Feature Friday: Addison’s Wonderland

Today’s Feature Friday is a new blogging dynamo, Brittany, with Addison’s Wonderland (named for her first daughter, Addison). I first saw her on Instagram, where she has amassed quite the following.  When I clicked over to her blog, I could see that she is a stylish young mom of 2, who has a real knack for putting a home together.  She also lives here in the Atlanta area, so that caught my eye.  A little more about Brittany.  I think she’s been blogging maybe 2 years, but she’s a residential interior designer, she’s been on Shark Tank and started her own whimsical children’s bedding company when her first daughter was born.  She’s quite the go-getter with an eye for bold and dramatic spaces, so I knew you’d all enjoy seeing what she’s done. She and her husband also run a company together and have been renovating houses for years.

Brittany is not afraid of color and does not currently subscribe to the all neutral decor that is so prevalent today in blogging.  She does do neutral, but with big doses of color thrown in.  Her lively patterns might not be for every taste, but I think you’ll agree, it’s not boring at all and is quite the eye-catcher.  I love what she’s done with her big 2 story foyer home. Those aren’t easy to make cozy and she’s accomplished that very well.


Coming in the front beautiful double front doors, you’ll notice that Brittany has a thing for turquoise blue.


She did an ombre effect on her staircase, which is quite the statement.


Notice the turquoise beaded chandelier hanging above too.


With personalized art in the foyer, it’s a beautiful and cozy space.


As you can see peeking into the office, she is not afraid of color and pattern in the least. Makes you want to peek into every room, doesn’t it.  We’ll be back with the office later.


Whimsical pattern on the foyer wall is dramatic as well.


With a soaring 2 story great room, these spaces are sometimes very hard to fill up and make them cozy.


With the dark paint on the coffered ceiling, it brings that down to be a part of the space.


A tall fireplace and built-ins add to the drama.


Artwork and those luscious turquoise chairs flanking the fireplace make for a very beautiful room.


She added a dramatic back drop to the built-ins too and I love that gold fireplace screen.


It’s a pretty mix of colors and textures in here.


Across the way, the dining room is bold and dramatic too.  She painted the woodwork a moody dark color and added pops of color.


A settee fills the bill on one side for seating along with a mix of chairs around the other side of the table.


Artwork, color and unique accessories make for a fabulous dining experience.


Brittany, in her girly office space.


This room, off the foyer, makes a grand statement coming in the front door.  The turquoise and white striped ceiling is really fun.


The floral wallpaper is too.


What a fun space to enjoy as an office.


The master bedroom is neutral with big doses of color too, turquoise and red.


A luxury bench at the foot of the bed serves dual purposes.


And an antique vanity as a nightstand can be used for both a side table and dressing area.


Storage piece and side chairs flanking the dresser.


Her daughter’s room started out as the nursery.


And then evolved into this big girl room with twin beds and pretty flouncy bedding.


Such a beautiful little girl growing up space, don’t you think?


A campaign dresser gets a paint treatment to blend with the room.


What a beautiful space for a little girl!


I’ve just read on Brittany’s blog that she and her hubby are about to take on a BIG renovation project. They found this house, above, after friends kept insisting they had to see the 1908 house that had been added onto over years and years. The inside is nothing but 2×4’s, but they are up for the challenge and it looks to be a very interesting and exciting renovation project. I can’t wait to follow along on this one! I hope you’ll stop by Addison’s Wonderland and see what Brittany is up to. She’s one stylish mama!

The winner of the DIY Rustic Modern Metal Crafts book has been posted on the widget and the winner emailed (Kathy). 

- Rhoda


  1. I love the color combinations and sense of whimsy in your daughter’s room especially! The white peonies or roses are eye catching over the bed!! Were they purchased recently?

  2. Whoops, I must not be awake yet or I got lost in the stunning photos. My last post was meant for Addison’s Wonderland blog. Happy Friday everyone!

    I look forward to Southern Hospitality blog posts! They brighten up my work week.

  3. Thank you for the Friday features, they are so wonderful . I look forward to having my morning coffee and reading your post. This is a beauty with all the splash of colors. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back next Friday.

  4. Thank you for showcasing a designer whose is not afraid of color! What is this trend now to paint everything white – hardwood floors, walls, moulding so, ceilings – and call that design? I call it a lack of talent and inspiration. In fact, who needs a designer to accomplish that? Just go to the paint store and buy a boatload of white paint! I love Brittany’s inspired use of color. The ” all white” faction would probably faint coming into my house because I love color too!

  5. Wow, Brittany’s home is amazing! Her use of color is fantastic. She can get away with it in such a large space. The color isn’t overwhelming at all like it can be in some smaller homes. It’s so refreshing to see the skilled use of color. I love her office, it’s so fun and whimsical. I’m heading over to her blog to check it out! Rhoda, thanks so much for these features. I look forward to them each and every week!

  6. Just found your blog. Love your style! Perfect.

  7. Angela McCoy says:

    I love this home full of color !!!!

  8. Sorry to say that this is my last visit to your blog. Whilst I like you, I don’t love your blog anymore! I have followed your blog for years, as I am very much into Home Interior Styling. I am not interested in the ‘over 50’s fashion’ (not there yet!), nor am I interested in posts on food, or introducing other bloggers every Friday, or long family posts (love your parents though). I appreciate that you have finished your home now and your blog has evolved, its just not for me anymore. Farewell – Chris – UK

    • HI, Chris, you are certainly welcome to find another blog that meets your needs. As you said, my house is mostly finished and life goes on in other directions. I can’t make everyone happy all the time and that’s something I know is a fact.

  9. Thank you, Rhoda, for sharing other bloggers with us each Friday. Brittany’s home and style are lovely, as is yours! I also enjoy your posts about fashion, food and family. Thanks for being a great blogger and an example for me as a blogger!!

  10. Melesa Garrison says:

    Love her style. I use the same colors in my house, I love turquoise and red together.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely home, Rhoda!

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