Hanging Yardsale Plates

Once again, it’s hot as it can be right now and going to yardsales have taken a back seat. I did hit 2 or 3 this weekend, but came up empty handed, but really that is quite OK, since I’ve scored on so many occasions.  So, today I’ll share what I’ve done with some of my recent finds.

Hanging plates has been done all over blogland, so this is nothing new, but I finally collected enough vintage white and softly colored plates from the last 6 months or so, that I decided to hang them in the empty spot in my living room.  Right above the sofa.

First, I laid them out in a pattern on the floor, so I could see how I wanted to arrange them.  I used some Disc Hangers (from my fine sponsor over there to the right, free shipping too!) and these little yellow discs are great for hanging plates.  They are invisible and they really do work super.  The large ones are perfect for those platters. And here they are on the wall.  I decided on a triangle shape and these worked out good for that.  I love the creamy white and the soft aquas too, as well as a couple of light gray platters added in.  And if I find more later, I can always add a few more to the mix. Aren’t they pretty?

Just for fun, I added a monogram to just one plate.  You can find those over at my Open Sky shop, if you’re interested.  She does custom sets of numbers and letters and it’s a fun way to personalize your stuff.

And just because I have this new camera, you’ll have to put up with more pics of the living room.  Just because!This wide angle lets me get views to the kitchen and dining room. And a new shot of the gallery wall.  I’ve moved my plants around again.  I got this cute little plant at Ikea when I was there a couple months ago.  It’s some sort of BIG bean that has sprouted in a little pot.  I wish I had bought more of these.  I think it was only $3.See the lamp there on the console table?  I changed that out for another yardsale lamp I found a few weeks ago.  The $5 one.  Actually, the black lamp above was also a yardsale find from a few years ago, again $5.  It may be time to retire this one, since I have more than enough lamps now. I think the new pottery one looks pretty darn great in here.  I love the colors.

Me and the mister from our wedding day and the new lamp.  This might be a vintage lamp, I have no idea.  I’m even going to leave the gold base as is, since I still have plenty of gold accents around this house.

A tassle.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I use my yardsale finds around my house.  If I love something, I can always make it work.  And I’m drawn to certain colors and styles, so it’s nice to be able to move things around.

The winner of the Bauble Bath giveaway is lucky Lena Templin!  Congrats, Lena, I’ll put you in touch with Sarah so you can get your prize.

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Let’s have some fun this week with the Thrifty Treasure’s party!

- Rhoda


  1. Oh I really like the plate hangers! I never want to hang plate because I just don’t the gold springy holders, these are great!

    • Hi Rhoda,
      I have to say you having a gorgeous living room! I love the plates you found and the great arranging you did. The colors too are just so perfect in there and I enjoyed seeing all the extra pics! Love that chair!!
      Thanks for hostessing too!

  2. Rhoda, I am lovin’ that plate wall! I like the addition of color to the majority of white… I gotta try those plate holders, too. Thanks for hosting the party.
    🙂 Sue

  3. How well do those plate discs really work? I have a platter that I adore, it’s a family hand-me-down from Hopewell China. I’d love to display it on the wall, but I’m afraid that it will fall & break.

  4. The plate wall looks great Rhoda. I need to check into those plate holders.

    Good to see you using your new camera. I know you must love it!

  5. Rhoda, I love your plate wall and the feel of the whole room. Love that other filled wall, too.

  6. Love, love, love the plate wall! I have a little collection of plates just wait to be hung but I can’t make my mind up on which wall I want to place them.

    Kendra :o)

  7. Wow, Rhoda! You know I loved this post! Your plate collection is so pretty and I love the mix of white with the soft colors! What a nice addition to your lovely home! Hope you are havning a great weekend!…hugs…Debbie

  8. I LOVE those plates! I have been wanting to do something like that but just haven’t found any plates that I just HAVE to have on my wall.

  9. Love the plates Rhoda! And your other pictures too!!

  10. I love plates on a wall and I really love, love, love your gallery wall with the aqua table. And that “vintage” lamp is gorgeous!

    Talk soon!

  11. Wow..I love that look. I admire it every time I see it….

    sandy toe

  12. The plates look great. I have been wanting to try those disc hangers.

  13. Always amazing! Simply gorgeoous! I just love visiting you!
    Thanks so much for hosting!

  14. Your home is so beautiful with the mix of new, vintage and thrift finds.
    I love how you use turquoise and other colors.


  15. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your home. I need to try those disc hangers. They look like they are so much easier to use than regular plate holders. Your new plate display looks very nice. I just love a grouping of plates in a room.

  16. Rhoda! Your place looks amazing! Love the plate wall and the new gallery wall.
    All looks fantastic!

    Thanks for the event!


  17. I had to do a double take at the second photo, Rhoda. It looks straight out of a magazine. I love the plates on the wall! I have been wanting to do that for so long in my dining room and just haven’t gotten around to it. The living room looks fab! 🙂

  18. I really love the plate wall. The gray and aqua platters are beautiful. Thanks for hosting again.

  19. I love your plate arrangement! I’ve been collecting white plates for my kitchen. I’ll have to try those Disc Hangers…very cool. 🙂

  20. Love your plates and WOW! I definitely need those disc hangers!! Your pottery lamp is awesome! I’ve got a few of those waiting for me to find some awesome shades during some thrifty outings. Gorgeous living room. :o)

  21. I love what you did with the plates. I have got to buy some of those plate hangers. I use plates on the wall quite a bit and those are great. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home, I always enjoy seeing more pictures.

  22. YES, you have a 70’s vintage lamp! My parents bought one in 1971 when they bought their Spanish looking furniture…want to buy a huge dining room suite? We are in the process of cleaning out the house & having an estate sale. I keep singing the song from “Oliver”…”who will buy….?

  23. Hi
    My first visit here, and I must say I need to borrow you to help me arrange things on my walls!!! You have a really great eye for that! Love it all!


  24. Your plates look great!!! I hope to be able to get to some garage sales soon! I tried the disc hangers a couple of times already and had no luck! They came off the back of the plate and caused my plates to fall. I used the proper size according to their guide and adhered them according to the directions. The plates were not that heavy. I think the central heating caused them to loose their stickiness! I was so disappointed, I think they are a great idea…but now I am too afraid I will lose more plates if I try again!

  25. Rhoda,
    Your house looks so pretty. I love the plates on the wall.
    You definitely have the “touch”!

  26. ooh, love that plate display! i was telling my friend that she should do something like that in her new place. great look!

  27. Your thrifty finds look awesome, Rhoda. And I love the way you have added turquoise and other light blues. I really like the way your wall of plates look and I still love that wall of yardsale prints and the sweet little table underneath it. I am so glad you didn’t cave in and move it. Good for you! Your house has a whole lot of personality, I love that!
    Hugs, Cindy S

  28. Hi Rhoda,
    I love your plate wall. I have been collecting too but haven’t put them up yet. I need to find those hangers you used.
    I also love your living room with all that natural light, it is beautiful

  29. Ugh! Can I just say BEAUTIFUL!!!

  30. You totally sold me on those plate hangers! Just went and ordered me some! I so love to hang plates up – thanks for sharing!

  31. I have to say, that arrangement of plates is simply stunning! I love the spot you’ve chosen for it, looks like the wall was made for that display. Thanks for hosting, have a wonderful Monday!

  32. Your wall of plates and platters looks so pretty! I love the shape of that new/old lamp. Fits in great too.

  33. Lena Templin says:

    Thanks Rhoda for choosing me for the bauble bath giveaway. My daughter and I will have fun picking out bath stuff. I always enjoy your blog. Wish I could find all the good deals you find. Have a great day. Lena

  34. LOVE the plate collection! Looks amazing! Thanks for hosting!

  35. I love the plate arrangement! Recently I put together one of my own but with less plates. You don’t often share photos of your living room…it is lovely!

  36. Lauren@SimplyLKJ says:

    Love the plates! I really like the added monogram too.

  37. Love the art wall. Really like the deep, deep blue color in the painting & I love the ys pottery lamp you scored. I think it’s from the 60’s or 70’s (is that now considered an antique? I don’t know…guess that was 30-40 yrs ago). I cannot remember the name of that pottery (I have the blue/green tones in my beach house, but if I think of it, I’ll get back to you.) It’s probably on eBay. I often buy lamps like that & take them apart for the pottery. Yours is especially gorgeous. Wish I could find one like it! And thanks to you, I’ve started collecting white ironstone (like I need one more collection!). I’m sure my husband is thanking you! LOL!

  38. You have a beautiful and classy home Rhonda! Your plate collection really compliments the room and the added touch of the monogram is perfect. I have a collection of trivets (hot plates) that I have been meaning to display, after seeing your collection hung so nicely, I think I am inspired to try. That is what is so great about this hosting you do, I always come away with new ideas and tons of inspiration.

  39. Hi Rhoda, Beautiful display Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  40. Rhoda,
    I was just reading your guest post @ Matthew Mead’s Holiday site. Seeing your Barbie clothes reminded me of all the doll clothes my Mom used to make for my dolls, oftentimes with scraps of cloth from the clothes she made me.A couple of times we even had Mother Daughter and doll dresses alike. Do you remember Mother Daughter dresses or was that just a frugal Yankee thing?


  41. No link-up this week for me, Rhoda. It was too hot {well, it’s really the humidity that gets to me}, but I did hit Michaels looking for some Dollar Days deals first thing Saturday morning. Your dishes look lovely and I really like the variety you’ve put together here.

  42. What a great gallery wall. I recently did a post on gallery walls. You followed two of the design principles I taught–keep your items in an overall shape (like your triangle) and keep the items in the gallery similar or cohesive–your plates/platters did just that! And finally, you kept your gallery balanced! See my: http://graciousinteriors.blogspot.com/2010/07/four-keys-to-great-galleries-quality.html (This is not in your theme–thrifty bargains. I will try to participate on that one later today!

  43. I love your eclectic wall of art goods, every home needs a gallery wall! I love all the live plants in your home, too!

  44. Your living room is lovely Rhoda, and I love your collection of plates. You have put it together quite nicely.

  45. Hi Rhoda, I like that you added the acqua plates along with the white ones. The plate wall looks wonderful! Your living room is beautiful and I always enjoy seeing what changes you have made.
    Hugs, Sherry

  46. What a beautiful room. I loved seeing all of your pictures. I am glad you took a lot. So inspiring!

  47. I love, love the framed cage! Thanks for the link for the plate hangers. I have some yard sale plates I need to hang. But was taken away by the prices for just ONE disc hanger at the craft store!

    Mary Ellen

  48. What a stunning display of plates. The lamp is beautiful, too, it adds a lot of personality.

  49. Your room is beautiful. I’ve seen those plate hangers but never used them. I just wasn’t sure if they would hold. I guess they do so I may hop out and get me some because I love the the arrangement of plates on the wall.

  50. Love those plates and the arrangement. Very pretty! This is the first I have heard about the “disk” hangers! I will have to try them. Thanks!

  51. Good morning!!

    Thank you so much for hosting, and for showing us all your lovely pictures.

    I love the color and style of that turquoise blue ‘cage’ on the wall, and how you have it framed, and, the tassel!! gorgeous.


    barbara jean

  52. Your post is so timely. I am making over my beroom in the next couple of weeks and have several plates I want to hang. I’ve been wondering how to accomplish this task and there you are with the answer. Thanks!

  53. What a beautiful home. I like the arrangements of the plates. The aqua adds a nice touch and great accent color. Really pretty room!

  54. What a beautiful room!

    Love the look of the grouped plates, and love also that they are not all white — the injection of that soft color is just perfect.
    thanks for hosting!

  55. Rhoda—
    I love the plates. I have wanted to do the same in a spot in my dining room, just haven’t amassed enough of them yet. You have provided additional inspiration and I’ll begin my search of yard sales again! thank you!

    Your home is lovely.

  56. Carol Adams says:

    I love what you have done with the plates..thanks for showing us!
    I have purchased the disc plate thingys from your sponsor as I need to get some blue and white spode plates up above a fireplace…

    Your home is so beautiful and when I look at the photos it makes me go…”Ah…..” very relaxing ….

    Love your website a bunch! You inspire me like you can’t believe!

    Hugs to you!

  57. The plate collection looks outstanding! Thanks for sharing the pics of your home with all of us:) Hope you have a great week!


  58. Hey Rhoda! I appreciate the scoop on those plate hangers. I use the old fashioned kind and they stink!

  59. I love your new plate arrangement! I have a wall of transfer plates in my dining room, but I hadn’t thought of adding a monogram. Very nice touch. I also adore your half bird cage in the chippy frame! Thanks for sharing.

  60. Love your plate wall! I’ve got to try those disc hanger thingies!


  61. SO……WHERE did that gorgeous lime green rug come from in your little nook office? I couldn’t find that mentioned anywhere!!! I LOVE IT.

  62. Hi, Rhoda. I’ve linked my dining room re-do post here because I wanted to share a place I found a beautiful, hand-blown demijohn. It’s a nationwide thrift store, so maybe some of your readers who’ve been wanting a demijohn can find one, too, for a very low price.

    If this doesn’t fit the theme, please feel free to delete.

  63. Rhoda, your living room is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing and hosting this great party every week.

  64. These look so pretty, Rhoda! I don’t remember ever seeing that view of your living room before. I love the way you achieved symmetry with your plates. Just lovely!

  65. Right out of a magazine Rhoda. I absolutely love it!

  66. hello,

    thought you might want to know — your $3 plant from IKEA is actually an avocado. It’s not a bean that it’s growing out of, but the avocado pit! After you’ve eaten an avocado, you can even grow a plant yourself from the pit .

  67. What a gorgeous wall arrangement you have created!! Love all those plates!!

    I am linking up this week! Thank you!

    bee blessed

  68. Very pretty Rhoda, I have never commented but I often take a peek over here to see what you are doing. Just HAD to mention that very lovely 🙂 tapestry pillow on the chair! I think I remember that fabric! So nice to see that you did use it!

  69. I loved your wall groupings!! and the antique chair with the different patterns of material – what a great idea.

  70. Rhoda, I just LOVE the half birdcage in the frame!! Such a wow on that wall. 🙂


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