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Bright and early on a recent Saturday morning, 6 friends and I took off for a local Homegoods in the Tucker area.  We were chattering and talking like school girls, excited about our field trip to the shopping mecca called Homegoods.

Not a stranger to Homegoods, I have been a huge fan for many years and sing their praises every chance I get.  This store truly is one of my top shopping destinations when I’m buying retail.  You can get more bang for your buck in home decor at Homegoods than just about any other store I know.

We arrived plenty early before the doors were opened, but that was fine with us. We had lots to chat about.

Mom and new blog friend, Lori, waiting for the doors to open.

Susan brought along her outdoor pillow she found at Home Depot, to find some cushions for her new wicker set.  We are getting ready to redo Susan’s back deck very soon and these will be gorgeous. 

Debbie (who owns the beautiful screened porch I just featured), me and my long time friend, Ruby.  I love these ladies!  They have been with me through thick and thin.  You can see by the smiles we were all ready for our shopping spree.

In we went to a beautiful breakfast spread.  What a treat that was!

I finally got to meet Jenny Lauck with BlogHer (foreground in black), after emailing with her over the years.  Those BlogHer girls are great too!  That’s my friend, Sandy, there to the left. 

Mary with Homegoods corporate in Massachusetts welcomed us with a wonderful hello.  Giftcards were handed out and off we went to the races! 

Lauren, Debbie’s daughter, came along for the shopping spree.  We all grabbed a cart to fill.

Lakeitha found some beautiful lamps.  I’m a lamp girl too!

Susan found some lime green cushions to go on her brown wicker set, along with some pretty accent pieces.

Hanging around waiting to shop more.

Sweet friend, Sandy, was here this weekend for BlogHer Food and I was so glad we got to meet up and visit.  Love this girl too!

So, what did I use my $100 to shop for?  I’m going to be redoing my bathroom at my parent’s house and found some great things to start the inspiration, using the avocado tiles and aqua countertops.  It’s going to be a great redo too!

Ruby is working on a new bedroom plan and this rug caught her eye.  She had me come over and approve it.  Yes, yes!  Get it!

I spied a few more things that caught my eye, which is not hard to do at Homegoods.

Aren’t these cute little side tables?

I thought someone just had to buy these, they were so pretty.  Turns out Lauren bought one!

This $99 side table was so cute too! It’s hard to pass up all the cuteness at Homegoods.

Deep blue and white chairs were gorgeous!

These linens were too.

Sandy found some great linens to entertain with.  After all, she is the queen of entertaining.  We all need to take some lessons from Sandy.

My friend, Debbie, found some black and white to add to her pretty porch this summer.

Here’s my shopping gang:  (L to R)  Mom, Debbie, Lauren, me, Ruby, Heidi, and Susan.  You can tell by the smiles that fun was had by all.

Thank you Homegoods for making this day such a special treat for all of us.  I’m so happy to be included among the bloggers who were offered this shopping spree for a few of our friends.

This was one of the funnest (I know this is not a real word!)  days I’ve had in a long time!

And here’s the great news!

You’re all in for a treat too.  Thanks to BlogHer, I’m giving away $100 giftcard to Homegoods, so ONE of my readers will get the chance for your own shopping spree.

How fantastic is that?

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what is on your list of must-have items from Homegoods?

Got a project you’re working on and need something from Homegoods to get you started?

Tell me all about it!

3 Chances to Win:

  1. Leave a comment answering the question, what would you buy?
  2. Tweet about the giveaway and leave another comment with link.
  3. Blog about the giveaway and leave another comment with link.

Read the official Rules!

Check out the BlogHer round up page for more info and all the ways you can win! There are more bloggers giving away giftcards too, so enter them all.

Visit Homegoods’ Blog for inspiration as well as their Facebook page.  And the store locator will come in handy to see where your closest Homegoods is located.  They are expanding and new stores are popping up all over!

Contest dates: May 31st – June 10th


  1. After nearly 11 years in this house, the one room that has never been updated or decorated is our basement. Though its been well used and seen lots of people come and go, it is without personality, and very blah. Homegoods could get me started in this room.

  2. I would buy them OUT of soy candles!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!

  3. holy moly! 544 comments- well I waited till the last to comment but maybe the 1st shall be last right? I have my eye on this $99 leaner mirror that would be perfect for the landing on my stairs.

  4. I am actually in dire need of some sheets and bath towels. I would search for those and try to get organic or bamboo!

  5. I am really wanting to finish up my guest room – it has been in limbo for way too long!

  6. I am in the process of re-doing our master bedroom and we really need new linens! I can’t wait to re-paint and completely makeover our current space – and what better place to start than Homegoods?!

  7. I adore Home Goods! I love it when i go and find something so gorgeous that I have to have it, then I go home and change a bunch of things around to fit it in! I found the best really large white framed mirror there a couple of months ago, and it got me changing up my entire entryway. I am re-decorating my daughter’s room and will need accent peices from Home Goods and probably a new bedspread or drapes, or a chair, or vanity bench. Oh the possibilities!

  8. I tweeted your Homegoods giveaway with a link to your post, for my 2nd entry.

  9. My must have would be some of the wonderful towels that they carry.

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