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Happy Friday my friends!  I wanted to let you all know that today is my mama’s 90th birthday!  It’s amazing to have parents still here at my age and we celebrate each and every birthday with our parents. We are going to do a big celebration next week when Lauren comes in town with the girls for Mother’s Day, so it will be a double party!

The weekend is here again and today’s Feature Friday is a stylish one.  Meet Annie with Zevy Joy!  I’m just getting to know Annie from her beautiful blog and Instagram and she is a stay at home mama who started blogging a few years ago to share her creativity and engage in this online creative community.  She does a great job and her blog truly is a breath of fresh air. Her blog name is a combo of both of her children’s names.

Come on in her beautiful home and have a look around.  I’m not going to do a lot of talking, her pictures tell the story of someone who enjoys the beautiful details of life.

Even with a lot of neutrals, Annie has mixed up the textures and it’s a very warm and welcoming home.

Her spring tour is so pretty with all the fresh flowers.

Notice the cutie in the chair.

Her daughter’s room is pretty in pink.

And I have to mention this outdoor space!  So beautiful and check out that concrete floor that was hand stenciled by Annie. Isn’t that gorgeous?  Gives me inspiration for doing something with our big concrete patio.  I’d love to fix it up and make it pretty like this.

She has a beautiful outdoor entertaining area.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful and stylish tour of Annie’s home at Zevy Joy.  I’m always in awe of all the talent in blogland and on Instagram and ladies like Annie make it look so easy and effortless, but I know it takes a lot of work to make a home look and feel so pretty.  I admire her taste and talent!  Be sure and stop by her blog and say hello!

Happy weekend, my friends!


- Rhoda


  1. Andrea G Corley says:

    Tell your mom Happy Birthday!! I love the “cutie” in the chair! I like her patio, do you know much about the grey/white rug she has outdoors? Material? Etc…..

    Thanks for sharing!

    • THank you, Andrea, I will tell her! Sorry,no I don’t know anything about Annie’s decor items, but maybe she will chime in here. If you go to her blog you can probably find out more.

  2. Judy Clark says:

    Happy Birthday to your Mother. For those of you out there who have never met her she is an amazing woman. So full of love for her family. She always makes you feel welcome in her home. Happy Birthday Iris! Truly A Virtuous Woman. Proverbs 31:10.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet Momma! How blessed you are to have her!

  4. Roxanne says:

    Happy Birthday to your darling Mama! Hope you will share pictures with us of the Mother’s Day Celebration!

    Beautiful home! Wow, do I love that stenciled patio floor!

    • Hey, Roxanne, I sure will share, we are having our traditional Mother’s Day celebration and Lauren and the girls will be home.

  5. Happy and blessed Birthday to your Mom… so glad you shared this gorgeous home !!! I love her style….

  6. Happy birthday to your lovely mama! Give her a hug and treasure her. Thanks for sharing another lovely home. The outdoor space is especially incredible.

  7. I love the inspiration and beauty you share and look forward to seeing this email in my inbox every Friday! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  8. Annie’s home is beautiful and I love her outdoor spaces! Thanks for once again introducing me to new inspiration! Happy birthday to your mom and happy Friday!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dear sweet mama! You are so blessed to still have her and your Dad. Love them!

  10. Joan Moore says:

    Blessings to your sweet Mama on her 90th birthday!

  11. Sandy A says:

    Please wish your sweet and beautiful Mama a Very Happy Birthday!! How Blessed you are with your family!! How wonderful you will all be together for Mother’s Day!!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful home with us…

  12. Audra Taliaferro says:

    Happy Birthday to your Mama!!!! Love the stenciled concrete patio and, of course, the cute in the chair!

  13. Love Annie’s home, and the stenciled patio is amazing. Best wishes to your wonderful mother on her birthday! Give her a great big hug for all of us.

  14. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Such a lovely home you featured this week, Rhoda! How wonderful that you have your precious Mama! Please wish her a happy birthday! I pray that she will be blessed with a wonderful year. What a wonderful age! God Bless her!

    God has truly blessed you, Rhoda, with such precious parents! What a gift! You just keep spoiling them each and every day!

    Blessings to you and Mark! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thank you, Mary-Ann, I always appreciate your comments! We are very blessed to still have her.

  15. Angela Mahnke says:

    How exciting to celebrate Mother’s Day and your mom’s birthday too. Your family is so blessed to have her wisdom and love!!! Thank you for sharing this home, love the gray and white through-out, so elegant. Her outdoor space is so inviting!!!

  16. P;ease tell your mama that she is known even here in England! Happy Birthday!

  17. And that should have been “please”.

  18. Happy birthday to Mom!

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