Feature Friday: Newton Custom Interiors

Today’s Feature Friday is another blogger and home owner, Jann from Newton Custom Interiors, who lives in Illinois.  Jann does interior design and custom window treatments, so check out her blog!  She features a lot of sewing projects and ways to spruce up your home on a budget. One thing I couldn’t help but notice is that Jann is a lover of green!  Her whole entire house is made up of green accents, similar to Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery, which I’m sure delighted her when she saw that.  I also love green and Jan’s home feels like a fresh spring burst of energy when you tour her house, so sit back for a fun home tour. Jan gave me the best compliment when she told me she started blogging because she read my blog and decided she want to blog too.  I love inspiring people to do their creative thing!

Jann lives in a home built 20 years ago, so they have been updating it one room at a time.

Walking in the front door, you’re greeted with splashes of green all around, so inviting.

Jan has done a lot of DIY projects including painting furniture and her kitchen cabinets, so check out her blog for more details.

I’ll just let you take the tour and enjoy all the fresh green and blue accents throughout Jann’s home.

Guest room update recently completed for under $100.

I hope you enjoyed this fun and energizing tour through Jann’s home and will go over and say hello, I know she would love to meet you!

Y’all!  I’ve got something exciting to share with you today!  On Monday, I’m leaving for Little Rock, AR to visit Moss Mountain Farm with P. Allen Smith, along with some other bloggers.  I’m SO excited for this trip, especially after I watched this video.  We are going to be in for such a treat and of course, I’ll share it all with you when I return home!

- Rhoda


  1. Lynn Rechsteiner says:

    Oh my…I am jealous! Love, love –love the video. His work and talent are very impressive. Have a great trip. Invite him to come and visit Historic Marietta….door is open! Hugs.

  2. Andrea G Corley says:

    I really like her house. I noticed she has some things that look similar to what we got for my house (like the picture over the fireplace). She seems to be doing her house like we are mine, one room at a time. I love the green!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    RHODA!!!!!! I can’t believe you’re going to Moss Mountain Farm!! For me, this trip is as exciting (if not more) as your visit to Waco. Wow! I can. not. wait. to hear all about it. You lucky dog, you!
    Also – very cute house tour. Love all the beautiful colors. The sewing talent passed me by, but how I would love to create such beautiful drapes and pillows. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey, Barb, I know I’m so excited about this one too, especially after I watched that video. It looks like such a gorgeous place! We start off next Tuesday morning with breakfast at the farm, doesn’t get better than that!

  4. Love the fresh spring green touches in this house. 🙂

  5. Rhoda, visiting Moss Mountain is #1 on my bucket list! I have been a fan of P. Allen Smith for years. I can’t wait for your report!! I love this home too…so fresh and crisp. Glad to see beautiful art over the mantle instead of a honking big television. Checking out Jann’s blog next.

  6. Beautiful home with cheerful colors! I love the fabric she chose and bet you do too!

  7. Rhoda, this house is so clean and crisp. Love her colors and decor. Have fun at Moss Mountain.

  8. Another beautiful home tour! I look forward to this feature every Friday! Jann’s home is fresh and beautiful! I love her use of green throughout the home! Love the way the green stands out in her beautiful kitchen! Lucky you, going to tour Moss Mountain! Can’t wait to see what you will share abut your trip. Another one of the benefits for all the work you put into your blog!

  9. Wow, I don’t usually like green but this home looks so fresh and happy.

  10. Love how fresh and clean this home is. As soon as I saw the feature image I thought “Rhoda loves that green — just like I do” Nice Feature Friday, as always!

  11. Went to Moss Mountain about 4 years ago with my Mom. Easily the best trip we ever took, met P Allen Smith and had a fabulous lunch. I could live on his back porches. Have fun!

  12. Beautiful fresh looking home! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go fabric shopping.

  13. Linda Hickey says:

    So refreshing and airey. Love all the shades of green.

  14. This shows that you don’t have to stick to the rule of having your furniture’s feet on the edge of a rug. I love it. It’s a very beautiful home.

  15. Hi Rhoda, I’m so glad your coming to Little Rock. You will be only about 2 minutes from me where you turn to go to his beautiful farm. You will love it up there. He has an aunt that bakes fresh cookies for his guest. It is a fun trip out there. Your in for a treat.

    • Hi, Carole, oh that sounds so fun and how neat that you are so close!! I can’t wait to see it all.

      • I hope your meeting him on this trip. He is a very nice southern gentleman to meet and he enjoys his guests. His sister n law Joyce always says grace before the meal. It is just a very pleasant southern home on the ark river with beautiful views. You will want to take a nap on his sleeping porch and that copper tub on the porch is also absolutely to die for !!!

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