Feature Friday: Go Haus Go

I’m back today with a small house Feature Friday, Go Haus Go.  Emily and her hubby live in Kentucky in a 900 s.f. 100 year old home.  Well, actually they used to live in this house.  Emily has just recently announced she is pregnant with twin boys and they are renting this house out and moved into a larger house to get ready for the babies in May.


That’s pretty tiny by today’s standards and they have done a great job making it over into a cozy home. I’m sure when they do sell this house that they next homeowners will love it. It’s adorable!

Emily has been blogging for 3 years and is a marketing professional by day and a DIYer/blogger in her spare time.  I don’t think she will have much spare time after those babies come.  Here’s how Emily describes her design style:

it’s a good mix of bright, quirky, trendy, fun, modern, crafty and more. It’s not too serious but it also has tones of luxury that I aspire to. I love DIY projects but am also willing to shell out a few extra bucks on a statement piece here and there.

house exterior before

Exterior of the 900 s.f. home before they moved in.


They tackled landscaping the front beds and added plenty of plants and curb appeal.

exterior landscape

What a difference curb appeal  makes, don’t you agree?


Come on in the front door.

living room

That green sofa was an estate sale find.  Of course, I love that apple green velvet.

living room2

Such a nice and bright living room.kitchen 2

They renovated their kitchen using counter to ceiling marble subway tile and it’s really pretty now.


Open shelving and wood countertops add a rustic touch and texture to the space.


Beautiful and efficient.

kitchen shelving

That wood countertop is yummy.

kitchen table

The breakfast area, shared by a little fur baby.


The laundry room got a remake too.

master bedroom2

As did the master bedroom. Someone likes looking out the window.

master bedroom

Cozy and comfortable.

office guestroom2

The guest room office is a nice combo space for sleeping and working.

office guestroom

In a small house, you have to take advantage of every square inch.


The only bathroom got a remake with ostrich wallpaper, so fun and quirky.



And the backyard space with a red fence.

I’m sure Emily and her hubby will end up with another house to renovate one day and it will be fabulous too.  Hope you enjoyed this feature of Go Haus Go!


- Rhoda


  1. That’s 10 sqft larger than my home, which I share with my 2 kids. I love these littles, keep them coming!!

  2. LOVE this
    Been meaning to tell you that a few weeks ago while watching the news (here in Fairhope) on one of the Mobile channels, I saw your beautiful Lauren in her firm’s commercial….felt like I knew her!
    Love your blog…you are the real deal!

  3. pam williams says

    Guys I just love the small. just downsized to a 1300 sq ft. home and was pleased to see how pretty the king sized bed was in the bedroom. it looks beautiful. love these small make overs!

  4. What a gorgeous home. I cannot believe it is only 900 sq feet. Great use of space!

  5. I am loving the “little houses” that are everywhere these days. I would love to live in that little jewel. I have said I would never have wall paper again but some of these new styles are tempting me.

  6. What a most beautiful home with such fun spaces. Love the wallpaper. With all of the magnificent interior and exterior improvements and that they have made, I am sure the renters and buyer to come will be so thrilled to live in such a home that was so lovingly renovated. So great to hear their news about the precious ones to come!

  7. What an adorable house! Beautifully decorated! Young and fun!

  8. I adore this house. The interior architectural details seem much older than i would have guessed from the exterior. I think those very tall windows help add to the feeling of space. Super charming!

  9. Donna Sue Shaw - Brame says

    Enjoyed the organized atmosphere. It gave a feeling of serenity. Keep posting house tours.

  10. Emily’s home is lovely, it is nice to see small homes featured as I live in a cottage not too much bigger than Emily’s. I like Emily’s modern approach on decor yet it still has cottage appeal. Love the fur baby, we all have to have one of those…have you got one yet Rhoda?

    I haven’t had chance to comment much lately as I have been so busy but do hop over and read as much as I can.

  11. This little home lives big, great styling and adore the bathroom wallpaper. Congrats on the new family members!

  12. judy Harris says

    This house just enough “stuff”…..love the office…much better than my junked up dining table !!!

  13. Congratulations to the happy couple! What a blessing and a great reason to leave this darling little home. Wishing them everything wonderful on the next adventure!!


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