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I love featuring all sorts of houses on my Feature Friday series, from modern, to cottage, traditional, French country, new country, eclectic, there are so many design styles out there that I enjoy.  When I ran across Kelly’s blog, Talk of the House, a fairly new blog this year, I was really impressed with her home and how she designed it herself.  It’s warm and cozy, a 1996 Southern Living home plan that she and her hubby built themselves.  Kelly confesses to being a house lover as far back as 10, when she collected house plan books.  She wanted to study interior design, but ended up being a teacher and has been teaching students for 30 years.  Blogging is her creative outlet and after reading blogs for a few years, she decided to jump in the mix and share her own creativity.  And I’m glad she did!  Kelly’s blog is full of beauty and inspiration and she’s a Southern girl, so I can definitely relate.

She lives somewhere South of Atlanta in middle Georgia and her home reflects the rural beauty of her surroundings.


Her home from the outside, is right at home in the trees and what I imagine to be a beautiful countryside.  I love cottage homes like this and you certainly can’t go wrong with a Southern Living plan.  If I could choose the perfect exterior of a home, it would be a similar cottage look like this one.


Inside the back door, this is where Kelly’s guests mostly enter.


And this pretty antique is in the front door entry area, a beautiful welcome to guests.


Kelly’s kitchen isn’t too large, but very functional and pretty with a country cottage aesthetic.


Check out the beadboard ceiling.

desk area in kitchen

Her cabinets are simple, but elegant in white.  You can see she chose wisely when building her house.

bedroom hallway

Looking down the hallway to the master bedroom, lots of board and batten are added for such a pretty architectural detail. Love those hanging fixtures too.

board and batten master

A cute country bench in the hallway is set against the board and batten.  Kelly loves blues, reds, and khakis, with black as an accent.


Her master bedroom is accented in blue and red with khaki painted plank walls that her hubby did for her.  So pretty!

master dresser

The dresser in the master bedroom showing off family photos.

master bath

The master bath with pine floors, an antique cabinet and beadboard.

bath tub

As well as a clawfoot tub, it’s the picture perfect modern country bathroom.


The dining room has a very nice view.  Kelly has made many of her own drapery panels and they look great in her home.


Another pretty antique in the dining room.


The family playroom is cozy and comfortable with a green punch in the wicker chair, pillows and the frame on the chalkboard.


Kelly even braved painting the wood closet doors green and I love that punch of color.


A cute sentiment on the chalkboard.


A spacious screened porch is such a lovely place to gather.  Kelly told me she loves entertaining and throws lots of parties.

4th of July

Like a 4th of July bash.


Complete with red, white and blue dessert on a plate.


She helped with her niece’s very beautiful rural wedding, all decked out in a rustic old barn.


These weddings are gaining in popularity and I love how unique they are.  Check out these beautiful table settings.


Kelly is also a master calligrapher and hand letters invitations for special folks in her life. She hand lettered a whole bunch of wedding invitations for that niece and what a treat that was!  Calligraphy is a beautiful artform and one that I’m not skilled in at all.

So, I know you enjoyed this beautiful tour of Kelly’s Georgia home as much as I did.  Kelly has fantastic taste and artfully decorates her own home in a very traditional, yet warm way and I hope you’ll all stop by and say hello to Kelly.  She might be a teacher, but she’s loving the blog community.

- Rhoda


  1. Oh my goodness Rhoda! I can’t thank you enough for featuring our home here today and ALL the kind words you wrote. You are an angel…a very BUSY angel. ): I don’t know how in the world you wrote a post amid moving!! Thank you ever so much, and I hope you get everything settled into your new home quickly. Have a fantastic weekend!!

    • Hello,

      I absolutely love this home and my dad being a builder he has offered to help build my first home. Would you by any chance have the floor plans for this? I know it’s a lot to ask but I have the perfect spot in th NH woods for this little home. Thank you!

      • HI, Katie, you will need to contact the homeowner, Kelly, you can click over to her blog and ask her. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a beautiful, comfortable home! It’s exactly the look I’d like to achieve in our home. I’ll have to hop over to Kellys blog to see how she does it. Thanks for showing us all these beautiful homes each week and introducing us to some fantastic bloggers!

  3. OMG, this is my dream home! Love every little thing about it. I gasped when I saw her bedroom. Love the red, blue and khaki and those planked walls.

    Have fun moving this weekend!

  4. Beautiful home- nicely edited, with just the right amount of embellishments. Thanks for sharing! Hope the move is going smoothly- know you are one tired puppy. Keep pushing…

  5. What a beautiful home. I particularly love the trim work, pine floors and porches. Well done!

  6. What a beautiful home! I love all the board and batten and trim! Great feature!

  7. Love Kelly’s home! Can I come to one of those parties! 🙂

  8. What a beautiful home! I am on my way to her blog now.

  9. This is a beautiful home. There are so many warm and cozy touches. It has good curb appeal too. Going to her blog right now to check things out.


  10. What a stunning and cozy home. Just the right mix of everything
    I love her punches of color and her antiques mixed in. Now about that barn! WOW!

  11. What a lovely home! I love all of the check drapes and the wood planks on the wall. The beadboard on the ceiling is such a great detail. The mix of furnishings and colors make it so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow, I love this home. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing this one, Rhoda. Happy to have a new blog to poke around!

  14. Kelly’s home is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I love seeing wood trim from time to time. I know white is timeless, but having moved into a house with wood trim 2 years ago, I’m trying to live with it for a bit before committing to painting it. Truthfully it has grown on me quite a bit and its rusticness fits my style. I really like the mix of textures, wood, and painted pieces in her home. And wowza on the curb appeal. Gorgeous.

  16. Wow! What a gorgeous home! Absolutely breath-taking!

  17. What an absolutely gorgeous home you have featured this week! I love how the pine floors extend into the bathroom! And those green closet doors are amazing! I could move into her house and feel right at home! Off to visit her blog.

  18. I think I need to move to Georgia! Love the facade of this home, and Kelly has done a wonderful job of decorating it in a stylish, yet comfy style.

    Seeing those doors painted green is giving me the oomph I need to get my butt in gear. Remember the hallway doors at our cabin? Well, I still haven’t done anything (although I did get a rug). Love that color she choose!

  19. I think this is one of my favourite houses that you’ve featured. I especially love that barn. CTDteresa

  20. Thanks so much for featuring this beautiful home. Wow!

  21. There are many many things I love about this home. I looked at alot of her small touches and I really liked how she framed her pictures. The large white mats with the thin black frames. I spent alot of time looking through her blog and enjoyed every minute of it. Beatiful home thanks for sharing .

  22. going to go follow her now! 🙂 Love her style and house and the fact that she is a GA girl to! 🙂

  23. Beautiful and very Inviting.

  24. Absolutely charming! Can’t wait to catch up on her blog posts. Thanks for the introduction!

  25. katherine says:

    You did a wonderful job of capturing all of the fabulous things about Kelly’s home! Having had the pleasure of visiting Kelly’s home many times, you did a great job displaying her hardwork and talent! I am so proud of her and her new blog. I have been picking her brain for ideas for years, and now I can get my decorating fix every few days from Talk of the House. I love that I stumbled on your blog as well! Excited to have another Georgia girl to add to my must-read list!

  26. Angela Glidewell says:

    Hello Rhoda,
    Thanks for sharing Kelly’s home its a lot of fun. I’m curious, in her Master bedroom it looks like siding. Is that siding or is it called something else? The playroom looks like it has siding or something slightly different? She does a lot of different wall textures. I really love it!

    • Angela, both of the rooms you mentioned have wood boards that have been painted, but it is not exterior siding. The master bedroom only has them on the wall with the bed, but the playroom is entirely clad in them. The ones in the playroom are wider than the ones in the master bedroom. I have not shown the greatroom on the blog yet, but it DOES have Hardyboard on one of the walls, which IS siding. Thank you for noticing all the textures!

  27. Rhoda…What a great feature this week….Kelly’s home and blog are just beautiful….

    Kelly…you know how much I love your blog!!!…your home is just beautiful!

  28. I would love to see this floorplan, getting ready to build.

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