Feature Friday: Lily Pad Cottage

Meet Kelly, with Lily Pad Cottage, an almost brand new blogger who has been at it for just a few months. She lives in Michigan with her hubby and two adorable kiddos and they built the most gorgeous lake home that I was just dropping my jaw over.  The views are stunning and Kelly has done a fabulous job of making this architecturally pretty house a home for her family.

You’re going to love it!

kelly and kids

I couldn’t help but add a pic of Kelly and her cute as can be kidlets.  What a pretty family.

Lily Pad cottage

The exterior of their lake house has shingles that I love.  I’m always a sucker for shingles that give that Nantucket feel.  Check out the pretty window boxes too.

back yard

And this is the back yard.  I know, I’m jealous too!  Isn’t that gorgeous, to see this view every day?

living room

From the back of their house, the lake view is right there.  The living room windows are huge for I’m sure that reason.

living room fireplace

Kelly’s style is so pretty, traditional, cottage, modern, so inviting and warm.  I love the fireplace tile and the built ins in all white.

kitchen and living room

And she’s got my fave color palette of blues and greens with plenty of white to keep it all calm.  With a water view, you just have to have some blues going on.


Closer look at the dining room table.

kitchen island

I adore Kelly’s kitchen.  She’s got a nice island/peninsula that divides the kitchen from the family room.


Of course, I love the open shelves and white subway tile.  So gorgeous and so much my taste too!


Beautiful dark hardwood floors and white Shaker cabinets.  We’ve been reading the same playbook, Kelly!


Kelly’s master bedroom is calming in soft blues, grays and white.

master view

And again, the view!  I can hardly stand it, what a crazy beautiful view.  Kelly, you must feel like you’re on vacation every single day.

master bath

If the view from the bed isn’t enough to have you drooling, check out the soaker tub and those big windows.  Hello gorgeous water!

master bath2

Kelly got her wish for marble countertops in the master bath and it is just so pretty and calming too.  Again, look at the view reflected in the mirror.

daughter's room

Her daughter’s room is charming in pink and green.

son's nursery

And her son’s nursery is masculine, yet calming as well.  She did those plank walls by herself.  Impressed, I am!


The playroom got a makeover with lots of blue and white and it is so charming and functional for a family.


Last but not least, the mudroom which I’m sure is a space used constantly.  This family has to spend a lot of time outdoors. I know I would if I had that in my backyard.

Thanks, Kelly, for letting me share your amazingly beautiful lake home in Michigan.  I hope you’ll all go over and say hello to Kelly, I know she and Lily Pad Cottage would love to meet you!

- Rhoda


  1. Wow and W.O.W., that is one dreamy home, my hubby would go crazy nuts for that. Thanks for sharing Rhoda. Have a great day!

  2. Rhoda…thanks for sharing Kelly’s gorgeous home..Kelly I love your blog!…your vistas are just amazing…and I love your DIY planked walls! Have a great weekend Rhoda and Kelly!

  3. What a dream house! It does look like a year round vacation home. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Simply BEAUTIFUL ! Thanks for sharing !

  5. I’m so impressed with that DIY plank wall! What a beautiful home designed to take full advantage of that spectacular lake lot! Hopping over to visit her blog!

  6. Thanks SO much Rhoda for featuring our home today! So excited to see my name on your blog this morning. Also thanks to everyone for the sweet comments 🙂

  7. Waleska carlin says:

    What a beautiful home!!! I love the view and decorating style in the house. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love everything about Kelly, her style, her view, her home, and her fabulous spirit!

  9. I stumbled upon this blog about a month ago… WOW!!! The views!! The decor…
    Luv it. Thanks for sharing ladies.
    Cheers, Gee

  10. I discovered Kelly’s blog about a month ago and now it’s a daily read. I love her style. Her house is just stunning and her personality is sweet as can be.

  11. So gorgeous and peaceful! I’d love either the house or the setting…to have both is heaven. Heading over to her blog now! Thanks.

  12. I am lovin’ her home – just beautiful!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  13. Doris Self says:

    This is one of my favorite homes that you have featured.

  14. Kelly’s home is beautiful – thanks so much for sharing!

  15. What a talented young woman Kelly is! Busy too, with two young ones!

  16. Such a stunning home! If I lived with that view, I would never go on vacation! Love all the blues and grays too!

  17. This is a lovely and serene home. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  18. I just love this house! Beautiful!

  19. I have not been to Kelly’s blog before. Her home is simply quaint and peaceful looking. That view is really amazing. I have not even been to her blog yet and I am jealous of that view.

  20. How gorgeous! I love that her house is so beautiful, but not over-the-top gigantic that it seems unachievable by ‘normal’ people. Thanks so much for the share. Off to pretend my snowy backyard is a lake!

  21. I love Kelly’s style! Her home is beautiful!

  22. Rhoda thank you for sharing Kelly’s gorgeous home with us. Every photo is full of inspiration, not unlike you Rhoda, Kelly has such a great eye for design and details.
    I’m happy you’re blog problems are behind you! Don’t know if this issues has anything to do with your server problem but I tried to subscribe by email and haven’t gotten a confirmation yet…I’m going to try again 🙂
    Happy weekend~

  23. Wonderful feature, Rhoda! I love Kelly’s home and her blog is fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing her gorgeous home in this post!


  24. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Very envious!!!

  25. I love touring someone’s home: I always get an idea or 2 even if they use different colors or fabrics. I love Kelly’s playroom!

    Thanks for sharing!

  26. I felt right at home
    your taste is warm,
    love all around
    it shows how good life can be shared.

    Cheers to you for showing us your HOME.

  27. Cindy Hancock says:

    Hey Rhoda,
    This is a beautiful lake cottage, to die for! Thank you for sharing it! I loved every photo! 🙂
    p.s. On a side note, when I go to your blog, this blog comes up each time. Are your blog issues cleared up?Thanks so much! Cindy~

    • HI, Cindy, yes my issues should be fixed, but I’ve had a few people who seem to be getting old posts and not landing on the new ones. I have no idea why that is happening. I know my feeds are all working fine again. You should be able to click on my Home tab and get the latest post. Other than that, I hope it clears up for the few of you who are having problems.

  28. I haven’t seen a new post since this one. I assume you have posted. Not sure what to do about it.

  29. I’m with Amy. I can’t see any new posts. I hope you haven’t posted something fabulous that I am missing. Actually, I’m sure you are posting fabulous stuff I’m missing. I’ll keep trying.

    • Hi, Kristin, I have been posting as usual. Sorry that some of you can’t see my current posts. My tech guy can’t find anything wrong. Please click on Archives on the right sidebar to see all the current posts for February. I’m hoping this will clear up eventually!

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