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Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle?  Those little girls dreams of Cinderella and a castle filled with charm and mystery.  Well, my Feature Friday blogger today, Sandy with Whimsical Blue Living had a dream of living in a castle, only her castle isn’t in Europe, it’s in Ohio!  She had driven by the castle home 10 years before she and her hubby actually bought the house and moved in and it was one of those houses that just caught her eye and heart and now she lives in it with her family.  It’s actually a Tudor style home built in 1927, but it really does look like a castle!

Oh, and they bought the house on auction, can you imagine the pressure?!

Come along and we’ll take a look at this historical beauty inside and out.  I love to hear how people found their special houses as well as how they are living in them and making them special for their own family.  Homes have a history and a past and Sandy has had a lot of fun finding out more about this one.

Sandy and her family. Can you imagine growing up here as a child?  Her 3 kids must love being there.

From all angles, it’s charming, with history oozing out every rock.

I love that porch!

And pergola

There’s even a view of the river nearby.

A special door says welcome in!

And inside the house are all sorts of nooks and crannies and special materials that this house was built with.  Notice the brick floors.

A hallway with angles and plaster walls.

The family room has built-ins and a charming fireplace for the family to gather round.

I’m loving those wood beams too, adds so much charm.

Another space in the house.

This is a telephone cubby.  I imagine that there are all sorts of neat things in this house that are constantly being discovered.

A sunroom was added on later and don’t you love this ceiling?

Sandy has recently been working on this space, taking up the old carpet and making it a fun space for her office.

Sandy is determined to add beautiful crystal chandeliers to the house, really adding to the historical character.

Sandy and her hubby did a makeover on their kitchen, but have plans for a more extensive makeover later on.

Pretty charming with those open shelves.

A breakfast nook with some beautiful windows adds such appeal to the space.  I don’t see pics of her bedrooms yet, but I’m sure they are charming as well.  A house like this has so much to discover and uncover and I just know Sandy and her family feel very special getting to live here and add their own touches, while also keeping in mind the history of the house.

Hope you’ll stop over and visit Sandy at Whimsical Blue Living and see all her home tours!

- Rhoda


  1. Oh, wow! Love that sunroom and everything else. What a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the charm of old homes that you just don’t find with new homes! Thanks for sharing Rhoda and Happy Weekend!

  3. This is so beautiful! The house is the real thing. I love all the old details!!

  4. How beautiful! And that’s before you even get through the front door! That outdoor light, the stonework around the door, and copper gutters! Stunning! There’s that old charm we’ve been talking about. Thanks for sharing Rhoda.

  5. How beautiful! Definitely not the cookie cutter homes discussed yesterday!

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