Feature Friday: Florida Beach House

Happy Friday to you all!  It’s getting closer to Thanksgiving and that’s such a nice day to spend with our families and I’m looking forward to all that it brings this year!

Today I’m sharing a beautiful beach house from Janet at Shabbyfufu.  You’ve probably seen her gorgeous photos around blogland, but if you haven’t be sure to stop by and check out her blog. It’s filled with beautiful inspiration in flowers and French Country style.  Janet lives in Miami, but has a beach house on the East coast of Florida near Vero Beach and she recently did a beach cottage refresh that I think you’ll enjoy!  There’s even a little bit of Christmas in there.

See that water view out the window?

Wasn’t that a relaxing stroll around Janet’s beach house? She creates such a wonderful mood with her picutres, so beautiful and serene.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  We have our families all coming over tomorrow to see our new house and we can’t wait to host them all for the first time! I’ll be sure and take a few pics to share with all of you.


- Rhoda


  1. So nice! That’s my idea of a place at the beach. Great job, Janet!

  2. Ingrid Cordak says

    Beautiful, one of my favorite house tours. Well done!

  3. So beautiful! I love the soft white backdrop with pops of pretty aqua blue.

  4. Becky in 'Bama says

    So pretty! I didn’t go to her website: does she do ‘thrift’ finds or does she make the new look worn and/or used? She definitely has a flair for the shabby-chic decor (some beautiful lamps) – and the beach as a backdrop is a plus.

    Thanks for the photos, Rhoda, and Happy Thanksgiving! Please post some pics of your mom and dad from the family meal.

  5. This is by far the prettiest beach house I have ever seen. The table and the setting is gorgeous.

  6. Thanks for sharing my beach home Rhoda…I’m sitting here today working away and listening to some peaceful crashing waves. Enjoy your weekene!

  7. Beautiful and serene beach house! Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. So pretty for sure. One of my fave places to go to get away from stresses of life. I wish for you and Mark a wonderful thanksgiving as we know you both have so much to be thankful for this year. Warm wishes Rhoda

    • Thank you, Carole, we are defintely blessed and looking forward to our Holidays together and with our families! It’s been a wonderful year!

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