Gas Logs Installed!

It might be summer right now, but I’m feeling warm and cozy in my living room about now.  The gas log project has been finished and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.  I’ll be in good shape come Fall, when those logs will create a nice ambiance in that space.  There’s just something so cozy about a fire and with gas logs looking so real these days, I’ve got the look without the mess.

These are vented logs and all the installer had to do after putting in my logs was to turn on my gas supply and light them.

ready for gas logs

The installer from The Fireplace Company came out at the scheduled time and spread out a protective blanket over my hearth.  We vacuumed out the old ashes that were left in there.

prepping for gas logs

Getting it ready for installation.  Lava rocks go in the bottom and then the logs are installed along with real looking embers.

logs installed

That’s my favorite part about these gas logs now.  The embers look SO realistic!  Even though I chose the least expensive oak set, the Classic Oaks, they look very good to me.

gas logs

This set will serve me well for years to come.  Don’t you love those embers?  It really does look real. I didn’t get the remote control starter, because my sister said it wasn’t really necessary.  If you use the remote, then the flame stays at the same level all the time and I might want to move the flame up and down at times. With the old-fashioned key on the hearth, all I have to do is hold a long lighter in there and turn the key. Instant flame!

I love my gas logs!

Big thanks to YP – Local Search & Gas Prices app for sponsoring this project for me.  The app is free and you can download it here, or you should be able to find it by doing a search in your App Store, if you have an iPhone (YP-Local Search and Gas Prices).

I’m happy to announce the winner of the YP $500 giveaway is:  Jane, who blogs at Cottage at the Crossroads.  Big congrats, Jane!  So happy for you, now you get to do a fun project too.

Happy summer projects to all of you too!

Disclosure:  This project was sponsored byYP and I received a giftcard to do the project of my choice.

- Rhoda


  1. Lookin’ good! Even though it’s not real, it looks good enough to warm your toes in front of. I like it.

  2. We have been mulling that idea – does it give off any heat? I agree that just the “look” of a fire can completely make a space welcoming and cozy!

    • Hi, Trish, when you are sitting by the hearth, it does give off heat. I’m sure not enough to heat a whole room, but it felt very cozy.

  3. You will be able to turn down your house’s thermostat because those logs will heat the entire first and second floors. (Probably not the rec room downstairs). Since heat rises, your bedrooms will be nice and toasty because heat rises. We love our logs and use them a lot in the cool/cold months.

    • Thanks, Janette, because these logs are vented, they don’t produce as much heat as non-vented, but that is fine with me. I got them mostly for the cozy factor and just love having a fire going during Winter months.

  4. At our previous house here in NY, installed a gas fireplace . I don’t remember how many btu’s it had, but it heated up the entire level which was around 1000 sq ft. At our cabin, we converted a fireplace to gas like you did, but we scrimped on the btu’s and now regret it.

    Although I love the look of a real fire, I don’t like the hassle or mess and a gas fireplace is not only more convenient, but does a much better job at heating the space in most cases.

  5. Rhoda, those look great! I am impressed with their “realness” factor like you are. And like Doreen said, you will avoid all the mess and hassle of the wood burning kind. Love it!

  6. I am looking forward to looking at the gas log sets they have out now. The home we are in now they look good but not what they looks like today!


  7. Yipee! I’m so happy that I won the gift card, Rhoda! Having an extra $500 to complete a project is a windfall, and I thank you and YP for it. Your logs look fantastic and you will enjoy them so much!

  8. That looks beautiful. Where exactly did the lava rocks go? My old unvented set didn’t have that feature.
    One nice thing about the vented logs is that you can easily adjust them to get the flame pattern you like and can add extra logs for add realism. I got some extras at a yard sale and having them stacked a bit fuller really added to the effect. (I’m NOT implying that your need that!) I can’t do that with my unvented ones. As much as I love summer, curling up in front of a fire always sounds so cozy.

    • HI, Teresa, the lava rocks are all underneath the logs inside the box. They really make it look real too. I’m so happy with these logs and got the least expensive set. They really do look nice!

  9. Jane H. says:

    Beautiful!! You’ll love it even more this fall and winter.

  10. Kathy :) says:

    They look great Rhoda !! I would love to do that in our living room, we have a wood stove in the family room (which hubby loves) I do too in the Winter although they are messy !! But in NE they are a must 🙂

    So glad you and Mike had a nice vacation, we love celebration, such a quaint little place !!!

    Kathy 😉

  11. They look great Rhoda, I especially like how they have the small glowing embers.

    Lovely 🙂


  12. I’d love if some of you fellow thrifting readers would check out my blog about designing an apartment on a budget. The site will be great for fellow college students or people on a budget. I’d love the traffic!

  13. A word of caution…gas logs burn GAS. When using, know that your gas bill will go up quite a bit. Watch the time while you burn the logs…it’s not free. But do enjoy!

  14. I love the ambiance of gas logs and hope to install them on an upcoming project in our study. Looks fabulous Rhoda! 🙂

  15. When we built our house 15 years ago we put in a real fireplace but still opted for gas logs since I didn’t want the mess in that formal room. I’m not sure if ours are vented or not but they look just like yours and they are very realistic and in our case, also warm. I haven’t noticed about the gas bill since our heat is gas (as is the stove) so we are using it in the winter anyway.

  16. debbie booth says:

    Love your blog Rhoda you are my daily fix! I’m in Canada and had them installed (as yours) without glass sealed in front. Unfortunately, there was noice and carbon release . I knew it was possible to have open gas flame ! I’m wondering what the difference would be here in Ontario ? My fireplace people were quite against it. Long story, I love your fireplace. Wish me luck as I try again. Maybe I’ll show them yours !

  17. Janice Careins says:

    When my parents were alive my Mother wanted gas logs as my Father could no longer pack in real wood.
    My Son took her to purchase them and he installed them for her. It was my Mothers most priced possession in her final years.

  18. Love your gas logs! And yay for Jane winning the giveaway!

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