Forcing Cherry Blossom Branches

Ahhhh, Spring!

It’s full blown spring here in Georgia and I couldn’t be happier.  The pink cherry tree in my front yard is about to explode in those soft and billowy blooms that I absolutely love.  The pink dogwood tree isn’t far behind either.  So, this time of year I love to clip off a few branches from the cherry tree and bring them indoors to enjoy on my foyer table.

All you do is clip some branches, stick them in water and watch them explode into pinkness!

foyer console table

I have this tall pretty white vase that I picked up and just filled it with water and branches.

forcing cherry blossoms

The blooms are already unfurling into the prettiest soft pink blossoms.

cherry blossom

How’s THAT for bringing in Spring?

blue and white

I sure have enjoyed my new foyer table and having fun decorating it with some bright colors.  The rest of my living room is undergoing changes too and as soon as I can get it all done, I’ll post new pics.  I’ll be waiting on the new chair from Birch Lane to get here and that will be about 6 more weeks, as well as the rest of my pillow covers.  I’ve been moving furniture around switching things from the den to the living room and making all sorts of changes.  With the addition of the new windows in the downstairs den, it just made sense to move things around and I’m loving the fresh changes.

I’ll show you some progress soon!

foyer table

In the meantime, I’m joining my blog friends for 10 minute decorating ideas and this is one of the easiest things you can do to freshen up your home for spring.


Do you have budding trees outside?  Go out and clip some branches for instant spring inside the house!  Couldn’t get any easier than that.

Join my other blog friends for more spring inspiration in only 10 minutes!




for Anita


- Rhoda


  1. Nancy from RI says:

    It’s unfortunate that we don’t get tree buds here until late April early May. In fact there is still snow on the ground from the harsh winter we experienced this year. I’m looking forward to the 20 minutes worth of spring we seem to get.

  2. Lucky you to have branches to force – we’re still looking at the last of the melting snow – bring on spring!

  3. Love your cherry blossoms, and that vase is perfection!!!

  4. I wish we had some flowering trees I could cut from. I love the look of them. The trees have gotten so pretty around here.

  5. Pretty buds and the display is very nice too.

  6. Segreto Secrets says:

    Oh these are going to be gorgeous when they bloom! Great idea bringing some inside to enjoy!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  7. So pretty,Rhoda! Great styling and so so easy!

  8. I love Ga in the spring time, minus the pollen! Your cherry blossoms look lovely in your foyer. I enjoy bringing in forsythia, they’re in full bloom in my yard. Happy Spring!!

  9. I am bringing in forsythia and red bud branches of which we have so many surrounding us here in Virginia. Our spring flowers, Bradford pear trees and other flowering trees are out. Wish I had some cherry trees near me, yours are lovely Rhoda in that beautiful white vase. I love this time of the year!

  10. Those blossoms are so pretty. They remind me of when we visited our son last April in D.C., and viewed the gorgeous Cherry blossoms all over the Mall and into the city.
    We live in the northeast and have yet to experience any type of springtime weather. It won’t be here for another month, but summer is usually mild and pleasant. I guess it is our reward for a long winter.

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