Feature Friday: Our Craftsman Cottage

It’s Friday once again and that means Feature Friday day!  I’ve found another inspiring Instagram person to share with you today and she was very happy to hear from me that I wanted to share her home with all of you.  Meet Sonja from Our Craftsman Cottage on Instagram.

She and her husband, Ronnie live in the Birmingham area in a newly built Craftsman style cottage home and it’s so pretty!  I just found Sonja recently (she’s  not a blogger) and have so enjoyed seeing all her decorating and her home styling.  Just this past week, she had a magazone shoot at her house, so sometime in the future her house will be featured in The Cottage Journal magazine.  So happy for Sonja!  She says he is the carpenter and she is the decorator.

Sounds familiar!

Sonja didn’t share all her pretty house pics with me since she is going to be in the magazine, so enjoy these and go over to Instagram to see more of her decorating.  I just love this Craftsman style house!  And she has it decorated for the 4th of July, how pretty!

You’ll see lots of patriotic touches around the house, just in time for the 4th of July.

I’ve never used red, white and blue bunting but it’s so pretty.  And look at those hydrangeas!

What a cozy spot on the porch!

Wow, and look at those hyndrangeas in the white planters. Let’s go in!

Entry hall with a pretty table.

More flags for the holiday.

Another pretty farmhouse style table.  I love the natural accents that Sonja uses and her decorating style in general.

The white kitchen looks beautiful and look at that patriotic cake.

Very pretty and welcoming.

Cookies on the counter.

She’s got a beautiful built in that she added wallpaper to the back.

This round table is a pretty accent as well.

And here’s the famous wallpaper that I’ve seen in a few blogger’s homes.  It’s called Raphael and is so pretty. I’ve actually considered it for one wall in my laundryroom.  Don’t you think it would look good in our house too?

Sonja has a large collection of birds and you’ll see lots of them on her Instagram feed.

Check out these beautiful Spode Woodland dishes with birds and animals, she has a whole collection of them.

Now that’s a collection and I love this hutch which is the perfect spot for a pretty collection like this.

If that’s not enough, get a look at the pantry.  I just love open walk-in pantries like this and have never had one. Sonja’s is picture perfect and pretty!

She’s got plenty of room and those canisters make it look organized yet so cute.

More Spode Woodland dishes.

This is the laundry room and what a charming space it is.  That’s such a cute ruffled skirt!

One bathroom with black and white tile, a yummy wall color and what looks like a pocket door.

Such a charming bathroom and so fresh and white.

A view of the vanity.

And lastly, the guest room, looks so comfy and welcoming.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Sonja and seeing her charming Craftsman home.  They’ve done a wonderful job, so I hope you’ll check out her Instagram account under Our Craftsman Cottage and say hello. She is going through a really tough time right now and shared her family loss on Instagram this week, so prayers would be appreciated.  I’m so very sorry for her loss and my heart goes out to her.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!




- Rhoda


  1. http://Willard%20Ford says

    What a beautiful cottage! Thank you for sharing, Mrs. Rhoda! It seems to me that French country and English cottage design is overtaking primitive style. What do you think? Of course, home design comes and goes in cycles.

    • http://Rhoda says

      Hey, Willard, I’m not sure that primitive style has ever been main stream, but that was a term I heard years ago. Maybe you’re talking about farmhouse style? That’s the current version of country and yes, styles do evolve, come and go in popularity.

  2. Her home is just stunning. Every room is a magazine cover. Thank for sharing.

  3. http://Bente%20M.%20Radnofsky says

    A home after my own heart! Thank you for sharing!

  4. http://Sheila says

    Does she blog? Love her fresh approach to decorating!

  5. http://Jane%20H. says

    Look at those cookies!!!! An OCDer’s delight! Love the house!

    • http://Willard%20Ford says

      With three children, our duplex cookies wouldn’t last long enough to layer attractively in our cookie jar!

  6. http://Audra%20Taliaferro says

    Be still my heart! I so love old houses ( I know that this one is new, but is designed to look old) and the great details that they have, and pocket doors are one of my faves! And I love all the bird decor!!!!

    FYI…I just followed Sonja on IG and noticed that she is taking a break due to the sudden death of her sister. Sad….I will be praying for her family.

    • http://Rhoda says

      Glad you enjoyed, Audra! I did mention Sonja’s loss at the end of the post, my heart goes out to her.

  7. http://Teresa says

    Sonja’s home is one of the most beautiful houses I have seen! The finishes and craftsman elements are just stunning! She is very talented and I love her choice of décor and colors. My deepest sympathies go out to her and her family during the recent loss of her sister. She will be in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

  8. I love Sonja and her home. She is one of the sweetest instagrammers. I’m so excited that her home will be in Cottage Journal. Can’t wait!

  9. Willard Ford, Prim is still around and has its devotees, including facebook groups that honor it. I don’t think it will ever die completely. It’s a design style that’s been around forever, but it is definitely not the “it” look right now. Cottage and farm style are the darlings of the decade, I think. This is a charming cottage!

    • http://Vicki says

      I believe it depends on the area and region you live in. We had to relocate to West Virginia about 8 years ago and i was shocked that primitive decor was so popular there. They love their history and had lots of old homes, but even new homes were decked out in primitive and country decor.

  10. I’ll go right over and find her on Instagram. Love, love these pictures and especially am intriqued by the cookie arrangements in the cookie jars. Neat! Happy 4th of July!

  11. http://JolieAnne says

    Wow, I am loving that cottage! I live in a cute pink cottage with a long pantry. Love her pantry more! I do need mine to look that fabulous but I have (ugly) canned goods on shelves since I am prepared for hurricane season in FL. How to hide them? To find a solution would be a miracle! Some can fit in baskets but not all of them! Any ideas? I need a visual!

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