Home Decorators Collection Revisited

I was over in Roswell last week, browsing and having lunch with my friend, Maureen.  We both love home décor and have been friends for many years now and it’s always fun to catch up with her.  She also knows how to enlarge prints, since she is a fantastic photographer and I sent her the digital files of my cute little green botanicals and she enlarged and printed them for me.  They are beautiful!  Can’t wait to show you that too.

But first, we stopped by Home Decorators Collection, after a yummy lunch at Figo in Alpharetta and had fun looking around.

It was also fun running into one of my readers, Mary, in the store.  She saw me coming and introduced herself.  I love it when that happens, so please always introduce yourself if you see me out and about!

blue sectional

They always have pretty things to look at. Did you know that Home Depot owns Home Decorators Collection?  I’ve always looked at their catalogs, but really in person, their items are even better.

subway art

Subway art


Sofas and chairs

outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs, nice selection and colors.


Large clocks.

outdoor seating

Outdoor furniture. Love that rug!

all weather wicker

More all weather wicker from Martha Stewart.

rustic wood

Industrial rustic pieces.

Martha Stewart storage

Martha Stewart craft room and storage.

sofa and coffee table

More sofas and chairs and lots of accessories.




Bathroom vanities


Side chairs

sink base

Sink and mirror.

Mo in mirror

There’s my cute friend, Maureen, in the mirror.

glass pendants

Pretty glass pendants.

rustic metal side table

Industrial metal console table.

Home Decorators store

The store is well organized and put together well.

uphostered headboard

Upholstered headboards

storage rustic metal

Industrial bins

painted piece

Painted side table and accessories for Spring.

more subway art

More subway art.

And that is Home Decorators in a nutshell.  Their products are nice and fairly affordable.  Stop by if you’re in Roswell at Northpoint and take a look at the store in person.

- Rhoda


  1. what a great mix of furniture. love all the industrial bins and tables, etc.

  2. Thanks for the tour. I wish we had a Home Decorators store in NC.. Something to put on my list for my next trip to Atlanta.

  3. I love reading your blog and have enjoyed thr progress on your home. I know you have advertisers on your blog which is great. The pop up that I just recently noticed is really irritating. Just an FYI.

    • HI, Pat, can you tell me what the pop up ad is advertising? I can try to stop it if I know where it is coming from. Thanks!

  4. The brown/green/blue outdoor rug is sitting in my house right now waiting to go on my new screened in porch and the striped one that goes with it. I can’t wait … seeing it on your blog makes me even more excited. Heading to Home Decorator’s today.

  5. I love seeing catalog items in real stores and wish I had this store nearby! So many great items! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love this store! So many wonderful things to dream about!

    (BTW, the ad that covers half the page is for Chattanooga. There is an X to click, but it is hard to get it to go away.)

    • Thanks for telling me. Unfortunately, I can’t see it on my end. I hope it goes away soon, these ads rotate all the time.

  7. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Rhoda: You are beyond blessed to live in the greater Atlanta area – perfect for your blog. Those of us reading in Birmingham can only drool and wish. The decorator store offerings in Birmingham are slim at best. JEALOUS!!

  8. Great to meet you in person! I looked at Home Decorators catalog for years but never ordered because–back in “those days”–the catalog made all the stuff look junky. They have really come a long way with their branding. The store is really nice and they have great things. I think the quality is on-par with Ballards.

  9. What a fun store — I esp. love that yellow and grey print side chair!

  10. I knew Home Depot and Home Decorators worked together but I didn’t they owned them…learn something new everyday. I am a fan of Home Decorators and have some items from them. I think they have a great selection of items to choose from.


  11. Rhoda, When you say the prices are pretty good can you give us an idea about how much the side chairs are?

    • Tara, from what I remember, those Parson’s like chairs are less than $200, so not too bad. You can get an idea of pricing too online, they have their entire catalog online to look at, so take a look there. I think the prices should be the same as in the stores. I know you can order something online and have it shipped to the store to save shipping too.

  12. Oh but that looks like a really fun place to shop!

  13. Nice stuff but I think their prices are a little high. I’ve picked up a few things at clearance prices though.

  14. Rhoda,
    I hope you came home with one of those gorgeous rugs for your screened in porch! They are gorgeous! I have received the HD catalog for years, but I have never ordered from them. But after seeing your photos of some of their merchandise, I would be more inclined to do so!

  15. Kathy Dudleson says:

    I am so very happy to be able to follow your current postings again. I have missed them so much. Glad the problems are gone!

  16. Love this store! They do have monthly sales. A different product line each month.

    (A Kindle ad keeps popping up for me – tough to get rid of)

  17. Sharon in Chicago says:

    I can vouch for the quality of their wood pieces and parsons chairs. Bought mine over 10 years ago and they’re holding up fine (and have moved twice!)

  18. I didn’t know they were owned by Home Depot. I wish we had one near me.

  19. Inever knew they had stores. None near me. It looks far more interesting than just a catalog.

    – The Tablescaper

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