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We are plugging away here at our new house still working on areas a bit at at time. One of the rooms that I’ve wanted to get together was our downstairs guest room.  When we moved in we only had one bed and our new master furniture hadn’t arrived yet, so we moved my old master furniture into the guest room, since that is where it is going to stay.  I have a Sleep Number mattress and we knew we would move that mattress upstairs when the new bedroom furniture came, so that’s exactly what we did.  I still really love that mattress and it’s very comfy 4 years later.

So, the guest room sat with furniture but no mattress and I knew we’d have to buy a mattress eventually to get that room finished.  I wasn’t looking forward to that as choosing a mattress is not an easy task.  You can lay down on a mattress in the store, but you have no idea how it’s going to sleep once you get it home. And everyone seems to have different expectations and wants in a bed.  How soft is it?  How supportive is it?  Is it too hard?  All of those things can play into getting a good night’s sleep….or not?!  Not to mention, mattreses can be very pricey!

Am I right?

Did you know that you can order mattresses online now and have them shipped to you?  This was all new to me!

So, when I got an email from this new company I had never heard of, Kaya, offering to send me a King sized mattress for the guest room, of course I said yes.  Why not try a new mattress in there.  We desparately needed one for that space.  The box arrived from UPS before Christmas.  I begged the UPS man to please get it inside as he told me it weighed 150 lbs.  Wow, that’s heavy!  He got it inside the front door and there it sat until Mark and I could get it unboxed and in the guest room.

We wrangled it out of the box and it was all rolled up. And heavy. Did I mention heavy?  It was really crazy heavy, but we managed to drag/walk it down the hall still in the packaging. The directions said to cut the tie when it was in place, so that’s what we did.  We got it on top of the box spring.  I bought a box spring from a local company for $200 and had it in place already.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of Mark and I unwrapping this mattress!  I know it was hilarious.

We cut the tie and it sort of popped open and started getting bigger!  We wrangled and pulled it and got it into place.

We pulled it from side to side until it was in the perfect position on the box spring and watched it grow like a rising loaf of bread.  Quite remarkable, really!  They told me that the mattress would fully expand after 2 days and it did.  That plastic cover has to be cut off and then the mattress can be pulled into place.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Kaya mattress that they shared with me.  They didn’t give me any parameters on what they wanted me to write, so all of this is just my experience. They only shared facts which I’m going to share with you.

You can compare the Kaya to other known brands who have these same sort of order online matresses.

A few facts about Kaya:

A premium 5 layer mattress, with a modern cover infused with ThermoGel for cooling, high density 5 lb. foam on top, and an advanced pocketed coil system. From Kaya’s website:  Over a thousand pocketed coils made from top grade steel is the mattress base material. The pocketed coil base is sandwiched between two layers of stabilizing foams, bringing the best out of the coil system. This top-notch base provides incredible Edge support with almost zero motion transfer and perfect body contouring.

I can vouch it has coils and you can feel them on the bottom of the mattress.  The top layer is very thick and dense.  When I laid on it for the first time, I loved the sink in feeling it had. Very comfortable and plush!

Made in America, something I always like to hear.

Kaya mattresses range in price from $795 for a Twin to $1195 for a King.  If you’ve shopped for mattresses you know how expensive they can be.  I don’t know about you, but mattress shopping is one of the hardest things to figure out.  The last time I bought a mattress (well over 10 years ago) I went for a pillow top and it was a comfy mattress, but now foam mattresses are all the rage. I wasn’t sure I’d like a foam mattress until I slept on one and now I really think they are comfy.

Everyone has so many opinions about what they like to sleep on and how they like a mattress to feel. So, I can’t say that everyone would love this Kaya mattress.  It’s been slept on twice now.  Mark’s daughter and family came over during the snow storm in December when they lost power overnight, so luckily we had the room set up by then. They said they thought the mattress was very comfy.

And since I’m doing this post about Kaya, it was only fitting that Mark and I should sleep on the mattress too, so we did too.  It was very comfortable and I had no complaints the next morning about how it slept and neither did Mark.  We both felt it was a comfy bed.  The memory foam sinks in and feels really good.  If you don’t like memory foam though, you may not like the feel of this bed.  Kaya rates their beds with a 6 out of 10 on firmness.

Overall, the bed was very comfortable and I would recommend it if you’re looking for a decent bed for a good price.

So that’s a look at our guestroom and where we are with it now.  I’ve got the bed made and new shades on the windows, which happened after these pictures.  I’ve still got drapes to hang.

Mark’s grandmother’s chair (his Nanny) is in the room.  It can’t be sat on (it’s a little too fragile) so this is a good place to keep it out of the way.

This room isn’t very big so the king sized bed fills it up well.  I have room for the chest of drawers and 2 nightstands and it’s a cozy room for our guests.  It’s nice to have a guest room, that’s for sure!  You’ll notice that I’m using everything from my old bedroom and it looks good in here too.  I hung one picture and will hang a few more things and add a few accessories before it’s done. I’m just glad all of this fits in here!

And it’s nice to  have a new mattress in there now.  I wanted to share our experience with Kaya with you and let you take a look at them if you’re in the market for a new mattress.  It’s perfect in our guest room.  Again, I think you have to try out a mattress and figure out if that’s the one for you.  The good thing about Kaya is that they allow you to try out a mattress for 120 days and if you don’t like it here’s their return policy, which I think is really good!

We ask all our customers to try the KAYA mattress for at least 30 nights, allowing your body enough time to adjust to your new mattress. We are confident you will love your KAYA mattress. If for some reason you don’t, you will have up to 120 days to let us know. We’ll pick it up from your home and refund your purchase. No obligation, 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

That’s my experience with Kaya and I wanted to pass this information on to you as well.  We are thrilled to have this new mattress in our guest room and I think it will serve us well for many years…of course, it won’t get slept on all the time, but it will be there when guests arrive.

Do you love your mattress? How do you go about mattress shopping, is it as hard for everyone else as it has been for me?  You just don’t know until you sleep on a mattress for awhile if you’re going to love it or not.

Note: This post is sponsored by Kaya.  I wasn’t told what to say or how to share, but received a mattress to review in our home. 







- Rhoda


  1. VintageBeachgirl says:

    Having purchased a new Beautyrest from Mattress Firm last September I have had experience with a mattress purchase and are you ever right Rhoda! Mattress shopping is not for the faint of heart for certain. We hadn’t bought one since we purchased our Tempurpedic split queen 8-9 years ago. We’ve loved that bed and I would have loved to have had another for our beach house but much too expensive now that my back is straight and they don’t make the split queen any more, only the king. We decided the one purchased in Sept. wasn’t working since it had me rolling to Ken’s side all the time. Walked into the store, having left the invoice at home, and Bryan said what’s your phone number? Looked us up and said let’s choose another mattress for you. That was it. 5 Days later we had one we love delivered, installed and ready to sleep on. It’s also a foam mattress but like the first one it cost more than twice as much as the Kaya King size and it’s a queen. I think that must be due to not having the overhead of a fixed store location, employees etc. that must make a difference but wow, the Kaya’s a great deal. I considered a Casper, similar to Kaya as they are online only but after reading reviews I decided that wasn’t for us, we hadn’t heard of Kaya until now. Sounds great though, same return policy as ours and they pick it up. Your guest room looks so nice, I still love your bed, it’s so good looking!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! Mattress shopping is so hard, like buying a pair of shoes. You don’t know til you try them out if they’re going to work or not and you can’t figure that out in one night. I think the prices on Kaya look really good too, low overhead. I think they are a fairly new company and are trying to get their products out there. But I do love their return policy, you can’t beat 120 days and free returns, etc.

    • We had a horrible experience with Beautyrest. Within a couple years, it sagged so badly on both sides of the bed. We are pretty average sized people. Beautyrest refused to replace it, saying it was our fault and that we did not have adequate support. Well, the store delivered the thing and set it up and did not mention that. The store, a local business, replaced it at their expense. We supported it VERY well that time but the same thing happened within a year. We went back to Beautyrest and got the same song and dance but we kept after them and they finally sent us a third mattress. It has done the same thing. We need another mattress but I hate to even start shopping!

    • Wow, Ellen, what an ordeal over a mattress. So sorry you had to go through that and good luck finding another one you like.

    • I’ve been looking for blue and white lamps for our guest room about the size of yours. Where did you find them?

    • HI, Elizabeth, I found those lamps years ago, like 10, I think at Homegoods. Check Homegoods, they regularly have blue and white in my store.

  2. Hate shopping for mattresses. The last one we purchased was a Casper so it came in a box like yours. I wish I had a video of us getting it upstairs and unwrapped. It would have been comical!

  3. I bought a latex mattress online. It was six slabs of latex total, three customized for each side of our queen bed. Each layer was rolled up in plastic. I ordered their box spring, too, which came in three parts. I had NINE UPS packages in my garage. There was also a mattress cover. So I built the box spring (just connected the sections with those eye type screws) and we carried that upstairs and placed it on the frame. Then we spread the mattress cover over the box spring and started layering the latex slabs within it. We finished the top slabs and zipped the cover around it. It was fairly inexpensive for a mattress, is 100% latex with zero springs or coils or foam or padding, the box spring is wooden slats, and it doesn’t smell or attract mites. It’s very comfortable but EXTREMELY heavy. Latex weighs a TON!! It was a bizarre experience and I took pictures of the whole thing because I thought it was pretty interesting. I can’t imagine a mattress with coils being all rolled up like yours was!! Glad you like it and glad it was free!

    • That’s a great story, Kate! And wow, lots of layering to put together. You are right about the heavy part.

    • Kate, I would love to hear how you find sleeping on your new mattress and wonder if you could share the name of the company. I’ve been considering a latex mattress for a while now for many reasons, but it’s so confusing. Thank you.
      I loved this post Rhoda and the room looks great! Apparently there’s a “mattress war” going on online with these companies involving quite a few sketchy tactics, so it’s great to have an opinion I trust, especially if i decide to go in this direction for our guest bedroom. Thank you again.

    • Hi, Teresa, I’ve heard about some mattress companies suing bloggers for writing posts they don’t like, reading up on that now. Apparently there are people who only review mattresses on their websites, I had no idea. And it looks like affiliate sales are at the root of the mattress wars from what I read. These mattress reviewers were getting affiliate sales by recommending a certain mattress and when the relationship soured, they no longer stood by their claims to love the mattress. Ugh, I am not getting anything back for sharing this post. Just one free mattress for my guestroom and my honest opinion of it. I’m trusting that Kaya stands by their website in offering a 120 day return if not happy.

    • Thanks for the reply! That’s exactly what I was talking about and why I’m so happy to have YOUR opinion on the Kaya mattress. It looks really high-quality, btw.

  4. Interesting to read this. We’ve got to buy a new mattress and I am so dreading it.

  5. Rene' Marie says:

    I was totally cracking up thinking about you and Mark maneuvering that awkward & heavy mattress
    box around. It brought back memories of buying & setting up a dog bed we had bought on line from
    Costco that came in that same size box as your mattress! Every day it got a tad larger in size and Miss.
    DixieSue would bark at it “growing in size”, by the time it fully expanded it was the size of a life raft!

  6. We have tried lots of different mattresses. We have a Sleep Comfort in a guest room. I like it a lot except that it is so light weight that it seems to shift some. I was also wondering where you got the green blanket on the bed? I love green and blue together.

    • Hi, Cindy, that green blanket is from Ikea a few years ago, not sure it’s still available or not.

  7. I am also cracking up picturing the process of getting the mattress upstairs. I can’t believe you can buy a mattress that inflates over a period of days. Wow! We bought a new mattress last year and I LOVE IT, but agree picking the right one is quite a process. in face we shopped more for the mattress than we have for cars! We settled on a $ 2000 Stearns and Foster from Sleep Outfitters and couldn’t be more thrilled with the quality and service. After initial delivery I realized I should have followed the advice of the salesman who suggested we pick a petite box as I am short. I thought it looked weird in the store next to the other beds so I didn’t listen. When the regular box and mattress came they were much higher than our old bed, actually 4 inches. You wouldn’t think 4 inches would make that much difference but it does. My heart sank and I immediately called the store who was probably expecting the call. They were great about switching out the box the next day with the petite size and I’ve been in sleep bliss ever since.

    • Hey, Lori, that’s great that you found one you love. I can see how 4″ would make a huge difference for a short person. Like you need a stool to get into bed! Luckily, we didn’t have to get this mattress up the stairs, I’m not sure we would have made it. The guest room is on the main level, so that was good.

  8. p.s. I’m loving the blue and green (like you had in your old sunroom)…I am going to copy those colors soon!

  9. Rhoda, I find mattress shopping worst than buying a new car! So many types/models it can get overwhelming and mattress preference is so individual. I have seen several other bloggers do sponsored posts on the new mattress in a box and to be honest I could never see myself shelling out over $1,000 (although many cost three and four times that amount) before I could see and test out the mattress in person. Its just not for me…call me old-school! ha

    Please don’t take this personal but the one problem I have with sponsored posts of any kind is its never clear what bloggers are contractually able to say if they receive a product and then months down the road the product doesn’t perform to expectations, etc.

    I am skeptical of sponsored posts only because I have never seen a blogger do a review after they have received a product and it didn’t perform well or there was a problem down the road. So it does have me wondering how much I can trust sponsored posts to give me a fair review for the long term. Maybe you can clarify how that works. However, you guest bedroom does look beautiful!

    • HI, Teresa, you’re so right, mattress shopping is so difficult and I hear you on that! As far as sponsored posts, I try not to take anything that I couldn’t write fairly about, whether it’s a product that needs to perform or just a service/company that I’m sharing with everyone on my blog. I do take it seriously when I take product and agree to write about it. If something did not meet my expectations from the start, I just wouldn’t write about it and I’d tell the company I couldn’t share it. I’m hesitant as well to recommend things that I’ve not tried myself and that’s why I like to touch and feel things that I write about when it’s something like this. I was very impressed with this mattress right out of the box and I was happy to see their generous return policy of 120 days. For the price, I think this would be a good buy on a mattress, but again everyone has to figure that out for themselves. I wouldn’t have thought I would mattress shop online either, I’m old school as well on those things. But after sleeping on this one, I am very happy with the quality and the price on their mattresses. Again, mattresses have to be tried out for more than one night and that’s something that takes time to check out. If I was really unhappy with a product I had received years down the road, I would definitely share that. Like my Sleep Number, I got that mattress from the company 4 years ago and still very happy with that mattress, which is a really pricey one.

  10. Rhoda, I’m about to redo our bedroom and since we’ve just had wood laminate put throughout the house, I’d like to get a rug for the room. How do you go about choosing what size rug to get for a bedroom?

    • HI, Bunny, that’s a great question! First, measure your space and see what you have to work with. This is an 8×10′ rug in the guest room and that’s about the biggest size I could put in here, which is good since that’s what I have to use. In our master bedroom, it’s a large room so I went up to a 9×12′. I wanted to have a good 2 feet on either side to step on as we get out of bed and also at the bottom of the bed I wanted it to stick out enough so it would cover a nice portion of the wood floors. I like the 9×12′ in our master and it fits and looks nice, I think. There are so many ways to choose rugs and I think some people put the rugs all the way under the nightstands, but I don’t find a need to do that. I have my nightstands on the wood and then the rug starts after that. Look at pics online and you’ll get an idea of how sizes work. But definitely measure your room and visualize how a rug would fit under the bed. I put the 12′ side across the headboard wall for maximum rug on either side in our master bedroom.

    • Bunny Wilson says:

      Thank you, Rhoda, for the advice. Now, to shop!

  11. Oh thank goodness your guest room is downstairs!! I had a Sam’s version of a Sleep Comfort bed with a 3 inch memory foam pad for years, I really loved it, quite an inexpensive set up too.

    When my husband and I married, we bought a Leggett and Platt adjustable bed with latex mattresses. We don’t have health problems, but for some reason, he always wanted an adjustable bed so we got it. More expensive!!! but awesomely comfortable!!!

    From what I have read, mattress companies go out of their way to make things confusing. You can’t compare prices because no store has the same product.

    I’m having fun “watching” your house come together.

  12. Just bought a new mattress yesterday! I’d been browsing online, Wayfair, etc. And had also looked at the beds in a box. 120 days to try it out seems to be the standard.
    Wound up going the old fashioned route at a local furniture store. Wow, have beds changed. One-sided, two-sided. Nine inches tall, 12 inches tall. Too many decisions!
    Got a great price on a brand made in North Carolina. It’s 12″ high, so.I feel like the princess and the pea. Enjoy.

  13. Over a year ago I got the one from Tuft &Needle. But after the trial. I decided it wasn’t for me. (I also set it up in my guestroom which is a twin sleigh bed.) The way they do their returns is you donate it then send them a copy of the receipt and you get your credit card credited. I too check one of the bloggers, a kid in New York City I think, and he really liked the Leesa . I went with that one but I’m not totally sold on it but decided to keep it anyway as it was a little bit better than the T&N. My fella and I are looking to get a king bed when we move in together after my retirement. The queen that I have now is so hard that I don’t sleep well on it at all; I dread mattress shopping .

    • He’s probably the one I read the article about. Casper was suing him after having a relationship where he was promoting Casper and then changed and went with Leesa as his fave brand. Apparently he was getting tons of money for referring to a certain mattress company from his website and that was influencing his reviews. Anyway, all that to say, everyone should do their own homework before ordering online. Good luck with shopping a new one!

  14. Kimberly A Schwartz says:

    Wow your guest room looks great. I have ordered a mattress online in the past and had great success. We did find the wrangling of the mattress the biggest issue ours was upstairs.
    I do have an odd question for you and or your readers do you use a mattress pad with your foam mattress? I have always used one but was told not to with the foam mattress it just seems wrong.

    • Hi, Kimberly, I do put mattress pads on both my foam mattresses. I don’t think I’ve ever heard not to and why not, I say?

  15. Oh Rhoda that’s sooo funny! Sounds like something my hubby & I would do! Your room looks lovely and peaceful. And the mattress sounds like it was worth the struggle! lol

    Blessings, Sherry @ Edie Marie’s Attic blog

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