Happy Easter 2019

I’m a little late getting Easter pics out this year, but since we are currently on the cruise, I thought I’d share these with you. Better late than never! We had a wonderful time with both our families this year. We ate with my family and then went over and visited with Mark’s parents and extended family and it was a lovely day.

Parker came home with us from New Orleans and then Lauren flew home with Iris on the following Friday, so we were all together for a few days.

Colored eggs that Parker and mom did together. Mom has had this egg holder for a long time and it’s always a part of Easter.

We all went to church together on Easter Sunday and Parker and Iris took a pic at church with the Easter backdrop. This is about as good as we got with their Easter dresses. Their Nae Nae gave them those bunnies.

At home and pictures with Lauren and the girls. So cute!

Mark and I on Easter, this is the only shot I got. He hates to pose.

Mark and Bailey.

Iris in the backyard creek on Easter afternoon. Those girls love that manmade creek.

Now onto the good stuff! Easter dinner! We all gathered at my sister’s house for lunch after church and my cousin, Brenda, and her family came too. It was a wonderful meal as you can see! We all brought something. When I shared this on Instagram and Facebook on Easter Sunday, several people commented on how they loved that we just serve right out of the pots. Yep, we try to keep it simple. We’re not impressing anyone. It’s all about the food!

We had so much food it was really ridiculous, but boy was it good! I made the broccoli salad and they all made the rest. We’ve got some good cooks in our family.

Mom, Dad and Bruce’s mom, Doris, in line for the food.

We all helped our plates and then found a place to sit. It was delicious!

Iris insisted on sitting by her Nana and namesake.

The Bunny Cake made another appearance this year. Mom made this cake for Lauren since she was little all the way up to her last year in law school. Then it went away for a few years, Mom figured we wouldn’t miss it.

Lauren and the bunny cake, her last year of law school. That’s been a few years ago now, she’s 36 now.

But when Parker was born and 3 years old, mom brought it back again and made it for her, so now the tradition is back.

Bunny cake 2019!

Mom and her pride and joys! Those girls sure make us laugh all the time, they have livened up our family so much. They both have their own personalities too.

That’s it for Easter 2019! I hope you all enjoyed this little snapshot of our family and how we celebrate Easter. We try to get together as often as we can and celebrate those big holidays together. That’s what life is all about!

- Rhoda


  1. Getting caught up on your blog posts! Great family fun and I love that you are going on a cruise! And I bought a jump suit because of you!

  2. Clue a yankee in…what’s on the plate with the green and yellow squash besides carrots??

  3. Kaye L Thornton says

    Love your family! Thank you for sharing; that table of food has my mouth watering!!!

  4. Rhoda, you are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love you…and are good cooks!

  5. O my goodness ! Those sweet little girls are growing and getting prettier all the time. So happy your Mom and Dad are so full of life. They are so cute together. And all that food ! That all looks so yummy ! I like the idea of serving out of pots too. It keeps the food hot . Great picture of you and Mark.

  6. I love these posts about your family! We eat right out of the pots too! It keeps the food warm, and there’s no extra dishes to clean up.

  7. Sue A Wheeler says

    Love Nana’s bunny cake. Enjoy your cruise!

  8. You have been blessed with a sweet family and, oh, your parents are so precious !

  9. What a great tradition of having Grandma make and return the tradition of the bunny cake – adorable and great memory indeed. Your Easter spread is almost as bad? large? as ours and we have about the same people too!! Pretty much hubby and I making our brunch and I made sugar free Jello, cookie fluff ( I call it), and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate chip cookies…….delish! ha

  10. Great Easter pics! Those girls are adorable & look so cute all dressed up for Easter! Good ole Southern Easter Day lunch it looks like. My grandmother would do all this when I was growing up and all my Mom’s 9 brothers and sisters would come & bring things too. Us kids were on the last shift to eat there were so many people. I miss that. My brother was here from Texas, my Mom & Diana so quieter nowadays. You are blessed to still that tradition going on! Love the pic of Mark & you! Also the pic of your Mom with the girls & bunny cake is so sweet! They look so happy she did that for them!

  11. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    Thanks for sharing your precious family with us, Rhoda! Your Mom and Dad look so good in your pictures. You can tell they were really enjoying everything. And, that picture of you and Mark is so cute! What a blessing it is to be part of such a wonderful family!

    Enjoy your cruise! Looking forward to seeing all your pictures!

  12. Marilyn Parker says

    I love your family!!
    That is exactly how we always colored our eggs, mugs and spoons.

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing all about your cruise.

  13. Edie Walker says

    So wonderful! Thank you for sharing your family Easter with us.

  14. Looks like a wonderful day with your beautiful family! Those girls are precious.

  15. diane in northern wis says

    I just love your family posts around holidays Rhoda. Your family is the best and it’s so fun to watch the little ones grow bigger. Thanks for sharing the Bunny Cake and recipe too. I used to do one like that when my girls were little. Maybe I should start it up again…we love coconut!!! Hope you’re having a great cruise….can’t wait to see and hear all about it.

  16. Beverly M Childs says

    Rhoda – I grew up with my mom making the bunny cake. I continued the tradition with my girls every year (they are now 43 & 38) and now I’m continuing it with my grandchildren, who are 9 & 5. Bunny cake been in our family for about 50 years! Love seeing someone else who continues tradition.

  17. Susan B. Jones says

    And Lauren hasn’t changed one iota since she was in law school!!!!!

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