Feature Friday: Our Modern Antebellum

What a fun Feature Friday today!  This house is amazing and even jaw-dropping, so sit back and enjoy the show.  I saw Ashley on Instagram and was immediately drawn to this gorgeous stately and yes, modern antebellum house.  I love older historic homes and this home which sits in Louisiana, looks like an old plantation home, but it’s brand new and modern.  It’s gorgeous and I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did!  Ashley is a former architect, now a stay at home mom with a love for design. That might be the understatement of the century!

Take a look and I think you’ll be amazed too!   All I know about Ashley is she has a beautiful family of 2 girls and a boy and here’s a little video she has on Instagram that she shared. I think she told me she is starting a blog, but doesn’t have it up yet.

I’m not going to talk on this one, so just enjoy the gorgeous photos!

What a gorgeous sunset shot!

Wasn’t Ashley’s home just stunning?  Did you notice Ashley’s painted interior doors?

I knew you’d like it too.  Stop over to Instagram and meet Ashley at Our Modern Antebellum and say hello, I know she would love to hear from y’all!

And I hope you all have a great weekend!



- Rhoda


  1. Judy Clark says:

    Oh My Goodness how beautiful! Such a precious family!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very pretty photos! Has the family moved in yet? It looks brand spanking new! Cant wait to see the personal touches when added.

  3. Wow, just Wow–that is beautiful. The lights in the first photos look like fish traps –do you know if that is what they are or just look like it–that foyer is amazing!!!

    • I think the foyer lighting is totally awful
      The remainder is great but there in no color – dull beige
      Pops of color needed

  4. Oh yes, I noticed the painted doors too!!!

  5. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Ha! her laundry room is larger than my kitchen. Surely these photos were shot before anyone lived there – since there are no toys or other ‘clues’ that kids leave behind. I also notice there are no photos of the bedrooms. Dang. I am impressed with the soft-looking white bathmat. I don’t think human feet have ever touched it. LOL. Pretty place.

  6. Love everything! In the kitchen, there appear to be two centers: one is beverage (right); what is one on left? Love the paper towel place!

  7. This is just gorgeous! Ashley speaks my language on what an up-to-date, classic Louisiana home should be. Thanks for sharing, Rhoda.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! New yet so classic! Thank you for sharing this.

  9. Its very stark looking. Lacks warmth.

  10. What a beautiful home, love her style and the video of the family was truly special. So true how the days of when our little ones kept us so busy with a hectic lifestyle. I miss those days, thank goodness for grandchildren.

  11. Bonnie Brown says:

    Beautiful home but living in that much white would drive me bonkers. Gotta have my color!

  12. That is the most boring house I think I have ever seen. Absolutely no color except white or a shade of white. If a real family moves in it will be dirty and grey before you know it. I have no idea why designers do all white houses.

    • You’re not being very kind with your remarks. This is a gorgeous and stunning home. I love the architecture. I’m sure they will add more layers as they move in. If you can’t say anything more positive why leave such a nasty unkind comment?

    • Jan, that really wasn’t nice to say at all, please keep in mind that a real family lives here. Everyone has different tastes and I share all kinds of styles here, there’s something for everyone.

  13. Great if you enjoy living in a white, antiseptic environment! If you enjoy a warm, welcoming home, this is not it!

    I love the outdoor fountain, however!

  14. Please remember that a real family lives in this house and they are very proud of their newly built home. The architecture of this house is absolutely stunning and I’m sure that the homeowners are still getting settled in and have lots more to do to make the house come alive with all the layers that a new home will eventually get. It takes time to make a house really shine with personality, so please keep that in mind as you make your comments!

  15. Beautiful home!! Thanks for sharing different styles so everyone can find something they like. It’s sad to see people writing rude comments. If I don’t like something I try to move on without leaving hurtful remarks.

  16. Absolutely stunning home. I love the architecture. It will really nice and cozy once she adds some more personal touches but it looks like she is a minimalist. Going to check out her Instagram account.

  17. I love reading the comments almost as much as looking at the pictures. But to me, what some post are almost as rude as what you find in the comments. Let’s not stick our heads in the sand here. When a blogger does a post about something they wouldn’t touch with a forty foot pole, there has to be a reader somewhere who will take offense.. I am kind of kin to a duck, in that it flows off me like water. Alas, I live in a house with popcorn ceilings ! SHOCKER I KNOW! AND I don’t have crown molding! We are gradually doing updates, but the best part of this is I love my home and I don’t have a mortgage payment! It doesn’t get much better than that. (Don’t you love it when a chunk of money is freed up for travel? etc? But back to the post here, I am not going to trash this house, as it is very lovely!

    • HI, Kaye, it’s wonderful that you don’t have a mortgage. I’ve had that happen to me once as well and it’s a great feeling. Hope to get there again one day! I’m not sure what you mean about a blogger does a post about something they wouldn’t touch with a forty foot pole, is that a reference to me? I’m not following you if it is. Thanks for stopping by and yes, as a blogger I too have to have a thick skin since some comments can sometimes be very negative.

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