Feature Friday: Home for the Holidays Showhouse 2018

Happy Friday!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did and enjoyed both of our family time, with lots of good food and fellowship.  Families are the best, aren’t they?  We both are so thankful for our families, a lot to be grateful for.

Today, I’m sharing the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine Home for the Holiday’s showhouse tour.  I’m always invited to the preview and so enjoy getting a first peek into the home before it opens to the public.  You’re invited if you live in the area to tour the home in person.  It’s open until December 9th, so be sure and get by there if you can.  I really loved this one. Some showhouses are beautiful and a little over the top. This one was definitely more Traditional in style with color and beauty everywhere. I loved it so much!  So many spaces spoke to me and I think you’ll enjoy this one too.

The proceeds for this event go to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta this year.

Here’s a little about the showhouse this year.  This is the 10th annual Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles is partnering with Harrison Design, Steve McGlamery in partnership with Blackstone Custom Homes and the city’s top design talents for this beloved seasonal event.

This year’s showhouse is a new, 8,232 s.f. Buckhead estate on 1.5 acres. Inspired by the site, the English country abode features a locally sourced limestone and brick exterior and open spaces filled with daylight.  It has 5 bedrooms and multiple bathrooms.

Check out the schedule on the link above to order tickets and find the days and times it’s open.  I really think you’ll enjoy this tour, I sure did!  I’m going to share the designers name of each space and the paint colors, since they gave us that info too.

It was a rainy day when I went, so didn’t get a lot of photos outside, but you can see a few of the grounds and how pretty it all is.

The designers didn’t all coordinate their spaces, but I think you’ll see how well it all coordinated together.  There were touches of pink all around and i just loved this display in the front of the house with all the fresh greens and pinks.

Foyer, Dining Niche, Library Niche, and Main Level Stair Hall:

Randy Korando & Dan Belman, Boxwoods Gardens & Gifts

This tree was inside the foyer before going upstairs and it was a show stopper too. These pics don’t really do it justice, but it was a glowing beauty in pink.

Those balls looked like big bubbles ready to pop.

I tried to take pics of all the fresh greens on the stairway. Aren’t they gorgeous?!


Chris Holt, Designer

Paint:  Gateway Gray, Sherwin Williams #7644

Powder Bath:

Susan Brady, Susan Brady Interiors

Lower Master Bedroom

Jessica Bradley, Jessica Bradley Interiors

Master Bath and Master Closet:

Chris Socci, C. Socci Interiors

Living Room:

Lauren DeLoach

Breakfast Room and Kitchen:

Margaret Kirkland & Zach Weiler, Margaret Kirkland Interiors

You know I was drooling over this space and all that bamboo!

Back Entry, Pantry, Baker’s Passage & Pool Bath:

Latham Gordon & Cate Dunning – Gordon Dunning

I loved this fabric covered wall behind the kitchen.


Kristin Kong, K. Kong Designs

Butler’s Pantry and Laundry:

Lauren E. Lowe – Lauren Elaine Interiors

Dining Room:

Carol Weaks, C. Weaks Interiors

Paint: Kale Green, Sherwin Williams #6460

Bonus Room:

Katie Hardwick, B.D. Jeffries

Paint: Dovetail, Sherwin Williams #7018

Upstairs Stair Hall:

Lisa Joublane, Lisa Joublane Interiors

Teen Suite Bedroom:

Julie Montgomery & Michele Gratch, Montgomery Gratch Interiors

This is my friend, Julie’s space, with her partner Michele.  Love what they did in here.

Those are hand painted walls.

Using this fabric as the inspiration, the artist added this beautiful hand painted wall.

I just love their space!


Jessica Roan & Mandy Mayers, Interior Philosophy

Upstairs Sitting Room:

Lauren Davenport Imber, Davenport Designs Ltd.

Paint: Roycroft Bottle Green, Sherwin Williams #2847


John Fernandez, John Fernandez Interiors

Paint:  Mt. Etna, Sherwin Williams #7625

So I really loved this bedroom, a total nod to Traditional style. This designer wasn’t there while we were touring, but another designer said he was really inspired by Cape Cod and New England and I can definitely see that since I just visited there.

I knew you all would love this Traditional bedroom, so pretty.

Loved those cafe curtains.

Upstairs Master Bedroom:

Joel Kelly & Whitney Ray, Wyeth Ray Interiors

That’s the tour this year of the Home for the Holidays house. Hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did. I just loved the spaces and thought they were all livable beautiful spaces and they all flowed so well together even though it was all different designers doing each space.

If you have any questions about paint colors, let me know and I can try to answer. I do have a paint swatch that they gave us of all the rooms as well as the wallpaper.

- Rhoda


  1. Wow, what a beautiful house! I saw tons of things I loved. My absolute favorite was the little niche in the hall that held a beautiful table, dressed in all sorts of pink flowers and treasures. You did a great job capturing all the nooks and crannies for our tour, and you looked might cute in some of those shots, Rhoda!

    • Thank you, Roxanne, I really did love this house a lot and I don’t always like most everything. This one had such a Traditional influence with color and it was so pretty.

  2. Wendy Jennings says

    I toured it last weekend. My favorite space was the Butler’s Pantry. I met the designer and she was so sweet. Loved how she covered the cords from the lamps in gold tubing and ran them up the wall like they were part of the design. Another designer that was there said that was his take away from the whole event! Did you know they are looking for volunteers??

    • Hey, Wendy, glad you got to go. I think one of your friends mentioned on Instagram that you 2 were going. I didn’t know they were looking for volunteers.

  3. Becky in 'Bama says

    What a showplace! one of my favorites for sure. Beautiful colors and furnishings – the traditional style is really restful (to me). The landscaping is well done, and the outdoor Christmas decor is to my taste.

    But the sheer amount of furniture, fabric, doo-dads, rugs, drapes, pillows, etc… is mind boggling. Can you imagine? And then add in Christmas decor… 🙂 Thanks for the posting.

    • HI, Becky, it’s a lot for sure, but it takes that to pull off one of these showhouses and open it up to the public. Glad I got to see it!

  4. Wow! So many gorgeous details in this home! I love how they decorated the mantels and of course those stunning trees. I already pinned a few photos and I am sure I will be back to scroll through again. I love the blue bedroom, the blue and white wallpaper and those bamboo chairs. I have been looking for chairs like that every time I go into antique stores. They are hard to find…or very expensive. Love this whole home. Thanks for the tour!

  5. Wow,this is probably one of the BEST houses you’ve shown us!! spectacular use of wallcoverings, especially. The outside didn’t have the ‘oomph’ from a distance in your photos, HOWEVER the inside really had me scrutinizing every photo—LOTS of photos to take, I see!!! ha h a you were quite busy taking all of them (and more, I’m sure; you probably edited out a lot!)…wonderful, and inspirational

    • HI, Gilda, I agree, it really spoke to my Traditional side and I loved so many spaces in this house.

  6. Beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this. I wish I lived closer or had a business trip to Atlanta coming up so I could tour it in person. In the “what a small world” category: I graduated from high school in Binghamton, New York with a guy named Robert Tretsch and reconnected with him on social media a few years ago. He’s an architect and is now the Director of Modern Studio with Harrison Design, and he shared the link on his Facebook page as well. What are the chances that I would have two connections with this amazing designer showhouse? Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  8. I think a road trip is definitely in my future especially after the hubby saw the lap pool! Great photos Rhoda!

  9. Wow! This is beautiful. My favorite was the breakfast area. Do you have the fabric and rug information?
    I know you had a wonderful time.

    • HI, Nancy, they didn’t give us any info on the furnishings, just the paint colors. If you contacted the designer, she could probably tell you more.

  10. Love the bedrooms! How do they get the mattresses so low to the ground?
    Our newer mattresses need flat box springs so that the scale of the
    mattress to poster bed ratio looks appropriate. Any advice on that?
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thank you for posting. The rooms have been decorated just beautifully.

  12. I like this one too! And similarly to a previous poster, I went to high school with one of the designers….Randy Korando, of Boxwood Gardens and Gifts. Didn’t know him well but I’m so happy he found his place in the world, doing what he loves….and is obviously gifted at. Enjoyed this tour.

  13. Rhoda,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! I saw it in person Friday and you’re right, this house did not disappoint! Best house I’ve seen in years and we’ve been going to show homes in Birmingham, Nashville & Atlanta. I was SO glad to see so much color back in a house! I feel like the past few years every house has been white, gray, beige, repeat.

    • HI, Renie, I couldn’t agree more! Love the use of color, wallpaper, and printed fabrics, such a nice change from all the neutrals that have been so trendy. I’m glad you got to see it in person.

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