Feature Friday: MBR Domestic Stylist

Today’s Feature Friday is the talented Melissa Rodgers with MBR Domestic Stylist in Kansas City. She’s a party and interior stylist with a creative eye for design. I think you’ll really enjoy seeing her colorful home. Melissa says her style is eclectic, whimsical modern with a rustic boho twist and it is always colorful, and casual. She loves pieces with a story and adores the interplay of color, pattern, textures and lots of layering. I found Melissa on Instagram and you can follow her there.

Let’s go and take a look at Melissa’s very colorful home. You can’t leave this tour with a sad face!

I don’t know a lot about Melissa’s house, but I love how colorful and eclectic it is. You can tell she likes to tell a story with her home furnishings and isn’t this a cute picture?

Enjoy the tour with lots of black and white, graphic prints and lots of color!

What first caught my eye on Instagram was these coral pink chairs that that gorgeous teal blue backsplash in the kitchen. What a show stopper that is!

Here’s the kitchen, I just love how colorful and bold it is.

There’s  nothing shy about this kitchen backsplash.

I hope you enjoyed this fun tour of Melissa’s home and hop over and say hello to Melissa on her blog or Instagram. I know she’d love to meet you all! Melissa also does online design services, so that’s listed on her website too!

Have a great weekend! We are on the home stretch of this backsplash and I hope we finish this weekend. I’d like to show the kitchen soon, but it’s probably going to be another week. Renovation dust is everywhere and I can’t wait to get this place cleaned up and back to normal.

- Rhoda


  1. It is so nice to see color! I am probably alone but I am tired of the white/white/white.

    • You are most definitely NOT alone! 🙂

    • Eva, you are not alone! I think there are many color lovers out there too, but the white farmhouse craze has taken over in a big way, so those seem to be more prevalent.

  2. Judy Westegaard says

    Yes! A modern house with color that actually looks like people live in it! This house is full of life…thanks for sharing.

  3. Glenda Meyers says

    I love her use of color so very much!!! Putting the right pictures together in a grouping is difficult for me. I am never sure what goes together. I love her groupings! Thanks for sharing this delightful home!!

  4. Very interesting home! I love her use of color in all the rooms.

  5. Love it! I love white walls with the bold accent colors. It takes the white to another level! What a happy feeling house.

  6. Rhoda,you have done it again. You have found us another home to gush over. This is a wonderful home packed with personality. Thank you

    • Hi, Sue, I always love finding colorful homes out there, because so many of us love color. Melissa has kicked it up big time with color.

  7. AMAZINGLY beautiful home she has!!! I too am sick of everything white in the house. It’s unrealistic. Especially if you have kids or dogs. Who wants to live in a sterile, no-touch house when you have all that color that this house has! Thanks for sharing, Rhoda!

  8. Bonnie Brown says

    Enjoyed this house tour. I am a lover of color and really tire of seeing white everything! Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. I love all the color!

  10. Oh my goodness! I have to say that THIS house I my favorite of all time. I can’t stop looking at it. I want to crawl through the screen and walk from room to room and analyze why it is so PERFECT.

  11. We reallly needed this colour boost in the middle of winter! What a welcoming home – I agree with others, it looks like it’s inhabited by real people. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Rhoda,
    Every time I think you have out-done yourself in finding the most stunning home to feature you do it again! I love everything about this home as Melissa has mixed so many styles together beautifully to create a modern but colorful eclectic home. I hope if she reads this she would share where she found the white media console she has in her living room. I have been looking for one just like it without paying a fortune.

    • Hi, Teresa, there are so many talented women out there, so it’s fun to share all styles with you all! Glad you enjoyed. If you are on Instagram, you could probably ask her over there and she will see it. She may check these messages too, not sure.

  13. Lorraine Watkins says

    I see a home that reflects a lot of personality. Several years ago I learned the secret for decorating for me is to decorate for my taste. I enjoy seeing other people’s ideas to help me fine tune what I like. I like color, too. I couldn’t live with black and white rug but that is just me. Thanks for the Post.

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