Hanging Yardsale Plates

Once again, it’s hot as it can be right now and going to yardsales have taken a back seat. I did hit 2 or 3 this weekend, but came up empty handed, but really that is quite OK, since I’ve scored on so many occasions.  So, today I’ll share what I’ve done with some of my recent finds.

Hanging plates has been done all over blogland, so this is nothing new, but I finally collected enough vintage white and softly colored plates from the last 6 months or so, that I decided to hang them in the empty spot in my living room.  Right above the sofa.

First, I laid them out in a pattern on the floor, so I could see how I wanted to arrange them.  I used some Disc Hangers (from my fine sponsor over there to the right, free shipping too!) and these little yellow discs are great for hanging plates.  They are invisible and they really do work super.  The large ones are perfect for those platters. And here they are on the wall.  I decided on a triangle shape and these worked out good for that.  I love the creamy white and the soft aquas too, as well as a couple of light gray platters added in.  And if I find more later, I can always add a few more to the mix. Aren’t they pretty?

Just for fun, I added a monogram to just one plate.  You can find those over at my Open Sky shop, if you’re interested.  She does custom sets of numbers and letters and it’s a fun way to personalize your stuff.

And just because I have this new camera, you’ll have to put up with more pics of the living room.  Just because!This wide angle lets me get views to the kitchen and dining room. And a new shot of the gallery wall.  I’ve moved my plants around again.  I got this cute little plant at Ikea when I was there a couple months ago.  It’s some sort of BIG bean that has sprouted in a little pot.  I wish I had bought more of these.  I think it was only $3.See the lamp there on the console table?  I changed that out for another yardsale lamp I found a few weeks ago.  The $5 one.  Actually, the black lamp above was also a yardsale find from a few years ago, again $5.  It may be time to retire this one, since I have more than enough lamps now. I think the new pottery one looks pretty darn great in here.  I love the colors.

Me and the mister from our wedding day and the new lamp.  This might be a vintage lamp, I have no idea.  I’m even going to leave the gold base as is, since I still have plenty of gold accents around this house.

A tassle.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I use my yardsale finds around my house.  If I love something, I can always make it work.  And I’m drawn to certain colors and styles, so it’s nice to be able to move things around.

The winner of the Bauble Bath giveaway is lucky Lena Templin!  Congrats, Lena, I’ll put you in touch with Sarah so you can get your prize.

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Let’s have some fun this week with the Thrifty Treasure’s party!

- Rhoda


  1. I love your new plate arrangement! I have a wall of transfer plates in my dining room, but I hadn’t thought of adding a monogram. Very nice touch. I also adore your half bird cage in the chippy frame! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your plate wall! I’ve got to try those disc hanger thingies!


  3. SO……WHERE did that gorgeous lime green rug come from in your little nook office? I couldn’t find that mentioned anywhere!!! I LOVE IT.

  4. Hi, Rhoda. I’ve linked my dining room re-do post here because I wanted to share a place I found a beautiful, hand-blown demijohn. It’s a nationwide thrift store, so maybe some of your readers who’ve been wanting a demijohn can find one, too, for a very low price.

    If this doesn’t fit the theme, please feel free to delete.

  5. Rhoda, your living room is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing and hosting this great party every week.

  6. These look so pretty, Rhoda! I don’t remember ever seeing that view of your living room before. I love the way you achieved symmetry with your plates. Just lovely!

  7. Right out of a magazine Rhoda. I absolutely love it!

  8. hello,

    thought you might want to know — your $3 plant from IKEA is actually an avocado. It’s not a bean that it’s growing out of, but the avocado pit! After you’ve eaten an avocado, you can even grow a plant yourself from the pit .

  9. What a gorgeous wall arrangement you have created!! Love all those plates!!

    I am linking up this week! Thank you!

    bee blessed

  10. Very pretty Rhoda, I have never commented but I often take a peek over here to see what you are doing. Just HAD to mention that very lovely 🙂 tapestry pillow on the chair! I think I remember that fabric! So nice to see that you did use it!

  11. I loved your wall groupings!! and the antique chair with the different patterns of material – what a great idea.

  12. Rhoda, I just LOVE the half birdcage in the frame!! Such a wow on that wall. 🙂


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