Tamron AF18-270 Lens Review & Giveaway

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This is a sponsored review from BlogHer and Tamron.

Many of you know that I just upgraded to a Canon T1i in June.  My first big-girl camera.  Since I started blogging, my interest in photography has grown exponentially with each year of writing my blog.  Photos are so important to make a post pretty and informational at the same time, so I’ve really been trying to hone my skills.

I was recently asked to participate in a lens review program through BlogHer with Tamron, one of the leading manufacturers of quality lenses.  I knew already that Tamron lenses will fit my Canon camera and I was so excited to get the chance to try out an upgraded zoom lens, the Tamron AF 18-270This one is WAY better than the kit lens that came with my camera.

This shot was taken on the deck sitting on my loveseat and I managed to capture this pretty bird without scaring him away.

All because I could zoom in closer to get it.

I took this shot from the deck sitting on my loveseat  and it zoomed right through the porch rail.

I’ve been taking lots of pics with it and can tell a big difference in how far it zooms compared to my standard 18-55 Canon lens.  This one gets much closer.  I took a few pics with it on the deck and could zoom in closer on birds that came to visit and even could get pretty close to the treetops outside, when my other lens wouldn’t even come close.  I think with this new AF 18-270 Tamron lens, I may not need another one for a very long time.

This lens is designed for someone looking to upgrade the standard lens that comes with typical DSLR packages,  which are pretty limited on how far they can zoom. I found that out after I got my camera and the standard lens.  I almost wish now that I hadn’t bought the kit lens at all.

The AF18-270 is an all-in-one lens that more universally covers close or distant shots without having to change lens. It is the world’s first 15x optical zoom lens, and also has built in vibration compensation so those zoomed shots turn out clear.

I’m extremely happy with my new Tamron lens and can see using it a lot of the time for my photography.  I recently used it to take a lot of shots around my house and it was nice to zoom out to get full room shots and then zoom in closer when I wanted to highlight an area.

And I’ve got some exciting news!  I’m also giving away ONE of these Tamron AF 18-270 lenses to one of my readers.  You will have 6 chances to win through the BlogHer roundup page.

This lens retails for $629.00 and is designed for Canon or Nikon Di II DSLR cameras. They also make similar lenses for other makes and models.

Specs from Tamron:

Tamron’s Vibration Compensation—Blur-Stopping Power With No Annoying Motion Delay In Your Viewfinder!

With the advent of the latest 15X zoom lens from Tamron, the pioneer of high power zoom lenses, the high power zoom lens has steadily evolved from a 7.1X to a 10.7X to a 13.9X and now to the world’s largest zoom ratio of 15X by combining advanced high power zoom design technologies accumulated by Tamron since 1992. The lens covers an angle of view equivalent to that of a 28mm wideangle to a 419mm ultra telephoto with just one lens, letting the user capture once-in-the-lifetime images of panoramic landscape images or close-up pictures of children smiling, without having to get too close to the subject and without having to change lenses.

For more information on this lens, visit Tamron.

For the official rules, visit here.

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  1. I just purchased a new Canon Rebel,, and realized that I would need another lens soon! This looks perfect for me!

  2. I would love to upgrade my kit lens to this Tamron lens. Just finished up a photography class with Karen Russell and a new Tamron lens will take me to the next level! Your photos look beautiful!

  3. Rhoda, your pictures are beautiful. The picture of the bird looks like a postcard!

  4. Carole Dansby says:

    I just purchased the Canon T1i after reading about your new camera. I would LOVE to have this lens! Oh, I love your blog and look forward to each of your posts.

  5. Thanks Rhoda!! Have been looking for a new lens and a FREE one sounds mighty fine!!!!! Great photos by the way! 🙂

  6. What a fantastic giveaway!!

  7. I’d LOVE to have a different lens for my camera! What a great giveaway!

  8. Would love to have this lens. Love to take pictures.

  9. I’d love to win this lens for my daughters camera. She is going to India over the Christmas break from her school to study for three weeks and she could use this lens on her camera to photograph all the environmental things she will be studying. Thanks!

  10. Tracy Deupree says:

    I would love a free new lens. I love taking photos.

  11. I’d looooove to win this lens! I want one in a bad way.
    Love your bird pic.

  12. This is a great giveaway!

  13. I am way behind the times in learning about picture taking. I need to get up with the times especially as my grandson is now in the picture. Thanks.

  14. Elizabeth H says:

    I would LOVE a new lens like this!! Comment 1/2

  15. Elizabeth H says:

    Just tweeted! Comment 2/2

  16. I love the pears! I have one in my kitchen, inspired by you (and Ballard’s).

  17. I’ve been DYING to upgrade my lens for a while, and this would be perfect!

  18. I definitely need a new big girl lens to go with my old big girl camera. My photos are severely lacking! HaHa!

  19. I need that lens really bad! Like, I NEED it!! Nuff said?

  20. I’d love a new lens, especially one that’s so versatile!

  21. I would LOVE this lens! I’m so glad you got one, Rhoda! 🙂

  22. I would LOVE to win this. I have the T1i as well and am just now starting to do family pictures for people and am loving it. This would be a great addition to my camera!!

  23. Fabulous giveaway. Would love to add this lens to my collection.

  24. What gorgeous photos from what I’m sure is a great lens! Yeah, I could happily add this to my lens collection. All two lenses that I own. I definitely need to start branching out and getting more.

  25. Kate Bailey says:

    That lens looks like it would take some great pics on my honeymoon in ireland 🙂

  26. I would love a news lens to help my photography!

  27. I just got the same camera as you and would love to try out this new lens.

  28. Lorilee Peterson says:

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I also only have the kit lenses and would love to try a new lens!!

  29. Would love to have a new lens!

  30. I have a Nikon d40 and would love a new lens!

  31. Hi Rhoda…I don’t Tweet, but I do blog.:-)

    Just added the Sweepstakes announcement and your link to my current post.


  32. This would make a great Christmas present for my husband. Please oh please pick me!!

  33. I would love a new lens. This is a great giveaway! Thanks

  34. I would love a new lens! Great giveaway.

  35. Ooh, what fun prize!

  36. I WANT!! I have a T1i also, and it’s changed my life, photography-wise. Love it, and I would LOVE this lens!

  37. I would love to win this great lens — would push me over the hump to buy my new camera!

  38. I tweeted! 🙂

  39. Wow, what a great lens. I’d love to have one.

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  42. Sharon Avinger says:

    I’d love to win this lens! Thank you, Rhoda.

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  46. I just got a T1i this summer as well and feel the same way about the kit lens! It’s better than my previous point and shoot, but it’s no where near the quality I hope to use with a DSLR.

  47. ok, I wish you could SEE me DANCING in excitement! Seriously, I’m lusting over this lens.. please add me…

  48. Boy would that lens make me look good.

  49. This sounds great! I would love to upgrade my Canon lens.

  50. Oh how I would LOVE to have this lens! What a fantastic giveaway and such a fun opportunity to try it out for you!!


  51. I have the T1i with a kit lens….I would LOVE to upgrade! Photography has become my hobby, and I enjoy the ease of learning through practice….thanks for the chance to acquire a nice lens!

  52. I have a Nikon D90 that would love to have this lens as a companion.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  53. I need this lens Rhoda, I need it!

  54. wanda hurst says:

    I would love a new lenses, I love taking pictures.

  55. oh man – oh man – oh man. what an early Christmas present this would be.
    directly from Santa in a way 🙂
    i have a lovely 2 year old grandaughter – who is great photography material.
    here is hopin & wishin –
    hugs to you sweet girl,

  56. Ooooh. I would LOVE a new lens. I’m saving up for a new Canon…my rebel broke and I’m using an old 10D so this would be a fun lens for when I get my new camera!!!

  57. OOOOH! I would love this for taking photos at my kids’ sporting events!

  58. this lens looks super flexible!

  59. JillMichelle says:

    I’ve been looking for a lens for my camera for AGES. Thank you for the review, not to mention the GREAT giveaway!!

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  65. Would love the camera lens!! Love your blog by the way. 🙂

  66. Tweeted about the giveaway here: https://twitter.com/hollycousar

  67. You would spare my marriage a LOT of hurt if I won this lens. I think my camera desperately needs a new lens. My husband, however, does not. 🙂 Great giveaway, Rhoda!

  68. One of the lenses on my wishlist! Fingers crossed!!!

  69. SA-WEET giveaway! We just bought a T1i and would love to have another lens. The shot you took of the bird is great!

  70. I would love, love, love to have the Tamron AF 18-270 lens. Right now I am still using the kit lens, and after taking several photography classes, it would completely transform my pictures. This is an amazing giveaway … thanks!!

  71. I have a Canon and would love this lens! Love your blog!

  72. I’d love a new lens for my Nikon. I need to upgrade and want to start my own photography business.

  73. I too got into photography because of my food blog. I would love to win this Tamron lens!

  74. Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Would love this new lens – your pictures are awesome!

  76. Love that this lens can be used in the house and also for great “zoom” outside!

  77. aaaannnddd, tweeted. someone’s going to be a very lucky winner!

  78. i tweeted about this giveaway … http://twitter.com/BridalSolution! Thank you Rhonda!!

  79. Cassandra Alderin says:

    Wow– this lens is incredible. It is on my wishlist!!!

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  87. I blogged about this giveaway!!! http://www.teamimhoff.com/2010/11/lens-giveaway.html. Thank you!!!!!

  88. I love my canon, I would love it even more with this lens

  89. I would love to win a fancy new lens.

  90. I have a Tamron 28-80 that I use with my Canon Rebel; I really like the quality of the lens and the quality of the pictures it takes. Having another Tamron lens in my bag would be a great bonus. And you’re right, the 18-270 is so much better than the kit lens! I’ve had my eye on one for awhile now.

  91. I’ve had a lovely Canna Rebel XTi for over two years now, and have sadly been using it on automatic (gasp!). I’ve launched into reading the manual fully, and have bought a great intro to digital photography book. I’ve always loved taking photos, but am now really hoping to get to know what I’m doing and take the quality of my shots up a few notches. This lens would be a great boost for my goals!

  92. I’ve been lusting after a lens that would allow me to leave a few of my other lenses at home, this sounds perfect!

  93. I don’t have an XLR camera, just a point and shoot that’s driving me CRAZY because I can’t get decent pictures of my girls. If I won these lens, my hubby would HAVE to get me a camera to go with it!

  94. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  95. April in CT says:

    We’ve been shopping for a DSLR and this would be perfect and we wouldn’t have to get a sub-par lens to start with!

  96. I’ve been on the Tamron website for 60 days – trying to win one of their giveaway lenses 🙁 – Then this week, I’ve been outbid on 2 Tamron lenses on ebay! So – I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed – this is the lens I need to take good hockey pictures of my kids!!

  97. WOW, looks awesome. All I have is the standard kit lens too, so I would love to start a collection.

  98. I just bought a Canon Rebel and need a lense for my blog food shots. This would be perfect!

  99. I hope i win! i hope i win! i hope i win!

    thanks for sharing! 🙂

  100. Oh how I would love to win this! I am wanting a new lens to replace my kit lens (18-55), but I just can’t afford the splurge right now. I have a 50mm which is amazing, but I can’t get as close as I want sometime for food shots. This lens looks like the perfect solution! Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway!

  101. WOW! That lens takes some mighty good pics!! I am going to have to go play with one at the photography shop!

  102. Just did a tweedle deet on twitter!! http://twitter.com/6packaday

  103. I love this lens. I’m currently searching out the best price on a new Cannon and with this I could purchase the camera without the lens kit!

    Btw, the photo of the bird is lovely!

    Thanks for letting us in on this and the awesome review you did!


  104. I need a new lens. I keep trying to save for one, but it ends up being needed more somewhere else. 🙂

  105. I NEED this camera lens!!! MUST!HAVE!IT! …. thanks for the chances to win!!! Love your blog!!

  106. I tweeted it too! http://twitter.com/CottonRidge


  107. What a great giveaway! I would love to win this great lens! First of all I love being able to take pictures and just recently, my daughter was able to enroll in a photography program at her college. The program is in high demand and we are excited to know that she will be able to start in Fall of 2011! This would make a great gift for her to start out her career! thanks for the giveaway!

  108. http://twitter.com/RandaK_81/status/29678993504
    I tweeted it twice, because I’m a spaz and put up the wrong link in my excitement! 😉

  109. ooh lala. I’ve been contemplating the canon 18-135mm. This would be awesome!

  110. OOOOOh, I could use me one of those lenses! I dropped my camera a few weeks back, and I’m desperate for a new lens just like yours Rhoda, pick me pick me!!!


  111. My dad has a Tamron lens that he lets me borrow! It would be so great to have my own! 🙂

  112. I am currently using a friend’s Digital Rebel (has a kit lens) while I try to save for my own DSLR. I’m about to buy the first lens for myself – a fifty ($100). A long range lens like this is on my wish list, but it will take quite some time for me to afford it. I would be SO happy to win this giveaway.

  113. Oh wow now THIS is a giveaway! I’ll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks!

  114. Oh my goodness! I have the same camera and have been wanting a Tamron lens ever since I got it…but instead I had a baby…lol. I think I made the right choice ; )

  115. I would LOVE to win this lens. I’ve dabbled with photography as a hobby for the past year and a half. I’d love to try a new lens!

  116. I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a better zoom lens as well… this would be perfect!

  117. Oooo, I would love a chance to win this lens. I just got a 50mm and have been looking for a good zoom.

  118. This would be amazing to have to help with my pictures for my Etsy shop.


    You can see I need help!

    Thank you!

  119. Thanks for offering this lens, I Really appreciate your blog as well…Thanks!

  120. Crossing my fingers and toes!

  121. Looks like an awesome lens to own!

  122. i would LOVE to win this!!! thanks for the chance!!!

  123. This would be a great help as I try to learn to take better pictures.

  124. Thanks for hosting! This looks like a great lens!

  125. So excited… what a great giveaway!

  126. I really like that first shot you posted, of the bird, very well done!

  127. Andrew Pierson says:

    Great lens. I would love to give it to my wife as a gift! She is a great photographer….

  128. I would LOVE a new lens! I have a busy toddler who is hard to photograph sometimes!

  129. That zoom is like a dream come true to me! I had the BEST zoom Nikon camera, but I recently upgraded to the Canon t2i. MUCH nicer camera, but I miss my crazy zooming! Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway 🙂

  130. Oh, my, oh, my! What an amazing gift for my brother this would be!

    stefanielritz at gmail dot com 🙂

  131. Susan in Seattle says:

    Oh man…this lens looks just fantastic! If I won, I could give my husband his loaner lens back, which is a zoom, but not as hot as the Tamron!

  132. Ooh, I am loving the range on this lens! And the narrow depth of field is still awesome! It’s just what I need!

  133. Oh that lens ould be SO much fun!

  134. I’ve been saving for one of these for months!

  135. Wow! This lens looks great. I could get some great shots of my puppy, Peanut with it!

  136. Swoon! I would LOVE this lens! {Fingers Crossed}

  137. I’ve been looking to upgrade to a lens just like this one! I have a 50-250mm that I love, but the fuller range on this one would be so much better.

  138. We also have a Canon T1i, still learning how to use it. Sure would be nice to have the option to zoom!

  139. That mirror is gorgeous! I’d love to give this lens a try with my Canon!

  140. Such a great giveaway! I would have so much fun with this awesome lens.

  141. Would absolutely LOVE this lens for my new canon rebel!

  142. Harley Cooper says:

    Ooo, that’d be a lot of fun to take out exploring!

  143. great review thanks. love the pears!

  144. I would LOVE to win this! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  145. What a dream come true! My photography skills are terrible, and this lens would be just the ticket!

  146. Love your picture of the bird! Very nice! Would like to play with that lens on my Nikon!

  147. what a great give a way |i can not wait to see who wins

  148. Joyce Ostermiller says:

    Looks like a great lens. What fun that would be learning new things and ways to take pictures.

  149. talked about it on today’s post at http://poisoninmae.blogspot.com/2010/11/facebook.html

  150. Beautiful shots! A free lense is always great!

    Judy 🙂

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  156. This lens would be the perfect addition to the SLR body I’m about to buy!

  157. I’ve saved 4 years to afford my new Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm 1.4 lens. That lens is great for my food photos but limits me in other areas. I’d love this Tamron lens to be able to have more versatility! It will save me from another year of pinching pennies for a new lens.

  158. I’ve been looking for the perfect zoom lens! This is it!

  159. What an awesome lens!! It would be such a priviledge to take pictures with it!! I found your blog through The Pampered Mom’s blog! Love yours!

  160. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  161. lovely!

  162. My husband and I fight over “his” Tamron AF 18-250 mm. It’s about time I won my own! 🙂

  163. I only have a fixed lens now and have been eying the Tamron lenses. Would love to win one. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  164. I would love to have a zoom lens! I just can’t get the depth of field that I want with the kit lens that came with my Nikon.

  165. I would LOVE to win this lens!!! I shoot with a Nikon but this would still work with that. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  166. That looks like a great lens! Hope I win! 🙂

  167. Tweeted about the giveaway!!

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  169. This would be such a great surprise for my husband who is the real photographer in my house. He’s been talking about getting this kind of lens, but we’re putting it off until our stack of pennies gets a little higher.

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  171. I have a friend that is trying to get more into photography. This would be amazing for her!!

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  177. I feel like I have a good lens for food shots (50mm 1.8), but I’ve been struggling with nature photography. The 50mm has too narrow a focus, so I got a nice wide-angle lens, but I feel like it’s too wide! Everything looks so far away. This lens seems like the perfect compromise.

  178. Thanks for sharing! I just recently upgraded and started getting into more serious photography 🙂

  179. I’d really loooove to win this lovely! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  180. That would fit perfectly in my Christmas stocking!

  181. Carly Johnson says:

    I’m really looking to boost my photo equipment as I grow my business. This would be a wonderful addition.

  182. Oh my my my! My boyfriend is a self-taught photographer, and this is THE lens he would love for Christmas! He would be so THRILLED if I won it for him!

  183. I just got a DSLR body a recently, and this lens would be wonderful to use with it!

  184. I asked for a new lens for the holidays and my husband would probably dance in the street if I won this!

  185. What a wonderful giveaway! This is on my birthday/Christmas list for this year.

  186. I have been wanting to upgrade from the kit lens – but can’t afford to do so! Hope I win.

  187. This would look great on my new D7000!

  188. would love the closeup range this would give me!

  189. I bet that lens is going to change your photography life! Would love to have it change mine!

  190. Oh, I would love this lens!

  191. Ngoc Nguyen says:

    I love the bird shot and the little bird in the glass beneath his feet 🙂

    This is a great giveaway, thanks for hosting

  192. Love your mirror!

    I need a travel lens. I’m sick of bringing a bunch of bulky lenses around. I am traveling to Egypt next year and this would be perfect! 🙂

  193. Wow! A new dslr is on my christmas list and this would just make it so much better!

  194. No Way! I’d LOVE to have a Tamron lens! (Fingers crossed…)

  195. I’d love to win this lens!! 🙂

  196. Stacy Bondurant says:

    Oh, I would love to have this lens. I am constantly taking photos of my toddler son and I have a little girl on the way. Precious subjects, indeed!

  197. I feel like I’m always on the ground taking pictures of my kids, so not having to switch lenses would be HEAVEN!!!

  198. Would love a zoom with this range!

  199. I have just started taking pictures with my Dads old Nikon D70. This would be a great addition.


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  204. Oh please, oh please, oh please pick me! I have been wanting a new lens like this to shoot pictures of my two baby girls for forever. What a wonderful Christmas present this would make for me.

  205. I would love this lens to take those precious moments of my kids!

  206. Monique W. says:

    I would buy a new camera just to get a groovy lens!!!

  207. I would love this lens! I’ve been needing a lens with this much versatility:)

  208. I would love to have this lens! My blog and budding photography business would both benefit so much from its quality and versatility. Fingers crossed!!!

  209. Elise Post says:

    This would be so awesome. I also just have my kit lens. This would be HUGE for me.
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  210. I miss the zoom lens that I had with my old film SLR. I would love one of these! What an awesome lens!

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  214. I’ve never been sure about non Cannon lenses, but everyone keeps telling me they can be great. This would be the perfect way to try one 😉

  215. OK how cute is that bird!! If I could but have this lens I’d capture photos of every lovely detail of my day!!

  216. And how could I not take the second chance to win? SO nervous. It’s like christmas with a ton of people and only one gift!!! Eek!!!


  217. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE this lens! Looks fabulous!

  218. this would be amazing since I just broke mine!

  219. I would love this lens! It will help me make my pictures worthy of a blog.

  220. I want, I need! I’m still new at the SLR camera thing, but I think this would totally help!

  221. I love to photograph nature. This lens would be a great incentive to go outside more often and share more pictures from where I live.

  222. I love photographing nature and my kids in nature

  223. I would love to win this lens, thank you for the chance!

  224. This is such a great giveaway! Would love to win! wanibug (at) yahoo (dot ) com

  225. Photographing nature is my favorite. I would love to win the lens!

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  227. Stacey Hay says:

    I would sure love to win this lens. I love your photos.

  228. Ohh, I would love this lens! What a great giveaway.

  229. Wow it really looks versatile I would love to have a lens like that to take pictures of my wonderful family, my granddaughter and the lovely scenery in New England!

  230. turleybenson says:

    Holy crud. I’d love this for my hubby’s 40th!!

  231. WOW! New Canon owner; wanting more lenses–what a perfect solution! Thnx for the great review

  232. This lens would be awesome to win!! Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  233. Christina Van't Hof says:

    YES PLEASE! this lens looks amazing and I would love to get my hands on it, just in time for the holidays 🙂

  234. your pics look so crisp and clear. I would love to win one of these lenses!

  235. Oh yes please! This range of lens would make shots of my kiddos so much easier! Please! :o)

  236. The photos are amazing! I would love to win!!

  237. I would absolutely love it. Gorgeous photos.

  238. I would LOVE to try out a Tamron lense!!!

  239. I would so LOVE to win this!

  240. Here’s my post about your post! Here’s to hoping . . .


  241. I’m going to need SOMETHING since my toddler has learned to run away!

  242. This seems like a really cool lens to try some new photography on!

    Thank you!

  243. What a great giveaway!

  244. It would be so wonderful not to have to carry multiple lenses everywhere I go 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity!

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  246. Ok, now that you’ve helped me figure out what to get my mom for Christmas… can you help me make it happen? Mmmkaythanks.


  247. I would love to use this lense to take pictures of the baby I’m expecting!

  248. Just signed up for a photography class with Val Westover in LA. Could really give this lens a workout! Thanks!

  249. That lens looks amazing!

  250. With an active toddler who hides whenever I pull out my camera, I would love a new lens that can zoom from far away!

  251. Did you say free? I’m definitely in. Who wouldn’t want a free lens. Maybe then I would learn how to use my Canon camera my son gave me.

  252. I would love to win this. I’m constantly trying to improve my photography skills.

  253. I would love a zoom like this for when I’m out and about…

  254. I would love this lens. I recently purchased my first big girl camera too, and I am super excited to rekindle a lost love of photography!

  255. i would love to win this.. im taking a photography class in the spring and this would be perfect to learn more with!!

    suga9292 at yahoo.com

  256. Ooh, I could really put this lens to work! 🙂 I’ve heard only good things about Tamron!

  257. http://twitter.com/suga9292

    i tweeted about this..

  258. I would love to win this! I am wanting to take my photography to the next level and wish I hadn’t settled on the kit lens!

  259. Rhoda,
    You take lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. This lens is incredible and would be great to own. I, too, am a big photography buff.

    Mary L

  260. amber in NE says:

    I need this sooo bad!

  261. Thanks for sharing your talents with us out here! I’d love to upgrage my old Tamron lens. AF would be my new BFF!

  262. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this!!

  263. Was researching online when I came across the contest. This would make me the best husband in the world! Didn’t know lenses were so expensive.


  264. Jennifer C. says:

    I am so excited to be getting my first DSLR camera in the next week – I am known for taking pictures of anything and everything! I love PHOTOS and I am so excited to explore and learn to take even better photos. A new lens off the bat would be great and exciting 🙂

  265. Oh, I want to win this one!

  266. I would love to have this lens! I am currently a poor college student who needs a new lens for my photography class next semester. 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed!

  267. I would love to have this lens as I have a “big girl” camera too and need a new lens. Thanks for the contest! Jean

  268. I am going to blog it right now! Jean

  269. Rhoda, what gorgeous shots!

    Would love the chance to win…


  270. Love the pics, love the lens, love your site!!!

  271. Beautiful Shots! I would love this lens.

  272. This would be great!

  273. Hi Rhoda. The image of the bird on the fence with the bird ornamentation is gorgeous. I’d love to be entered.

    Hugs…tracy 🙂

  274. Beautiful photos. I would love to have this Tamron lense. Thanks for the giveaway!

  275. I’d love to try this lens!!! 🙂

  276. Brittany H says:

    I have been wanting this lens for a year now! Hope I win!

  277. I would love to win this great lens!

  278. keeping my fingers crossed! would love this lens

  279. This is a fabulous lens. I so wish I could win it!!

  280. I would soooo love to win this lens! Thanks for an opportunity at such a wonderful giveaway!
    -Ruth Ann

  281. What an awesome giveway & great pics! I sure could use this! 🙂

  282. Would love to win this! Thanks for the sweepstakes!

  283. What a great give away. I am buying my 18 year old daughter a big girl camera for Christmas. This would be great to go with it.
    Thank you

  284. What a great lens! La

  285. Those pics w/ the new lens are pretty impressive!!

  286. The zoom on that lens is amazing. I would love to win one!

  287. WOW!! I would LOVE to win this AF 18-270 Tamron lens.
    I, too am a new DSLR camera owner and just started my first of 6 weeks classes on how to use my camera.
    Thanks for such a generous giveaway.

  288. I MUST have this lens. OMG.

  289. Luke's GiGi says:

    Wow! What a wonderful giveaway. Please enter me, I love to also play around with photography and have a Canon. Thank-you

  290. crossing my fingers. hope i win. just got my first nikon a few months ago and would love a new lens.

  291. This lens. Is BEAUTIFUL

  292. I could really use this great lens with my Nikon to take photos of my daughter’s volleyball games. It would be great to only have to carry one lens!!! (Fingers crossed)

  293. What an amazing giveaway! I’m getting photography classes for Christmas and would love to give this lens a try.

  294. Please pick me!!

  295. I would love this! I just have the kit lens on my Rebel and would enjoy and upgrade.

  296. A lens like this would be awesome! Great pictures, Rhonda.

  297. My husband would love to have this for his canon!

  298. I’ve never tried a Tamron lens, but I’ve heard they’re great! I’d love a chance to get my hands on this one!

  299. What a fabulous lens, thank you for the giveaway!

  300. Jennifer Moneagle says:

    I too just got a Canon rebel and am taking classes to learn how to use it. Tomorrow we are going to a wildlife sanctuary on a field trip – wish I had the lense!

  301. What a GREAT giveaway Rhoda!!! Crossing my fingers AND toes! Thanks for the chance!

  302. I would LOVE to win this for my wife.

  303. I would REALLY love to win this awesome lens. Love your photos you took with it and would be great if my photos could look like yours!!

  304. I tweeted (@SarcasticMoMLC) about the giveaway. 🙂


  305. I really really really neeeeeeeed this lens. I have been really really really wannnnnnnting one for ages (I have a Canon Rebel XTi) and I really really really can’t afffffffffford it! But I promise if I do win it I will take a lot of awesome photos every single day!

  306. Carmen Copeland says:

    awesome! i hope i win!

  307. Melissa R. says:

    I just completed a digital photography class to learn how to use my Canon Rebel. I would love to have this lens! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  308. I have a Canon Rebel and I would love to win this lens. This lens would greatly improve my pictures. Your pictures look fantastic, Rhoda!

  309. Wow, nice lens. If you add a tripod for yourself now you will not believe how sharp your images will be.
    Congrats on your new lens…..now I’ll try to win one for me.

  310. Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please!!

  311. Anna Archer says:

    Would love to win this lens! Just bought an external flash for my Nikon D40 and have been having tons of fun playing with it, only have a 18-55 lens right now though!

  312. Awesome giveaway! I would love to have this lens. Thanks .

  313. What an amazing giveaway!! I would definately be a happy girl if I won this lens, oh just thinking about the opportunity to play with it is exciting!!

  314. I love close-up shots, but my lens won’t let me get as close as I’d like. Sure with I had a new Tamron lens….

  315. Michelle T says:

    I definitely need a new portable lense! Looks like a good one to me!

  316. Wow, great giveaway. This would be great.

  317. Man, this lens would really help me out in my photography! It seems so versatile!! I hope to get my hands on one soon!!

  318. Wow, what a fantastic give-away. I tweeted about this via octmoonboutique!

  319. What I would give to win this Tamron AF 18-270 lense! Getting a new camera like Rhoda’s and now that I’ve read she prefers this lense to the additional lense you can buy with the camera kit I think I would just get the camera body and If for some reason I don’t win this one, just get it as my additional lense. Thanks for the fab give-away and the great information. I have admired your photos ever since you got your new camera.

    I’m hoping my store site photos will look as magazine quality perfect as your once I get the new camera and now hopefully this lense!


  320. Thank you so much Rhoda!! Beautiful Lens!

  321. Perfect present for my mom, if I win. She would LOVE this (so would I, but… yes).

  322. What fun! I would have a blast with this! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  323. I just got the same camera a few months ago (if only I knew how to use all the features!)!! AND I am asking for this lens for Christmas! I would love to win!

  324. I have such wonderful things about Tamaron lenses!

  325. Joan Mynahan says:

    Fabulous photos!

  326. I’ve had my eye on a zoom lens like this for a while. I’ve always had a hard time justifying the purchase though! You know how that goes, it’s always easier to buy things for the kiddos than for mom. 🙂

  327. Wow what a giveaway! I would love that lens! I’m always trying to improve my photography abilities!

  328. Beautiful photos. I can’t believe the bird photo.

  329. Melinda Wilson says:

    Wow! What a wonderful giveaway!

  330. My husband and I just bought a Canon to make a fundraising video in Africa. We would LOVEEEE this lens!

  331. Guess I should be checking into to Blogher occasionally! Awesome giveaway.

  332. I take really bad pictures when zooming. This lens looks like it would make a world of difference. Thanks for the opportunity!

  333. What a wonderful giveaway!!!! I have just gotten into digital photography and would be so thrilled to win this..

  334. What an awesome range! I would love this!

  335. I really hope I win!!!!

  336. Oh I have total lens envy. Sign me up for the winners circle. 😉

  337. I would love to win this lens. I took a photography class and she used Tamron for a long time.

  338. I would Love, Love, Love to win this!! 🙂

  339. Here is my tweeted.


  340. I would love this lens! Your photos are beautiful by the way. :~)

  341. Owning something like this would be just the thing to help convince my husband that we need to invest in the type of camera that would attach to the backside of it. Here’s wishing!

  342. This lens looks awesome. We have never spent the money to upgrade from the kit lens that the D40 came with. Love to have it.

  343. Pamela Leon says:

    Oooh, I’d love to try out this lens!

  344. Lovely lens, and I’d love one!

  345. Gimme dat lens! 🙂

  346. What a great giveaway. I would love this lens!

  347. OH my What a delightful give a way! Can’t believe it! Would so so so like to play with that one!

  348. love that birdie shot!

  349. Such a great giveaway!

  350. what a great giveaway!!!

  351. Love that lens!

  352. I would love this lens to take some great pictures of my sons!

  353. Oh what a great lens. I could totally use it – my camera would be so happy!

  354. Your pictures are just great! I would love to have a great lens like that to improve my picture taking!! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!!

  355. I would be so happy happy happy to have this lens!

  356. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these lenses.
    It is very impressive.

  357. I would love to win this lens to help me capture my two crazy cute boys!

  358. Love this lens! I have bee saving my pennies for a new camera and would love to have this lens. Then my hubby would have to get me the camera : )

  359. I would love to win this Rhoda. I am trying to improve my photo skills and this would be great. mh

  360. I have read about this lens and would love to win one! What a generous giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity. Veronica

  361. First of all–your photos are fantastic!! Please add me to the give away for a chance to win this great product!

  362. I would love a new lense!

  363. I actually got to see this lens in action and am in love!

  364. What a great giveaway! I could definitely put it to good use!

  365. I just got a T1i as well!!

  366. And for my second entry- 🙂


  367. Beautiful shots! I saved up for my first SLR back in high school, and I’ve been in love ever sense. Now that I’ve been taking pictures for a while, it’s time for a lens upgrade 🙂

  368. Randi Lynne says:

    What a beautiful lens!

  369. I would love this!!! I hope I win! 🙂

  370. I covet. I want. I implore random.org to select me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

  371. This lens looks great !!!

  372. Heather Woosley says:

    I would have to upgrade my camera, but boy would that be fun!

  373. Crossing my fingers AND my toes! Thanks for the chance!

  374. I’m crossing everything I possibly can for this!

  375. Alanna Brown says:

    I would love to win this lens for my husband so he can take more pictures of our baby and all of my homemade baby food!

  376. Oh, I would LOVE this! I’m sure I NEED it too! 🙂

  377. Erin Otness says:

    Would love love love to have a new toy to play around with! Just in time for holiday pictures too!

  378. I am getting married next year, and would love to give this to my maid of honor, who’s doing our engagement photos!

  379. The photos on your blog are beautiful! I’d love to try out that lens. Thanks for entering my name.

  380. I hope I win. I would LOVE this!

  381. Melissa P. @Mel4Him says:

    I would love to add this lens to my photo equipment. Thanks for the review!

  382. Melissa P. @Mel4Him says:
  383. Marisa Ellsworth says:

    What an incredible giveaway , I will pray non-stop till November 30th . I can’t imagine the excitement if I won this lens !
    Thank you

  384. Marisa Ellsworth says:

    I tweeted about this great giveaway check it out

  385. Linda Wright says:

    Would love to win this for my husband. He has a new fancy camera. This would be a great surprise for him.

  386. Wonderful giveaway! I could quit looking for the lens my son “borrowed”.

  387. I am drooling!!

  388. A wonderful way to upgrade…I love my Canon and would love to have a Tamron lens…

  389. Our camera got lost right before we moved to Paris of all places. We got another one eventually, but I really miss the zoom lens we used to have. I miss so many shots because I am used to being able to zoom a lot further than the standard lens allows.

  390. shar yates says:

    Oh, how I would love to win this. You have taken some great shots. Love the first one of the bird. thanks!

  391. Lena Templin says:

    What a great giveaway, would love to win.

  392. That lens looks unbelievable, I would love to own one! 🙂

  393. Sharon in Chicago says:

    If I win this lens, it’ll be themotivation I need to buy that Canon Tii I’ve been coveting!

  394. I am in desperate need of a good macro lens for taking pictures of my jewelry as I prepare to sell on etsy. I also need a good zoom for taking pics at my son’s various sports outings. This lens would be perfect!

  395. Sounds like an outstanding lens and your pics are improved. Would love to win this for my daughter who is trying to break into photography of children.

  396. This would be great for my husband. He loves photography. I enjoy his hobby by looking at his wonderful pictures.

  397. This lens looks like awesome fun! Would love to give it a try. Thanks!

  398. My good zoom lens just died a horrid death so this would be a perfect replacement!

  399. Barbara Camp says:

    What a neat idea to give my son for Christmas.

  400. What a great lens!

  401. Dionne Speer says:

    Wow! I’d love to own such a great lens!

  402. Rebekah Paul says:

    This would be great to have with my Nikon!

  403. looking to grow my technique and would love this lens to use to do that!! thanks!

  404. Perfect gift to myself. Thanks.

  405. This is a fantastic lens I have wanted it for soooo long.

  406. I would love to have this lens. I have had lens envy for something like this for quite a while.

  407. Sara Grimshaw says:

    I’ve had this lens bookmarked, in my favorites, for 9 months. I even started keeping a stash so I could buy this before Christmas. Unfortunately, I keep dipping into it…..stitches, endocrinology appts. for my sweet boy, new tires, etc. I feel like it is too much of an extravagant purchase to justify. Thank you for the chance.

  408. I would love a new lens! I have a Tamron (the 28-75mm) and it’s wonderful!

  409. Amy Marcoccia says:

    I just spoiled myself and got a Canon T1i THIS WEEK! How great it would be to have a new lens too! 🙂

  410. I would love to own that lens!! Many times while commuting to work in the early morning hours, I spy nature in it’s rawest moments and have told myself “I wish I had my camera and a better zoom lens”. Now is my opportunity to comment to win one! What a fantastic and generous giveaway!!!! Thanks for letting us view some lovely sites through both of your lens!!!

  411. I want that lens so bad! I’ve been looking at it for a year.

  412. That is the exact lens I’ve been Amazon-stalking for a while now. WANT!

  413. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I will have to blog about this asap. Thanks, Rhoda!

  414. I would love to win this lense. It is only thing on my Christmas list.

  415. Oooohhhhh! Yes, please!

  416. Oooohh!! I love taken pictures!! I have anyways wanted to nice camera. This is for me I hope!!!

  417. Andrea Swenson says:

    Please oh please pick me.

  418. I would love this lens.

  419. This lens looks amazing, I would love one!

  420. Send one this way!

  421. I would love to use this lens, I love the versatility it has!

  422. Amazing photos…would love a lens like that!

  423. danette gabaldon says:

    Oh, this would be a good xmas present to myself!!

  424. Love the versatility of this lens. Pick me! Pick me!

  425. That lense is amazing. I have really been wanting a new one for a while. I outgrew the one that came with my Nikon quickly .

  426. YES PLEASE.
    I love this lens and have been thinking baout getting it for months.
    I love photography

  427. I just got a new Canon Big Girl camera for our 30th anniversary last month and would love this lens!

  428. This is a great give away and would LOVE it win this lens.

  429. I would love to have this lens! Thanks for the chance.

  430. I NEED THIS. I travel seven months out of the year for my job, and only have a 70-300mm as my close-up lens. Mama needs more diversity in her lens collection!

  431. I would love to add this to my kit!

  432. I am absolutely amazed by some of the shots with this lens!

  433. Would love to upgrade my lens. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  434. Alicia Finn says:

    Oohhhh… that bird was so pretty- glad you captured the shot! Would love to have this new lens!

  435. I would love to win this! It sounds amazing.

  436. This lens sounds fab!!! This would be such a great present!!

  437. I have been wanting (lusting after, actually!) this lens ever since I saw the first ad for it! Please, please, Universe, draw my name for this! Thanks in advance!

  438. What a great lens! Would love to snag this.

  439. oh I need this so very much. what a contest

  440. Amy Wheaton says:

    I have been wanting this lens FOREVER, but my funds went to a new tooth. Crowns are expensive! Love your blog, keep up the great work!


  441. I’m a new Canon digital SLR owner too and the lens that the camera came with doesn’t quite meet my needs either when it comes to photographing my daughter’s theatre performances. This lens sounds like just the ticket!

  442. This is an amazing giveaway! I would love to add this to my camera gear!

  443. This would be such a great lens for photography my daughter!

  444. Megan Jutras says:

    I have been wanting this lens! Glad to know it is great!

  445. Wow, I love the pictures you posted here. Made me really want to own the lens! 🙂

  446. Just tweeted about the giveaway and here’s the link.
    Hope I’ll win! 🙂

  447. Would love to win!! Thanks.

  448. I love this lens and hey if I win this I could upgrade my slr camera. (Yes the lends COULD work on the old camera, but it deserves better!)

  449. this lens really captured some promising images…

  450. I have been wanting a better all-purpose lens for my Canon. I have the kit lens plus an inexpensive zoom lens. I need one that gets a wider angle view for a new business venture I want to start. I’d love to win this!


    And its my birthday : )

  452. Kelli Ripley says:
  453. Ellen Kauffman says:

    Oooohhhh! Pick me- I’d love to win!

  454. I could certainly use all the help the lens could offer me (from shake to zoom). I hope I win!

  455. LOVE it! Hope I win!!

  456. I just got the 18-50 Tamron and it’s fantastic. I would love to have this one too. They have incredibly sharp lenses!

  457. Can really tell the difference between the kit lens and the Tamron. Would LOVE to win one! Thanks for reviewing and having giveaway.

  458. I have the T2i Canon and tend to leave a prime 50 on it most of the time using my feet as the zoom, but I love the idea a zoom with so much range. I shoot for my work and enjoyment and this would make a great addition to my collection.

  459. NEEEEEEED this lens!!!!

  460. My boyfriend really wants this lens… I’d love to win it so I could give it to him!

  461. I would love this lens – no more switching between lenses would be a dream.

  462. i would looooove to win this!!

  463. Susan Smith says:

    I would love to win this lens so I can take better pictures of my family.

  464. Susan Smith says:
  465. Winning this lens would take my passion for photography to a whole new level!! And I could capture those grandkid moments so much more easily.
    My birthday is Dec. 17th, wouldn’t this make an astoundingly wonderful surprise.

  466. I just got the canon t2i and I love it!! I would love this lens to go with it!!

  467. This has been at the top of my wish list for a LOONG time! Would love to win!

  468. My husband and I have both been getting more into photography- and now we are always fighting over cameras and lenses!

  469. It would be amazing to win this!

  470. Love this lens! What amazing pictures I could take with it.

    -Monica Benavidez

  471. I would love to win this for my new Canon Rebel!

  472. Jason England says:

    Your pictures look quite sharp, I’d love to win this.

  473. Jason England says:
  474. I would love to win this for my sister who just got a nice Canon Rebel.

  475. Pick me, would love to win!

  476. I’d love this lens!! Thanks for the giveaway! Crossing my fingers I win!

  477. What a kickin’ giveaway (crosses fingers).

  478. Would LOVE to win this lens for better portrait photography – especially pictures of my babies. And the added bonus of using just one lens instead of toting around a toddler plus a camera bag with other lenses. Plus being able to zoom in on my little guy when he’s running from me and thinks it’s safe to turn around and give me a little devilish grin 🙂

  479. This would be a fantastic Christmas present!

  480. Whitney Freeman says:

    Oh my goodness! I NEED this lens! I got my first “big girl” camera this year and I am loving learning about it and trying new things. Lately my new baby girl has become my best subject!! Would love some shots of her with this lens 🙂

  481. man, could i use this! i only have a crappy kit lens too.

  482. Nice lens!

  483. Love the lens!

  484. I would love to win this lens. What a great opportunity. Thank you.

  485. Just got a canon rebel and would LOVE to have this lens!

  486. I would love to win this lens!!

  487. Would love to win this lens!

  488. I would love to win! Thanks!

  489. I would love this! We have our first child on the way in March…I’m ready for an upgrade!

  490. Oh, how I’d love this lens! I just made the (reasonable, practical, painful) decision to forego the lens I’d hoped for as a birthday/Christmas gift and instead get some very useful items for our house. Winning this lens would be very sweet.

  491. I would love to win! Please pick me! 🙂

  492. would LOVE to have this lens for my new Canon!

  493. Ooh, I could totally use an upgrade from my T2 kit lens!

  494. I have a Nikon DSLR and I sooooo need a new lens! This would be so exciting to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  495. I facebooked about this! I dont want to share it with others though! 🙂

  496. Shelby Larsen says:

    Would *love* the opportunity to win this lens!! Thank you so much!! 🙂

  497. Blessed everyday, in so many ways, but not lucking at winning. I would love to have this lens…

  498. This would be a great Christmas present for my hubby!!

  499. I would love to win this! I just got my first SLR camera and I’m really excited about it, but there’s only so much you can do with a kit lens!

  500. Tweeted as well: twitter.com/Jebbica

  501. I would scream my head off if I won this.


  502. Pick me, pick me!! I’d love to win it!

  503. Rhoda, this is a fantastic give-away prize. Santa will be bringing me MY big girl camera, so this upgraded lens would be such a great addition to that gift! Thanks for the offer. Your pics are really looking good!
    ~ Sue

  504. I really enjoy your blog. Would love to have this lens to beef up my
    photography skills. It’s a real winner.

  505. I have been drooling over Tamron lenses for a while now. I only have one lens for my Nikon, and would love the option of having another lens to catch that perfect shot. I sooooo want to win this!!!

  506. I would LOVE to win one a lens!!!

  507. Sarah @ Thrifty Decor says:

    Oooh you know I want this baby!! I need to start trying out new ones and this would be a good start!! 🙂

  508. Shannon F. says:

    I still feel like I’m learning about my DSLR, but I’d love to have a fancy lens – it gives so many more options! Thank you for this!

  509. Would love this lens, currently using my 35 mm Nikon 105 macro lens with my D50 for portraits and it sure is limiting.

  510. I would love to win this! My one and only current lens keeps jamming and I can’t afford a new one!!

  511. this would be perfect to take pics of my twin nephews that will be making their debut in Feb or March!!!

  512. This is SO exciting! Your photos are stunning.

  513. The lens seems really nice! The zoom on it is amazing.

  514. A wonderful new toy just in time for the holiday season!

  515. This lens looks great!

  516. I would love to have this lens – your pictures are beautiful.

  517. Looks like an awesome lens!

  518. I would love to win this! I could put my prime lens away for special events, and use this for my everyday photos!

  519. I love that this lens is versatile in its shooting range!

  520. Crossing my fingers!

  521. I would love to own this lens! The photography is slowly growing on me! Thanks!

  522. I tweeted about this. My nick on Twitter is @Bibberche

    More Tamron lens giveaways @http://bit.ly/aKscKR

  523. This lens sounds awesome! I’d love to win it to complement my kit lens!

  524. Oh my, oh my, oh my, I ADORE this lens!

  525. Jeff Miller says:

    What a great lens. I would love to add this to my camera bag.

  526. Holly Belle says:

    This lens would be a great addition!

  527. Anna Quillon says:

    This lens would be so much fun!!! Thanks for the post about it!!

  528. My husband and I just bought the Canon T1i and have been drooling over all the different lens you can get, this by far is our fav!

  529. I would love to win the lens for my Nikon D5000. I am done with the kit lens and this would be a great Christmas gift for myself, if won 😉

  530. This lens looks so wonderful!
    I’ve actually been putting off buying the new camera I’ve been drooling over which I’d most want to use it with, but can you think of a better reason to go out and buy a new camera? 🙂
    chainmail(at) iwon (dot) com

  531. What a fabulous giveaway!!! I would love to have a great zoom lens like this!

  532. This would make my year!

  533. I’m ordering my new camera and am on a tight budget. I would love to win this lens to go with it! Thanks for the chance.

  534. Cindy Hamilton says:

    I would love to have just “one” lens that I can pretty much keep on my camera!

  535. I would love to have this very focal length. Woot!

  536. Tiffanys122 says:

    I have had my Canon for a a while and I’m really needing a new lens for some more options! You took some great shots with it!

  537. Hoping to win this lens so I can take photos almost as gorgeous as yours!

  538. WOah, I would soooooo love to win this!

  539. I’ve been saving for a my big upgrade to the world of DSLR for a long time now, and I finally get to jump in during Black Friday Sales (just waiting for the riiiiiiight deal).

    I would LOVE to win this amazing lens to go with my new camera!

  540. what an awesome lens. 🙂

  541. These photos are beautiful! I would love an awesome lens like this.

  542. I love to capture the precious moments of my children while they are playing, but with my current lense it is hard to capture the true moment because they see me coming to get closer. I would love a lense like this to help me capture the true joy and innocence of my childrens faces.

  543. All I want for Christmas is a new camera lens, a new camera lens, see a new camera lens, and then I could takes pictures of my six year old daughter wanting her two front teeth!

    Thank You!

  544. Awesome giveaway! Would love this lens!

  545. Allison Cox says:

    I would love this new lens. I have a great camera and I am taking a photography class to learn how to use it! I would love a new lens to make my pictures oh so much sweeter! Thank you!

  546. love the photos…. seems like a great lens!

  547. I would love to win this for my 17 year old daughter. She is an amazing photographer, and this lens would help her tremendously in her new business that she has started.

  548. This is so exciting! I don’t think I’ve ever been so interested in a giveaway before.

  549. I guess I need a napkin to clean up the drool. I can’t even imagine all of the moments I could capture of my kidlets with a lense like this. Fingers crossed!

  550. What a great lens! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  551. Joanie Hoffman says:

    I’d love to win this lens!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  552. Wow!! What a great giveaway!! Would love to win this!!

  553. Love my 50mm fixed lens, but this would really open up whole new worlds for me!!!!

  554. This would be a beautiful addition to my camera!

  555. I really, really, really want this. 🙂

  556. Love it! I have 4 kids and they are always on the go, it’d be great!

  557. Would love the lens. Love photographing my kids!

  558. This would be a great excuse to buy a new camera…

  559. Shannon F. says:
  560. Shannon F. says:
  561. I’ve heard great things about Tamron but I’m always afraid to purchase a lens – I fear I won’t like it after the initial excitement wears off. But winning one…. 🙂

  562. Wow, not only would this be a great lens for travel, but probably for some on the go food shots as well. This lens has been on my wish list for a while now and I’m hoping I win!

  563. I would love this lens to capture my 4 boys! They are in constant motion!!

  564. My husband would be so happy for me if I won this lens. I’ve had a new lens on my wish list for a couple years now, and winning this one would allow me to cross it off!

  565. Deb Hasheider says:

    what a lovely contest. A lens anyone would be proud to own.

  566. I would love to win one of these!

  567. I would absolutely LOVE to win.


  568. Oh, I don’t just want this I NEED this! My auto focus broke on my Nikon lens a few months ago and I’ve been saving for a new/better lens. Thanks to our basement flood last week, there will be a very meager Christmas for the kids let alone a new lens for mom! Please oh please let it be me! 🙂

  569. Great pictures!

  570. I would love to capture my four daughters with this lens! so clear!

  571. cool lens! I believe the little bird you captured is a Tufted titmouse 🙂 They are sweet!

  572. What an awesome lens!

  573. I have been looking at adding a lens for my system — and to upgrading to the Canon T2i body. It looks like I should consider skipping the kit lens and just buying something like this …

  574. After lots of research, I’ve decided this is the lens for me! Just hoping the man in the red suit gets my letter Ü

  575. Yes yes yes! Would love to own a new lens.

  576. What a GREAT prize!!! Tamron lenses are the BEST!!

  577. i would love to win this lens!

  578. rachel clark says:

    I guannna weeeeeen! Ok… if you haven’t seen Nacho Libre shame on you lol

  579. I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this lens!!!

  580. OH MY GOSH! I need this lens. I badly need to upgrade my lenses but they are so expensive. Just one at a time. What beautiful results!

  581. Barbara Frazier says:

    Just because of you … I too purchased the Canon T1 …… boy do I love it …. thank you for taking about your purchasing and getting me to step up to a big girl camera too.

  582. Your pictures look great. Oh how I would love to win this lens.

  583. I just bought the same camera and would LOVE to get this lense.

  584. I would LOVE a new lens.

  585. would love this lens for my husband for Christmas!!

  586. Pick me please!

  587. This lens is so useful in quick adaptations ~ just what is needed around here. Would LOVE it!!! What a generous give-away! Thanks for giving me a chance at it.

  588. Julie Johnson says:

    Please pick me.

  589. Mary Starke says:

    I would LOVE to win this and take amazing pictures of my little kiddos! Thanks for your review! Great pictures!

  590. Amazing photos and I am seriously drooling over this lens. I’m an American in Paris and NEED this lens to capture great shots of my family here in our little countryside suburb of Paris, France.

  591. Great pictures.
    I would so love to win. I am getting a DSLR camera for Christmas and I think I need to hit the ground running with an awesome new lens to go with it.

  592. Pick Me….Pick Me! I just sold my favorite Lens for extra $$. I could use a new one 🙂

  593. My 17 year old son is a really good photographer and would love this lens!!! Thanks for the chance!

  594. Bekki Watkins says:

    Great blog & great photos!!!

  595. One of these fantastic lenses would make me oh so happy!!!

  596. I have a Tamron wide-angle lens that I love. I’m sure I’d love this one too!

  597. I would love a new lens like this!

  598. WOW!!!! What a fantastic give-a-way!!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  599. I would love to have this lens. I convinced my dad to buy one last year and he loves it.

  600. Great lens! I would have so much fun using this!!!

  601. Hope I’m lucky!

  602. ohh i’d love this! i really want to be superlucky!!

  603. Rhoda – someone would have to revive me if I won this lens. Seriously. Thx for the opportunity! 🙂

  604. I would love to add a lens to my bag…needed since I only have the kit lens currently!

  605. I could take a lot of pictures eith one of those lens’.

  606. . I would take so many great pictures with this thing. Even someone who doesn’t know how to properly work a camera could take great pictures with this thing! It’s simply amazing!! I have the stock lens that came with my camera, so to actually have an upgraded one would be wonderful!!!

  607. Norman Thomas says:

    I have been wanting a new lens with a little longer reach! This one looks pretty nice.

  608. very cool. i’m shopping for lenses now. ok fine, window shopping!

  609. I would absolutely LOVE to own this lens…it looks amazing!

    PS I am loving the pears on your armoire there…beautiful!

  610. I would love this. My current go to lens is scratched, so I need a replacement!

  611. This lens seems pretty amazing. The ability to zoom in and out so far is incredible.

  612. i would love to win one of these.

  613. I’m in love. Perfect lens for my new T2i!!!

  614. That lens sounds perfect! Love your bird photo.

  615. A great giveaway 🙂

  616. I want to play with this so bad!

  617. I would love this lense! There are so many great things I would love to photograph especially for friends who at this time can not afford to pay someone to take pictures for them.

  618. What a giveaway….

    Kathy 🙂

  619. Lisa Glowacka says:

    OMG! I would pass out if I won! I just got my Canon T1i 2 weeks ago and I am in LOVE! I got the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens (try it if you haven’t purchased one yet!) it’s amazing. I asked Santa for a zoom lens but he’d love it if I won one!

    Thank you!

  620. I have this on my “future purchases” list. It would save me time and money to win it. I would use it for a lot of things, but it would make my sports photography easier so I don’t have to switch out when I’m going for a wider shot!

  621. Lisa Glowacka says:


    Posted on Twitter!

  622. What a great lense!!! I need a new one SO bad for my Cannon!!

  623. I would love this! Me me me!

  624. I would love to win this lens!!

  625. Oh me, please, me! Crossing all my fingers and toes…

  626. This would be a nice lens to have. I also just purchased the T1i. It is a great camera. I love it.

  627. TamaraJ0818 says:

    I just love the pictures this lense is capable of taking!

  628. Oh, I have been wanting/needing a great lens for my Nikkon camera. Thank you for the contest!

  629. Wonderful giveaway…I would love to have this lens!!

  630. Great giveaway!

  631. I’d love to win one of these. DH is getting me a new Digital SLR this spring. I have one for my old 35mm and love it!

  632. I’d love that lens thanks

  633. Awesome lens! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  634. Seems like a very versatile lens! Hope to win!

  635. I’d love to win this – I always feel I am missing shots because I have the wrong lens on the camera.

  636. Ooh, I really want this! It’s amazing.

  637. What a great giveaway!

  638. Cassie Irwin says:

    I love photography and would enjoy a new lens!

  639. AtOneWithHim says:

    This is exciting. I have been a Tamron lurker and dreamer.

    thanks for the chance!

  640. This lens sounds pretty good, I think I may have to rent it and play around with it!!

  641. An all-in-one lens, nothing could be more perfect!?!

  642. That looks like a really nice lens. I recently started photography and would LOVE a new lens besides the kit lens that comes with the camera.

  643. sweet megapixels of love that looks awesome!

  644. Wow! Thanks so much the the chance to win!

  645. This is a great one, love to get my hands on it!

  646. Thanks for sharing the joy of this amazing lens!

  647. What a great way to bring in the holiday season !

  648. Rhoda, What a wonderful and generous giveaway! I would love to be able to take better photos but I just don’t have the equipment needed. I would be doing cartwheels if I won this lens.
    xo, Sherry

  649. Rhoda, I am adding the giveaway to my sidebar.
    Hugs, Sherry

  650. Stacey Mills says:

    Would love this lens. I just got a new camera!

  651. I’d love to own this lens

  652. How fun, I need this. I didn’t know it until now, but I do need it!

  653. Wow – this is one fantastic lens! It will make me buy the camera to go with it.

  654. Fantastic! That is one amazing lens. Thanks for info and the giveaway!

  655. this would be a great Christmas gift, to myself.

  656. Would love to win this – with a baby on the way I will be taking lots of pictures!

  657. Oh, I’m drooling! What a great give away….and such an awesome lens! I love your fall leaves in your home. What a beautiful shot.

  658. Oh, my! What a wonderful giveaway!!! fingers crossed that I win 🙂

  659. dying to win this!

  660. Oh… I would soooo love this lens! Thanks for the chance!

  661. I would love to win that lens!

  662. I need this lens!

  663. This lens would be a great thing to have–getting close ups of hubby and my boys riding dirt bikes on the hill, getting grandbabies and their tutu’s at a dance recital on stage, my sweet girl and her hiding so she can read in peace in the tree house on the hill…this would be great.

  664. I would love to win this lens, taking pictures of the flock of turkeys in my back yard and of course my children and granddaughter!!

  665. Would love to win this lens!

  666. I would LOVE to win this lens. I am frothing at the mouth over here just thinking about it.

  667. I want to win!!

  668. Love it…so want to win!

  669. Oh, that lens would be perfect!!!! Hope I win!!!!

  670. Wow, what a lens! I would love to win!

  671. Mandi LeFevre says:

    I love Tamron!!! Would love to get my hands on this one!

  672. I would love a good zoom lense!

  673. I’m so excited about this giveaway! I have the tamron 90mm macro and it is a fantastic lens!!

  674. wow, what a great giveaway! this is just what my nikon needs! fingers crossed!

  675. Love it!

  676. I would love a good zoom lens!!!

  677. would love this!

  678. oh i wanna i wanna i wanna!!!

  679. I am so impressed with this lens.

  680. Would totally love to win this lens! Your photos look great.

  681. Terri Sinclair says:
  682. Terri Sinclair says:

    I would LOVE this lens for Christmas!!! Amazing! Tamron makes great products!

  683. I would love this lens as a gift for my husband, (and me) he has never gotten a new lens for himself. I love how he takes incredible pics of our kids, especially our newest 4th baby (July) who after 8 miscarriages, was not supposed to be possible. I want us to be able to capture every miraculous moment. Here’s to hope and a new lens!!!

  684. I would love to win this lens! I definitely need an upgrade from the kit lens.

  685. Ah! Love this giveaway!

  686. I have been dying to get a new lens for my Nikon and this one would definitely fit perfect with what I want to do.

  687. Would love to win ths!!

  688. I would love to have this lens…from all of the reviews it seems like it will be a great addition.

  689. Here is where I blogged about the contest – http://suzannedailyliving.blogspot.com/2010/11/win-new-lens.html

  690. Just recently got a new “big girl” camera and would love to have this lens to go with it!

  691. What a great contest! The photos are so nice and crisp, I’d love to win this!

  692. Tamron has a great reputation. My daughter, who is a professional photographer, recommends them to her students who want affordable lenses. She teaches some great on line classes. I’ve learned a lot from taking them. If you are interested, I’d be happy to give you the details.

  693. Gayle Janczarek says:

    Looks like a great lens. I have a nikon with the telephoto lens that came with a package deal. This would really be an upgrade. Thanks for the chance to win. gayle

  694. I love this camera..I love taking pics outside.

    leahforlove at aol dot com

  695. I want one!!!!!

  696. Great contest–I would also love to win one to upgrade from my Canon kit lens. Love that you caught a bird that looks as if it came to life from the cameo on your balcony railing.

  697. Currently, I have a really crappy kit lens – this lens would dramatically improve my pictures. I’d love to pair it with my Canon!

  698. Love your photos. Now, I want a tour of your house. Enjoy your new lens!

  699. I’m a lousy photographer. Fingers crossed that I win so I can start snapping some good shots!

  700. Heather Woolley says:

    I’d LOVE this lens!

  701. Very very excited about this. Great shots!!!

  702. This is a wonderful lens! I would really enjoy winning one.

    Thank you!

  703. This sounds utterly amazing! I photograph lots of high schools sports and hate switching (i.e. when the left-wing moves to right-wing, right in front of me!) This would be a wonderful upgrade.

  704. I’d love to win this!

  705. LOVE THE LENS… LOVE your house, hope to win!

  706. Ohhhh….. have asked for new lens for Christmas….. Please Santa, come early!

  707. How I would love it!

  708. Would love to win 🙂

  709. I hate the kit lens too, so I’d love to win this one.

  710. yay! love giveaways! i hope i win because i need to take pics of my babes because they are growing too fast!

  711. I would love this lens!!! 🙂 What a great giveaway!! Thank you!

  712. This would be one wish checked from my mental wishlist!

  713. My dream lens…Finally I could share just how beautiful life really is through my eyes…through my lens…..from my heart to my the ones I love….If only:)

  714. Brandon and Lindsey says:

    This lens looks awesome! I would love it!

  715. Drool…..love the Tamron zoom lens! Might make my newest lens unecessary.

  716. I would love this! Not sure if it would work with my Nikon, but I could always buy a new camera to match it!!

  717. I’m very impressed with your shots with this lens! Hope I get to try it too 😉

  718. Yes! Okay, so I don’t have a camera. But I didn’t want to buy one until I could afford the camera AND a good
    lens – so if I win the lens I’ll totally buy a great camera to attach it to!

  719. I so could use a zoom lens! Thanks for sharing your review!

  720. I would love to win a lense! That would be incredible! And a really good excuse to get my husband to buy me a nice camera to go with it for christmas!

  721. The photos are gorgeous!

  722. Pick me! Pick me!

  723. Julie Annas says:

    Oooohhhhh I would so love to have this lense!!!

  724. Oh man, I’d LOVE to have this lens!!!

  725. I want to win! I want to win!

  726. Rebecca Froggett says:

    I need this lens to take pics of my babies!!

  727. islandgirlsmama says:

    I need this lens!!! Perfect for all of my photos!! Love your blog too!!!

  728. What a great versatile lens! I’d love to have this & will def. share on my blog!


  729. I would love to win this lens. I’m an amateur photographer and I would love to have another lens.

  730. Here’s my blogpost too!


    Thanks so much for the contest! Praying to win!

  731. How wonderful! This would be amazing!

  732. Thanks for the great contest!

  733. Lynn Campbell says:

    Fantastic pictures! I appreciated your photos showing what the lens can do. I like how it can focus on things and leave the closer objects out of focus (your fenceposts/birdbath) I just got a DSLR camera so don’t have any additional lenses yet – this would be a good one!
    Thanks for the review!

    conservativecamp at gmail dot com

  734. I am looking for a good all around lens for my new camera body. I could totally use this~

  735. I would love love love to have this lens!!! I’m getting a new camera for Christmas and this would be the perfect addition 🙂

  736. Oh how I would love to win!

  737. I would love to win this lens. I purchased the Canon T2i a few months back and love it. This lens would be great to add to my repertoire of camera goodies. Thanks for the opportunity.

  738. i would love to enter to win the lens.

  739. I could finally get some beautiful portrait shots of my kids!

  740. Dear Santa, please help me to win this giveaway so that I can have a great new lens for Christmas.

  741. Your pictures are great…I’d love to win, no more shaky blurry pictures…I’ve lost a lot of great shots to blur 🙁

  742. Lovely Photos – I want that lense so bad!

  743. Bought the camera, cant afford the lens. :0(

  744. I would so love this lens….perfect time of year to capture the Fall leaves!

  745. Awesome giveaway…and it will fit my new camera!

  746. Nice zoom!

  747. This looks like a fantastic lens, I know my husband would love it!

  748. That lens is awesome!

  749. Oh, I would love to have this lens!!!

  750. I’d love to win this for my Nikon! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  751. Tasia Minnaert says:

    I would love this lens!!

  752. This lens would make me very happy!! And save me about $600. 😉

  753. Beautiful photos!

  754. Wow, this would be an amazing addtion to my start on photography 🙂 And just in time for Christmas…. thanks!

  755. Sweet Lens! Southern Ohio in the fall is my favorite place to snap photos

  756. I can’t wait to take photos with this lens! It sounds like the perfect walk around lens!

    :keeping fingers crossed:

  757. Lenses make me happy. I want it. 🙂

  758. Laurie Pangborn says:

    Wow, would I love this lens. Practicing taking better photos with my recently purchased Nikon. This would sure help!

  759. I love the quality of the pictures from the lens
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  760. tweet
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  761. This looks like it would be a great all around lens, can’t wait to win one and use it for our shots. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  762. would love to win one of these – i’m a newbie trying to learn photography via food and this would be a great lens to work with!

  763. If I had one I would give it to you. Do you feel the same about me? I think you should.

  764. Would love this lens!

  765. i am on my knees praying to win this lens. really i am. no…really. if i had this lens i would take a picture to prove it. 🙂

  766. Love that Lens! i’ve recently taken to photography and got my first “big girl’ camera as well, and I love it! Its so fun, isn’t it?

  767. I would love this lens!!! I am taking a photography class in college and I am using my college loan to buy a Nikon D90, but that is all my loan will cover. I could really use this lens.

  768. Would absoulely love this lens : )

  769. The zoom looks awesome!

  770. Would love one. Looks great!

  771. Ooooooh, a zooooom lens – would love it! I love photography too!

  772. Oh pick me, pick me. I so need a zoom lens!

  773. This lens looks amazing, thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  774. the lens looks like so much fun!


  776. Wow what a great contest …….

  777. Great shots with your lens. Wonderful giveaway. Love & blessings from NC!

  778. What a great lens! We just upgraded our camera as an anniversary present and I would LOVE to have an even better lense like this. Our girls are young and I’d love to catch some of their natural expressions, but I have to get too close with our camera and it always breaks the mood. Goodbye “cheesy grins”!

  779. How absolutely wonderful! Yes, please…so thankful for the opportunity you’re giving us! -shaunna 🙂

  780. I’d LOVE to win the lens.

    Thanks for the chance!

  781. This lens looks amazing! The range of zoom is awesome! Crossing my fingers!

  782. I’m about to upgrade my camera and would love this lens to go along with it!

  783. Laurie McClure says:

    Another great giveway! I really need this, I only have the kit lens that came w/ my camera.

  784. Ashley Witt says:

    We just bought the same camera! That lens would be perfect.

  785. I have the same camera you do and I was disappointed my little point and shoot had more of a zoom than the fancy Canon Ti. My husband bought me the 55-250 zoom lens but I think the Tamron 18-27 has superior qualities. I would be thrilled to win.

  786. Alana Whitener says:

    I would Love to win this lens! The zoom on it is amazing!

  787. Oh my gosh… how i would like to play with that lens. Started to play with a camera about a year ago…and love love love it!

  788. mmmmmm! I am drooling! Tamaron dessert… yes please! This lens would rock my socks!

  789. Would love to have that lens! Please enter me.

  790. My lens just broke for my Cannon….I dream of this lens!!!

  791. marc forrest says:

    fantastic lens…

    i’d love to shoot with a zoom like this one.

  792. I think this lens would help me get better shots of my kids during their sporting events.

  793. Gorgeous pictures.