Feature Friday: Lisa’s Vinings Home

I’m so excited to feature this beautiful home today!  You all know I went to Round Top, TX this year and it was hosted by the delightful Lisa, who is the shop owner of The Front Porch of Vinings, an adorable cottage home in downtown Vinings chock full of vintage goodies for the home, as well as clothing, shoes and jewelry.  Lisa is a very smart business woman and I’ve so enjoyed getting to know her.  When I went to her house, I was blown away and asked her if I could feature her house on my blog. She said yes and I was so happy!

I knew that y’all would love this house.  Lisa has been married to her college sweetheart for 24 years and they have lived in this house for over 3 years, along with their 2 college age kids.  It was built 13 years ago, so is not a brand new house, but it’s in a very desirable area of Atlanta, known as Vinings, which is inside the Perimeter.  The house sits on a small lake and wow, is it stunning!   Lisa told me that she knew about the house and the lady who designed it (who, by the way had vision before the reclaimed thing became popular), and when it came up for sale, she knew that she would love it without even seeing the inside.  She fell hard for the house and before long, the house was theirs.  I’m not even sure what to call the style of this home, but it’s sort of European, with lots of stone and natural elements and the inside matches the outside, made with reclaimed brick floors, rustic barnwood and lots of molding and details.  It’s classic and traditional as well as eclectic and rustic.  Lisa has such a great eye for design and scale and has done a wonderful job with this home.  She has many treasures from Round Top in the house too.

Get ready for lots of pics, I got a little carried away with the camera and you’ll see why!


The lovely Lisa!


At the street, the long driveway is hidden in the trees, but you can see the house peeking through.


The front door actually is right off the driveway and those French doors are the living room and dining room.


The roof, stone exterior and dormers.


That Juliet balcony above is her daughter’s room, which we didn’t photograph.


Two sets of French doors lead outside to a stone terrace.


Isn’t this lovely?!


This is a unique house architecturally.



Front door off the stone driveway.


Lisa has a beautiful Fall display on the steps.


Inside the foyer of the front door, you can see stairs leading up and down in the middle.


Looking back towards the front door, which I love.


To the right is the dining room and Lisa has it all set up with dishes.


Such a pretty space, showcasing Lisa’s many finds.


Lisa lost her mom just a few years ago and these dishes were her moms, so she treasures them.


So pretty and elegant.


Rustic sideboard with lamps and artwork.


Another rustic piece on the other side.  Lisa was telling me about those baskets with Bales stamped on them. That’s her maiden name, so she picked these up at Round Top and is giving some of them to her brothers. I love that mirror.


You can’t help but notice the beautiful architecture in the house, like these deep molded arch doorways from the dining room to the living room.


Big enough to house a small built in display niche, which is such a nice treat.


The living room, with various neutral shades, very soothing and subtle. Notice that pretty chandelier, Lisa has a beautiful collection of lighting.


This room has a French feel to me.


A fireplace on the living room side cozies up the room even more.


Right outside in the hallway is a powder bath.


More architectural pieces and really cool orchid on display.


That staircase is very unique too, with fruit interspersed on the railings. This was original to the house.


The entry way table another very unique piece that I’m sure Lisa picked up on her outings.  That painting came from the recent Round Top shopping trip and it’s perfect here.


A bricked niche holds another antique buffet winebar.  What a perfect spot for this piece.


Stepping around the corner is the kitchen.  It’s definitely a WOW!


It’s hard for my pics to do this space justice, with the brick vent hood, to the reclaimed wood beams on the ceiling.  It’s so pretty!


Love this antique runner in the kitchen, it looks perfect in here too.


Looking towards the breakfast table.  Lisa said many of these walls are done in Venetian plaster and they are beautiful.


Another light fixture found in Round Top on one of her shopping trips.  Love all the arched doorways in the house.


Everything just goes and flows together so well.


One more shot of the magnificent kitchen. Notice those oversized lamps on the island, the ceilings are very tall and they are great in here.


A keeping room right off the kitchen continues with the cozy vibe.


Great place to sit and watch TV.


Bookcases were built for the space to flank the fireplace.


Corner table and lamp.


Fresh flowers on the coffee table.


Right off the kitchen is this cute Dutch door going into the laundry room.


Where the sweet family dog resides.  Isn’t this the cutest dog bed space?


On the main level is the master bedroom, right off the kitchen space.  I just about died when I saw the closet!  I have never had a huge closet, so this would be such a treat.  It’s all organized and so spacious.


The closet leads to the master bath and bedroom, with this lovely and serene bedding.


Love those Mr. & Mrs. pillows.


So much natural light comes in this house, which is such a bonus.


Going into the master bath.


Beautiful tile and spacious corner tub. I didn’t get the shower in the shot, but it’s to the left here, a large tiled shower.

lisa-vinings-home041 lisa-vinings-home042


Downstairs, reclaimed brick floors are on the entire space.  Such a nice look!  Lisa’s dad comes and lives with her part of the time and stays in the downstairs guest area.

lisa-vinings-home046 lisa-vinings-home047

There’s a large entertaining space there too, with dining table, fireplace, kitchen, and media area.


Lisa has such a great eye for finding just the right pieces for each space in her house.

lisa-vinings-home049 lisa-vinings-home050

Cozy seating for TV watching.


Much of this downstairs space was finished off with reclaimed barnwood in several areas like this media cabinet.


More reclaimed wood on the walls in this small bathroom space.


They  live on a small lake, so it does have a bit of a resort feel.

lisa-vinings-home054 lisa-vinings-home055

And here’s the very cool reclaimed wood kitchen.  What a great spot for parties, everything is right here.

lisa-vinings-home056 lisa-vinings-home057


Right off that space is the outdoor patio, which is under the deck space upstairs and all finished off.


Lisa said this is where they hang out and watch football during the Fall.

lisa-vinings-home061 lisa-vinings-home062

Her dad made this beautiful American flag out of reclaimed wood.


What a spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors!


I got one bad shot of this side of the house, but wanted you to see the stone arches from the lawn. There’s an upstairs patio and downstairs one.


Here’s a shot of the upstairs.


Which overlooks this beautiful view of the lake.


They have a dock and some toys for playing in the water, which would be so much fun. I know this is a fun party house and they enjoy entertaining and living outdoors as much as possible.  I  just loved Lisa’s house so much and knew that you all would too.  It’s beautiful, but comfortable and inviting, truly a dream house.  Lisa said they will stay here for the long haul and continue to enjoy this house for many years to come!

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda! Thank you for featuring another absolutely stunning home! I loved touring Lisa’s home. It’s warm, gorgeous and very interesting with all the wood, lighting and vintage pieces. Perfectly done from top to bottom! I look forward to your Feature Friday each week!

  2. Gorgeous! Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your beautiful home!!

  3. What a beautiful home. I love all the stone work and the brick floors. I actually love the entire house.

  4. Sharon Roberts says

    If you hadn’t told me that this house was only 13 years old, I would never have guessed. This is such a beautiful, classic, timeless home. Love everything about it, but the wood floors and stone work are my favorites!

  5. What a beautiful home! Thank you for sharing it ….a great source for ideas!

  6. What a magical place. I’d never want to leave home. Thnx for sharing, Rhoda.

  7. Renee Harris says

    Beautiful home and pictures. Thanks for sharing. This is one that needs to be looked at several times. Have a good weekend.

  8. What a beautiful home! Love the stone hood in the kitchen, the velvet chairs, and the fact that Lisa’s a fellow Weim lover- the dog bed/crate design is very cool! Enjoyed your tour, Rhoda!

  9. Thank you Rhoda for showcases these gorgeous homes every Friday! I so look forward to this post every week and visiting all the different styles. Opens my imagination as to what I can do with my own space!

  10. Wow, Wow, Wow!!! I would love to live in this house. The fantastic architecture gives a feeling of history. The arches & natural elements create a serene, calm feel.

  11. What a stunner! Love it. Like the previous poster said-this one can be enjoyed/looked through many times. Thanks for sharing Rhoda-and thank you to your friend for opening up her lovely home!

  12. Tara Anne Dyer says

    What a magnificent home! I loved every photo of every room! Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us!

  13. Becky in 'Bama says

    In love with the variety of lamps and ceiling fixtures. Lots of attention to detail and use of antiques makes this house stunning. The turquoise framed mirror in the living room is perfection. Beautiful.


  15. Thanks so much for featuring this beautiful home. The decor says so much about Lisa. She obviously has a great talent for finding and displaying wonderful things. I love her warm color palette too.

  16. For the first time, my fingers were just itching to comment… on this beaut of a house, so
    absolutely gorgeous. Thank you both for bringing it here for us to ogle and enjoy. Its stUNNING!!!

    • Lynn Rechsteiner says

      Just stunning. Thanks for sharing , now I have to get the saw running and bring out some of my reclaimed wood and build a new piece of furniture for my lake house. She’s an inspiration.

  17. Oh my!! Such a beautiful home with such unique furnishings. I think I could live there! Lol. I know you probably don’t know, but I would love to know the color of the bedroom with the black bed. So peaceful. Thanks for sharing!!

  18. OMGoodness, what a beautiful home! The reclaimed wood, the floors and all that lovely stone – gorgeous and with such a peaceful feeling throughout. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  19. Barbara Chapman says

    Warm, homey, cozy, just perfect. This was a wonderful share, thank you!

  20. Wow! There’s so much character in this home that you don’t often see these days. I love all the reclaimed wood pieces and the brick floors. The beams, the fun finds all around the house, and the furnishings…it’s all gorgeous. So glad Lisa let you share. 😉

    I might have pinned several photos!

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