Home Decorator’s Collection in Atlanta

There’s a new shopping spot in town.  You’ve all probably seen the Home Decorator’s Collection catalog in the mail, right?  Well, Atlanta now has a real live store to shop in and  I just found out recently that Home Depot owns HDC!


The new store is located at Northpoint Mall area, in case you want to stop by and see it for yourself.  Definitely worth it!


I was in there awhile ago and enjoyed looking around.  After seeing the catalog for so many years, it was nice to see their products in person.  I think this store just opened in the summer here in Atlanta.


They have a nice selection of home decor items and organizational things and the prices are fairly reasonable too.


These side tables were interesting and unique.


Lots of decor accessories at all prices.


Decorative items


Lots to choose from, in accessories and furniture.


Lovely pillows


They have a huge selection of these Parson’s chairs, which make great dining chairs.  Good prices on these!


Lots of colors to choose from too.


Tables, chairs and rugs


Love these pierced white vases


Aqua blue glass


Occasional chairs and side tables


Lots of pretty things to see.


They have a really good selection of upholstered headboards too, in case you don’t want to DIY one.


Several fabric choices in these also.



Martha Stewart Craft station

I was really interested to see the Martha Stewart furniture collection for crafting enthusiasts.  Wrapping station was really cool!  In fact, my sister just got this in white for her downstairs craft room that we are working on.  The stenciled wall is done and she found a table and chairs on Craigslist that we’ll be painting….guess what color?  Tangerine chalk paint.  You know I’ll share!

Martha stewart office

Nice organizational pieces.


Lots more accessories.


Cute stools


Definitely worth stopping in if you are in the Northpoint area.

Martha Stewart baskets

These are the Martha Stewart benches and canvas drawers, just like the one I used on our porch redo.  Love that the drawers come in all sorts of colors.




And a ton of clocks.

I thought those of you in Atlanta would enjoy seeing the new Home Decorator’s Collection store.  I enjoyed my visit and would definitely go back!

- Rhoda


  1. Oh, I’m so jealous! So many things to choose from! I am looking for rugs, and saw some goodies in there!

  2. I love those Parson chairs. I am thinking of getting rid of my antique rickety chairs and replacing them with comfortable sturdy Parson Chairs. I also love all the organizational products in one place. Thanks for sharing Rhoda!

  3. wow, I’d get lost in there. So much to see and want.
    Thanks for showing us. your photos are better than the ones in the catalog and really make me want to show there.

  4. I ordered a set of foo dogs from them yesterday and that’s the 1st time I knew they were owned by Home Depot..Small world! Two complete strangers learn the same thing on the same day and we can communicate about it..I’ve enjoyed their catalog for a while. They do have “nice stuff”.

  5. I ordered custom blinds for my basement window from their catalog–old house, weird sized windows, couldn’t find anything anywhere–and I get a catalog at least once a month, but haven’t made it over to the store yet. Of course, I rarely make it out of my little 10 mile shopping circle. No wonder I’m frustrated! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. I go to the Atlanta area often and will definitely be making a stop there!..Makes sense that Home Depot would place this store in Atlanta since the corporate headquarters are there. I miss Expo, but this venture should be much more successful and affordable to all. I have those pierced ginger jars and love them!

  7. rhoda….really atlanta is such a hotspot for awesome shopping! what fun to peruse the catalog in person. 🙂

  8. I might have to go back to Atlanta just to get some shopping in! Cool store!

  9. Sarah Rideout says:

    I have purchased several things from the catalog and have been pleased, I knew they were owned by HD and am excited to hear they opened a storefront, I miss the old HD Expos. Thanks for the post!

  10. I’d love to walk through this place, Rhoda.

    The round bark tables would be great worked into my makeover of J’s lodge.

    Ellen, of The Scribbler blog, used similar white pierced jars on her dining room buffet in a grouping. Her wallpaper has a black background, with white flowers. A gorgeous room!

  11. Yay, thanks for letting us know, Rhoda! I remember a Home Depot Expo in the Atlanta area years ago, a similar sort of thing. I was really disappointed when we moved back to find out it was no longer there. So glad they decided to open a real-life store again! Love those rugs, will have to make a trip soon. 🙂

  12. Rhoda, I just have to thank you. I googled the name of this store and found out there is one close to my work here in St. Louis. I never heard of the store before and now I can’t wait to drop by there after work sometime this week. Love what I see in your pictures!

  13. Wow! I LOVE the clocks! Would love to see an entire wall decorated with those clock faces! I’m surprised they don’t have an outlet store in D.C. or High Point, NC. Guess it’s another reason to visit Atlanta for a good shopping trip! Thanks for sharing – great photos!

  14. Wow, what a great shopping destination! I could lose myself in this place for hours! This is definitely a “must visit” for me, on my next trip to Atlanta. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I live in the Duluth area and not too far from North Point. Thanks so much for sharing all the photos! I have not heard of this store. I will have to plan a weekend trip there.

  16. We have one of those stores here in he ‘burbs of Chicago and I didn’t know it was owned by Home Depot. I’ll have to give it another look, the first time I was in it I was less than impressed but your photos look like they’ve perhaps upgraded their inventory!

  17. Ooooh, so many great things! I’m going to have to stop in.

  18. I could spend way to much time in this store. Thanks for sharing!


  19. Everything is so pretty.

  20. Thank you so much for giving us a tour of this store!

  21. Kim Rowell says:

    Thanks for the review. I will definitely stop in now but I love seeing everything through your eyes first!
    You mentioned using tangerine chalk paint. Will you be making your own? I have seen “how tos” on the web but haven’t heard much about how they compare to the Anne Sloan paint.

  22. Thanks for letting me know about this store. I had never even heard of the catalogue. Maybe I can check it out when I go to Atlanta later this year. I love the aqua glass! It would look great in my bathroom!

  23. Paula Lusk says:

    You are so lucky. I have bought rugs, chandeliers, and furniture pieces from them. But to see your pictures is even better than the catalog. I liked it when you shared your pictures of the Ballard outlet too. Here in California, we don’t have those stores. But then most people buy throw away furniture (cheap stuff/big box furniture). I am one of the only people in my group of friends that has name brand furniture. Not Broyhill, Thomasville is my cheapest piece. So now after 29 years I need to update things. So, I am reupholstering, painting (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint mostly) and, ta da, today I started the painting.
    You, my dear, have been a huge influence to me. Thank you so much. Blessings Paula

  24. LOVE this! 🙂 Thanks for showing me a new place to visit on my next trip up to the North Point mall area. Looks like there are lots of good finds 🙂

  25. I knew that was you in Tobacco Barn- you were talking about the art/artist that was the same as the screen door! i should have spoke up!

    • Colleen, yes you should have introduced yourself. You should have known I had that big camera taking pics along the way. I did have a reader introduce herself in Screen Door. I have lots of pics to share!

  26. I love your blog and your taste in decorating is beautiful! I wish they had a Home Decorators in the Springs/Denver area! Thanks for sharing!


  27. Wow, I absolutely love the catalog! How lucky that you can go in person now – that’s great. I hope they open more around the country! ;-))

  28. We’ve had one in suburban Kansas City for almost 10 years. I ordered a rather large media cabinet several years ago that I’ve been happy with and it shipped to the store within just a couple of days with pick up for FREE. I had out-of-town relatives visiting who recognized it and commented they had been looking at chairs in the catalog, but lamented they wished they could see them in person before placing such a large order. Their jaws nearly dropped when I said, “Get in the car, we’ll go to their store today!”

  29. Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing! As a Northern gal I’m thrilled to see there are two stores in Chicago. Wonder if I can talk hubby into making a 2 hour trip to the windy city? We could go to Ikea also and Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel and all those places we don’t have in rural Indiana! The Cheesecake Factory or Weber Grill in Chicago might be the ticket! Wish it weren’t snowing!! Love all you do and the inspiration you provide. Wishing you all the best in 2012.

  30. Hi Rhoda!

    I love their catalogs but never want to buy furniture without really being able to see it. I am so excited to see there is a store near Atlanta. Definitely will be making a trip there soon! Thanks so much for sharing.

  31. Sharon in Chicago says:

    I’ve got looaaddds of HDC furniture and rugs. Originally StLouis based, I would shop their outlets there plus there was a quasi- outlet in Columbia Missouri and KC. I can personally vouch for the wood furniture and the parsons chairs–have held up for 8 years! Getting ready to slipcover the chairs; all these projects and I don’t even blog – yet!

  32. I knew it was owned by Home Depot because I used to be an Assistant Store Manager at EXPO. It looks just like the decor dept. at an EXPO.
    The EXPO I worked at was very profitable and successful bringing in 36-38 million dollars per year. It was sad to see it go. Hope they open one in northern ca. Happy New Year Rhoda.

  33. I had no idea they had a store!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I CAN’T wait to check it out!!! I WANT that wrapping station and that white desk!!!

  34. It’s like IKEA but different. 🙂

    I see a trip to Atlanta for a visit to this store. So many beautiful things. I can see them in my home already.

    Thank you for the pictures and sharing with us.


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