchen will also be featured in Better Homes and Gardens special edition magazine.


I love Jae’s front entryway with the yellow door.


A foyer with striped rug and bold red in the dining room.


Red and white with wood tones and white chairs.  Jae has done some fun projects in  her home.


Jae’s kitchen was photographed too by Better Homes and Gardens and will be featured in an upcoming special edition feature on kitchens.  I can’t wait for my big feature too.


Eat in kitchen.


Jae and I might be the only people left with sleighbeds.  This is a beauty! I still have mine too from 10 years ago and plan to keep it.  I love the feature wall of board and batten.


She’s spruced up her laundry room too.  How cute!


A new office space.


And a revamped guest room is adorable and colorful.

basement stairs after

Lastly, I like how Jae painted her basement stairs with a whimsical touch of white on either side.  It’s much more interesting than keeping them plain.

Hope you enjoyed this tour from Design OCD and Jae’s pretty home!  Stop over and say hello and introduce yourself.

- Rhoda


  1. Adrienne says:

    I still have my sleigh bed!! Love the look, hate tucking in the sheets! Seriously love how you and your dad transformed your house. What a special opportunity to spend so much time together creating something you will cherish forever. You are blessed :). Have a great day!

    • I love my sleigh bed! Just wish I had a bigger master bedroom so I could appreciate the full beauty and gorgeous lines of the bed. It’s truly a work of art. I love Jae’s bed. It looks like an antique.

  2. Gorgeous kitchen!! Very cheerful, lovely home. You can see how much work went into this home, fun details to look at in every room. Love, love the bedroom, I have always wanted as sleigh bed and still do, love the accent wall of board and batten, and pretty paint color, very restful space. Cute, cute laundry room. I’ll be sure to stop by her blog.

  3. you are not the only two sleigh bed owners left. a client has a beautiful one & we have no plans to ever replace it & my mother-in-law has one at our lake-house. they are timeless & the closet this So. FL gal will ever get to a real sleigh ride!

  4. Love that red wall in the dining room! And I love the bold stripe on the settee at the foot of the bed in the guest room! I also love the technique of bringing the kitchen nook curtains right to the ceiling. It makes that window even more grand! Great sharing of a wonderful home!

  5. I like your comment about being one of the only people with a sleigh bed. Perhaps we are some of the only ones who still have a tall cherry rice bed (which we saved up for and bought about 24 yrs ago). When we married 25 yrs ago, we bought everything in “traditional”, not only b/c we are Atlanta born & bred Southerners with a love for all things “Savannah” and “Charleston”, but also because (as the name TRADITIONAL implies), we thought we were buying things that would never go out of style. Fast forward to the current times of internet blogging where we suddenly think we have to have a house that looks like these fab houses on all the blogs. I am trying to achieve a happy medium. My traditional pieces that were expensive or that were inheirited or have sentimental value to me—well I’m keeping them (and NOT painting them:) But as I come across something that I was about to donate or as I find good deals at thrift stores—well I paint those babies so that I have some fun colors and painted wood pieces in my home. I am throwing in on-trend fabrics in the form of throw pillows that I can donate or recover when that trend passes.

    • Hi, MK! I love your comment, because I do the same thing. Even though everything in my house is not totally on trend, there is no way I’m getting rid of my classic wood pieces. They will always be in style! Change things up with fabrics and rugs and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

  6. Love her home! Congrats to both of you for getting featured in BHG. Is it a special edition magazine. I only buy those. I cancelled my long time subscription to BHG because the whole magazine was filled with ads and not enough photos of beautiful homes. How did you end up getting featured? Did you know someone? I always wondered how they pick homes to feature. My whole house renovation will be done in about another month. I’ve gone through every room including the basement!

  7. What a beautiful home. Love that great laundry room and those stairs. WOW!


  8. Um, are sleighbeds out of fashion? I got mine when I got married 22 years ago and I love its simple look and classic lines. I’m keeping mine!:-)

    • Ha, no Evie, they are not! That was really a joke. It seems that everyone in blogland is getting rid of their wood beds and creating upholstered headboards, so that’s what I meant. Sleighbeds are classic!

  9. Tara G. says:

    We still have a sleigh bed, too! And I don’t mind taking an extra minute to tuck in sheets- the peek of a quilted matelasse box spring cover makes it worth it!

  10. Thank you Rhoda for the Friday Feature. I am laughing about your sleigh bed comment!

  11. I love that board and batten too, I have been trying to decide between stripes in my hall, either painted or wallpaper or board and batten as it adds a lot of character. I am now thinking possibly I could use board and batten just in the entrance part of my house. I am excited to be finally doing some more work to my home and hope to get stuck into my hallway in two weeks time.

    Even though I love interior design and have a blog myself I do find a lot of inspiration and ideas on your blog Rhoda that inspire me. If I do end up painting stripes in my hallway, it will be because of the idea you used in your laundry. I am just a little scared of getting my lines wonky.

    Lee 🙂

  12. Awesome house, Rhoda! Love me a red dining room…that’s my fave on this one! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Love all the pops of colour! The laundry room light is just adorable 🙂

  14. Amber B says:

    Love her house! I just bookmarked her blog. I have laundry room envy and want to redo mine!!

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