Feature Friday: Lake House in Alabama

This is the time of year when we are all dreaming of sitting on a dock at the lake, cruising in a fast boat, or just sitting on the beach, enjoying a cold beverage and reading a book.  Those lazy days of summer.  When I saw this beautiful lake house in Alabama from House Beautiful drop in my inbox, I just had to share it with you too.

I heard from the architectural firm that designed this house, McAlpine Tankersley, and this home is on Lake Martin.  I know for a fact that the state of Alabama has some beautiful lakes.  Lake Martin, for one is gorgeous. I had the pleasure of seeing it a few times when I was living there.   This house is just gorgeous, so enjoy the views.  I did see that this is a primary residence for the family that lives here and not just a weekend retreat. 

Click over to the House Beautiful for lots for info on all of it. Oyster plate collection.

They called this the tipsy chandelier, I can definitely see why. The “drunken” wood-and-iron chandelier is a French antique.

Love this view!

Sun rays were salvaged from an Italian church. Windows are painted Dragon’s Breath by Benjamin Moore.

Wasn’t that dreamy?  I haven’t been invited to any lake houses like this, but wow what a treat that was!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer too.

Interior design by Susan Ferrierof McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors

Interview by Douglas Brenner

Photographs by Christopher Baker

- Rhoda


  1. simply beautiful! love the chandelier. it’s quirky with the shades on, but works at the same time! thanks for sharing, rhoda.


  2. fantastic! i haven’t been to your blog in ages…when you changed hosts, i think my reader lost you! i see i missed a lot!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos! Love the drunken chandy!! I’m blessed to have a spot on one of Alabama’s beautiful lakes and love it!

  4. Simply beautiful. I believe this house is on Smith Lake, in central Alabama. There are quite a number of exquisite homes out there, and several stellar B&B’s as well. Lake Martin is another fun stay and home to the Secret B&B. (The only reason I know the lakes in Alabama is from the B&B’s that are located on them!) Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Thanks for including our work here on your lovely blog!

  6. Beautifully done…so soothing and serene. And while I am a big fan of neutral spaces this one could sure use a pop of color…even the artwork is beige. I guess the lake is all the color they need in that beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This reminds me of the lake house used in Walk the Line as the Cash’s house. The outside does, at least, not so much the decor 🙂 Beautiful though! I haven’t read my issue yet.

  8. I’m in love with the decorating style of Susan Ferrier! Gorgeous! If I’m ever able to afford to hire a design firm, it will be McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors.

  9. What a lovely post. It looks like some of the homes on Lake Martin. Our tiny little mid-century cabin is located there. I think the decor is so pretty and serene. I think the wood used makes the home feel more like a lake home in spite of the dressy elements. *nice* 😀

  10. Love the table in front of those unique windows.

  11. Love the drunk chandelier. It such a fun and neat lighting source to use. Love all the decorating as well. Thanks for sharing!

  12. handbagqueen says:

    Each to his own I guess! That table looked like it was ready to split in half! I do enjoy your site though. 🙂

  13. Hi Rhoda! Thanks for sharing this lovely home. I’ve been enjoying your blog so much and find myself wanting to learn more and more from you. 🙂 So, I do appreciate all you share with us. I am excited about the possibility of going to Haven and hope that by that time next year my fledgling business and business side of my blog will have grown!
    Thanks again for the sharing and growing. 🙂

  14. This is beautiful…love the white washed horizontal paneling. The neutral tones draw your attention outside to the view.

  15. Rhoda, I love this lakehouse. It’s so beautiful. I could live there in an instant. I love all the colors and the natural simplicity of it all. Have a super weekend.

  16. Oh, I love this lake house!!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow, that’s some lake house. When I saw the title, I expected a little cottage looking place. Our family had a lake house on Barkley Lake in TN/KY. It definitely fell short in comparison to this beautiful place. Our place looked more like a Goodwill treasure trove, but it gave our family an opportunity to get away from the work-week stresses. It never had a tv and I remember sometime in the mid 60’s when a phone line was (finally) added.

  18. Rhoda,
    I don’t know why I am just discovering you but I am glad that I did. This beautiful home actually belongs to some friends of ours and the McAlpine Tankersley Firm started in my hometown so this is a wonderful place for me to “bump into you”. I look forward to following your blog and learning from you!

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