Feature Friday: Sanctuary Home Decor Montana Ranch

Happy Friday friends! Last year, I introduced you to Karen with Sanctuary Home Decor and today I’m back with Karen again, but this time I’m sharing her Montana ranch home. Yep, they have 2 homes to enjoy and when they aren’t in CA, they are spending summers on their Montana ranch. She says that for the past 6 years, they have packed the kids, dogs, and horses and made the 2 day drive to their home in Montana, spending the whole 3 months of summer there, completely unplugged.

I love that plan! We all need to be more unplugged these days. I think that must be a great way for her kids to enjoy summer.

Just look at this view coming in. Gorgeous! I’ve never been to Montana, but I think I’d like to visit.

Karen said they did a major renovation in the main home the first year and work on projects along the way when they are there as well and they converted the barn into a guest house and also built a cabin in the woods.

Looks like everyone is happy with this situation.

Porch and front door. It looks so peaceful here.

I love the kitchen renovation. This home is more rustic and casual, but what a nice job.


This eating banquette is so pretty and functional.

The guest room.

Guest Bath

Bunk room

The converted guest house from barn.

It looks so cozy and easy to live in.

Cute twin beds.

Porch at the cabin.

With a pond out front, this home looks to be in the perfect setting.

Doesn’t this look like a fantastic place to spend the summer?

Every home needs a swing.

Karen’s old Chevy truck filled with flowers of course!

I love that Karen has created such a beautiful place for her family and knew you would enjoy it too. Stop back by and see Karen’s homes, both of them if you haven’t already at Sanctuary Home Decor.

Have a great weekend y’all!

- Rhoda


  1. Love this post, Rhoda and would love to follow Karen’s blog but don’t see a way on her site to do that. Can you help me or is instagram the only way?

    • Hi, Talitha, I just looked and if are on the Home page of Karen’s blog, scroll down past the pictures and just before Latest from the Blog there is an email sign up spot. Add your email and you’ll be subscribed!

  2. Judith Westegaard says

    Rhoda, lovely pix! I would love to get permission to paint the blue Chevy truck with the flowers. Is this your photo or one of Karen’s. It speaks to me!

    • HI, Judith, all of these photos belong to Karen, so you can find her on her blog or Instagram and ask her. That’s a great shot!

    • Judith Westegaard..
      If and when you do paint the Chevy Truck, i personally would love seeing your result!
      Do you have other works?
      please leave me a way to see your paintings!
      Lou Gipson

  3. When visitors come to Montana, I always like to point out the Tribes’ ancestral lands that people are living on or visiting. It’s hard to tell without a location, but it’s either lands that the Salish and Kootenai Tribes or perhaps the Crow or Blackfeet Tribes were displaced from that they are living on.

  4. diane in northern wis says

    Wow …. love this house and setting. I bet there’s lots of bears around! What a great place to live!

  5. Thank you so very much for this lovely feature Rhoda! I truly appreciate you sharing our home! Have a beautiful day!

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