House Progress?!

So, you’re probably thinking that I’ve had over 2 weeks to get unpacked and settled in and that probably my house is starting to look like a real house by now.  Right?


Wish it was all together, but it totally is not. I lost a week with the Room Service Atlanta project, but that was such a worthy cause and well worth the time involved.  I knew I’d be behind after that.  My energy level is down as you can imagine and trying to get everything done has definitely been a challenge.  I just want to sit right now, but that’s not going to get the job done either, even though I know I should give myself a break.  Six months of renovations will wear you  out, but I’m determined to get everything put together by Thanksgiving.  Then, the Christmas boxes come out.

I had a few days last week of just walking around the house in circles, picking up stuff and moving it around, not getting much accomplished.  But, I’m happy to say that most of the boxes are now unpacked, although that means things look worse instead of better, since all that “stuff” is now sitting around the house, in every spare space.  So, I’m working on it, slowly but surely and it’s going to come together.

Payless Decor bamboo blinds

I’m still having to use the power tools, putting up blinds and rods and towel holders and lots of that stuff.  I’ll be really happy to get to just the decorating part.  That’s the part I love the most!  One thing I did get done last week is getting up the shades on my 3 bedroom windows.


Thanks again to Payless Décor here in Atlanta for sponsoring my bamboo blinds. These are from the Premium collection, called Tibet, and I absolutely  love them.  I chose Tibet for my bedroom and living room, so I’ll be showing you lots more of my bamboo shades along the way.  When I get my panels installed, it will look even better.  These are lined and give plenty of privacy and they also block light really well.  I can open them all the way up in the daytime for maximum  light.  Payless is affordable and I love the liners on these custom shades.

Moen curved shower rod

In my tiny master bathroom, I also installed a curved shower bar from Moen.  I’ve loved working with Moen as well and they sent me faucets and these curved shower bars for both bathrooms.  Grateful, I am!   Please don’t think I take any of this for granted. I’m grateful for every perk I have gotten on this house.

If you’ve never used a curved shower bar, I can’t tell you how great they are.  This is my first time using one and it really truly makes a huge difference in how big it makes a regular tub feel.  The curved bar keeps the shower liner outside the tub at the top and really gives more of a spacious feel.  The curtain doesn’t move at all where I’ve had regular rods and curtains and the liner tries to stick to you.  Not with this one.  I’m definitely pleased with this feature. I’ve got a mix of metals in here, with chrome knobs on the tub and satin nickel on the sink faucet, mixed with oil rubbed bronze towel bars, hooks and cabinet knobs.


Getting a tiny bathroom organized is one of  my top priorities.  This bathroom is very small and I need all the help I can get to keep it neat and tidy.  I’ve used these Dispenser systems in all 3 houses I have lived in and love them!  This one is called Ulti-Mate Dispenser, with 3 containers to hold shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel.  It comes with peel off stickers so you can choose whatever words you want to put on here to mark the containers.

towel bar and Ulti-Mate Dispenser

I found this one on They are a company I’m working with and they sent this one to me for free and I absolutely love it. It keeps my small shower tidy and free from all those bottles and this one even has a spot to hang my scrubby and razor.  Now there’s nothing sitting around the tub collecting dirt.  I also hung up my 24” towel bar inside my shower. That’s about the only spot I have to hang it and it works out fine in here.  Doesn’t get wet at all.  I’ll be sharing my towel bars with you later.

Ulti-Mate Dispenser installed

This Dispenser brand has been a fave of mine for over 20 years and I have had them in all 3 of my showers over the years.  When I moved, I left them behind, since they stick up with heavy duty tape and adhesive.  Love, love my Dispenser!  Thanks to Wayfair for sending this one my way.  Got this installed too, so you can see I have made a little progress.


I did manage to get the mirror installed on my antique vanity.  These are screwed on and are 3 separate pieces.  Love my vanity and yes, my old-school makeup mirror.  Hello Clairol!

bathroom storage lazy susan

I’ve also been working underneath my bathroom cabinet on organizing all those toiletries we seem to accumulate.  I had these Lazy Susans from my old kitchen and don’t need them in my current one, so I repurposed them under the sink to put my vitamins and other assorted toiletries for easy reach.  I think this method will work out pretty well.  I’m so bad about accumulating hair products and then using half of them and deciding I don’t like them anymore.  All of that takes up a lot of space, so I’ve pared it down.

bathroom storage tiered shelf

I had a tiered shelf too from my old kitchen and added it on the other side for more hair products and extras that I have on hand.  Hoping to keep this area organized and not messy.  I also added some peel and stick tile under here since it was such a yucky old cabinet.  That did the trick and it’s all clean now.  Thanks for the suggestion on that!  Added a few nails for good measure too.


So, back to the guest room.  It’s messy and full of all my beautiful accessories.  I know that I’m not going to have room for all of my “stuff” and I’m quite sure a yardsale is in my future.  I know some of you were feeling so bad for me when I left Birmingham and sold so many of my things.  As you can see, no need to feel sorry for me.  I have way more than I need to fill this house up.  It will be hard to decide what to keep and what to part with.


One by one, all of my pretties came out of their boxes and wrapping paper.


Treasured goodies and pretty things.  So many of these things came from yardsales over the years and I still love them.


Some of my urns and greenery.

living room

The living room hasn’t come far either, as you can see.  More clutter to deal with.  I had to get it all out to see what I have to work with, then I’ll get busy deciding what goes where.

New living room drapes

I sent out my Ikat fabric to a local fabric store who does drapery panels.  Fringe Benefits on Canton Hwy. in Marietta, makes pinched pleat panels for $55 each (plus lining), so instead of trying to do these, I sent them out to be sewed.  They are so pretty and I can’t wait to get them up in my living room.  That’s one thing off my plate!

corner cabinet

I threw some of my white dishes and a bunny or 2 together in my corner cabinet.


I’ve got a fun tablescape challenge coming up this week, so will be working on the dining room later on.

Lamps from Kirklands

Did you spot these beauties on the sideboard?  Thanks to working with Kirklands (link to my lamps there)  in a couple of promotions, I had giftcards to spend and found these in the store at $55 each.  As soon as I saw them, I immediately knew they would be perfect on my dining room sideboard, pulling in the gray of the walls, and the golden color on my chairs.  They are sitting on a blond wood base, which adds more texture and different wood tone to the space.  I am going to have so much fun in this tiny dining room, setting the table and making it pretty.  Since I don’t have an eat in kitchen anymore, this table will be used every day.   My old black breakfast set will eventually end up on my screened porch.


The den has lots more stuff out too and we are going to work on the rest of those ceiling tiles this week.  Dad has had a week off, but he’ll be back over this week and we’ll finish up a few more little things like this ceiling.


I need an intervention!  So many plates and glassware and the problem is….I love it all!


How to decide what to keep and what to pass on?


I will be very happy to see it all find a place and get this house together.


My black chairs will eventually end up on my porch, so I will have to keep those somewhere until that happens.


I’m trying to get my office together and will be working on it more this week.  I found the shades that were packed away for this chandelier. That chandy is a $5 thriftstore find, by the way, from when I was in Birmingham.  I love my thrifty finds!


Most of the kitchen is unpacked and has found a place in the cabinets.  Still haven’t styled it all yet, but I’ll get there.  I’m trying to not clutter up my countertops too much.

grits for breakfast

One thing I did buy was some grits and I’ve been enjoying those a few mornings a week, with my coffee.  It was nice to get out my pottery coffee cup and use it again. One bummer thing that happened is that my new Ikea microwave decided to stop working, so it’s got to come down and go back to Ikea.  Not fun, but it’s got to be done. I do miss my microwave too!

So, that’s the week.  Still not a lot of pretty to look at yet, but I know in 2 more weeks, I’ll be a lot further along.  I really want to be finished by Thanksgiving week, then I can relax a bit for the Holidays.  I may not even finish up my touch up painting before Christmas, but if I don’t, I’m not going to stress about it.  It will get done when it gets done!

- Rhoda


  1. Agreed, it always looks worse before it looks better. You have a long road ahead, but working with all your beautiful things will make it all worth while. Great job so far. Can’t wait to see more. Thanks for sharing, liz

  2. You know the old saying, “you have to crawl before you walk” and you have really been crawling, you will soon be walking! Actually running! Everything looks so pretty!!! You are in the short rows now my friend! Can’t wait to see it all pulled together and will be so happy for you that it is done! Now if I could get my own done! I need some of your energy!

  3. It’s really getting there! Can’t wait to see it all put together.

  4. It’s coming together beautifully! That fixture in the office- what a find! You are a bargain hunter extraordinare. A thought about the kitchen- is there something linear, with a bit of black that can go above the windows where the island is located? It would lift the eye from the black drawer pulls & black brackets on the shelves. Just a thought. You’ve got a great thing going- keep pushing!

  5. Sunshine Faulk says:

    Super happy that you are in your beautiful home! I agree with Lisa I want some of your energy! You are inspiring. You have 17 days and I know you’ll get your check list checked off. When I have big task such as when I painted my kitchen, I worked in 25 minute intervals and took 3-5 minute breaks grabbed a soda or took a short breather outside. My friend told me about this and it really helps me not feel so overwhelmed. So I do like four sets of 25 with the mini breaks and then after 4 I take a little longer break. It’s called Pomodoro. Have fun Rhoda these next few days. Rootin for ya!

  6. It’s really going to be a nice place Rhoda. Love the bathroom and kitchen. Really love the corner cupboard with the burlap backdrop.

  7. It’s looking really wonderful, Rhoda! Can’t wait until you’ve got all the curtains hung and everything organized and beautiful in your special way! You’re on the home stretch now!

  8. Thanks for sharing this “not quite there yet” post. Still inspiring! You do have many beautiful things, and I’m honestly just amazed at the “bones” of your house that you have created during your remodel.

  9. “as is” — even your clutter looks great.
    Love the nook with the dressing table. Your kitchen. Everything.
    Nice to see all your pretties are out of the cardboard cartons and ready for you to do your magic.

  10. Rhoda ~
    Absolutely love the color scheme and the extra little
    details, like the stenciling on your office wall, the burlap
    printed with herbs that you’ve used in your corner
    cupboard and all of your fabulous chandeliers. I say
    Don’t dispose if your fabulous goodies in a yard sale.
    Take pictures of them and keep them in a binder so you
    know what you have, box them back up and put them
    in the attic do you have them for trading out for seasons
    and your decorating parties.

  11. Oh Rhoda, it is looking good! Take your time and enjoy the journey because you have made tremendous progress! I am looking forward to seeing everything with the finishing touches!

  12. Even “as is” you are making huge progress! It’s going to be beautiful when it’s done. You have such vision and it’s now become a reality. I have loved keeping up on your progress. Can’t wait to see more. Hugs!

  13. Be kind to yourself! You’ve got to be physically exhausted, and I am sure that getting all your stuff out, and the inevitable memories associated with it, is a little bit exhausting, too. Lots to process, and probably a few tears to shed as well. But one morning you’re going to wake up, and feel all energized and inspired, and that will be it….it will just all finish coming together! And off you’ll be, finished and ready for this new chapter in your life. It looks beautiful even unfinished, and it will be fun to see you mix and match the old and new, and make something completely different than before. 🙂

  14. Ande Stephens says:

    Rhoda, please let us know when you have a garage sale…I will drive all the way from Athens to come to it!! Love your style!

  15. Everything is coming together so beautifully … I love looking at how you’ve placed your furniture and seeing all your “pretties” patiently waiting for their day to shine. I am about to make my third move in three years and hope to have the vision and energy you’ve inspired in all of us when facing this task. It can be overwhelming, but I have learned some valuable lessons from following you through your adventure and know they will help me deal with it all. Congrats on a job well done!

  16. Rhoda, it’s so exciting to see your things again! The house is really starting to look like YOUR house. You’ll get it all squared away soon, and then you’ll be able to enjoy living there so much. I am proud and happy for you.

    And girl, you’ll have one whale of a garage sale! Your extras will be gone in a flash!

  17. Rhoda,
    Give yourself a break! You have been working non-stop for a long time. It takes time and you don’t want to be sick for the holidays. Just do a little each day. So happy for you. God is good! Your second Mom. LOL

  18. I can see the progress and it looks wonderful! Nice to see old familiar pieces, too.

    We simply must have one of those dispensers. Never had one. There was one in the hotel where I stayed when J was in hospital last winter. I decided I needed one then…still haven’t picked one up.

    You know how happy I am at this very moment, Rhoda!

  19. I love seeing the process…not just the styled result. Did you have the corner cupboard that is is the dining room before? I don’t recall it but if totally fascinates me. Enjoy the process of getting thls home together!

  20. Marie in Va says:

    Great Progress! 🙂 It already looks fabulous!

  21. must love junk says:

    It’s such a huge, exhausting job to move, but it looks like you’re moving along quite nicely! It naturally takes time to sort, style, and purge-I feel for you having to get rid of some things, as you have lots of beautiful treasures!

  22. Rhoda,

    I can tell it’s going to be fabulous! I think you deserve to slow down and enjoy the process now! It will all get done soon. What you’ve done looks great to me! Have a good week!

  23. I agree. Give yourself a break. It will all fall into place, you’ll see.

    Keep everything for a while. Find a place to store your things and shop from there. As you decorate you will know if your style has changed then the things you can’t or won’t use again can go into yardsale bins.

    Sorry about the microwave. And I love my dispensers in my shower. Beats the heck out of all those bottles cluttering around.

  24. It has been so much fun to watch your journey. I thought I’d be so sad when the weekly house updates were over, but now I’m loving the move in. You are amazing Rhoda. Thanks for letting me in your home and life.

  25. You appear to be at the stage we finished a few months ago: post-renovation unpacking. Good luck! It’s tedious for sure, and so rewarding as the decor for walls, tables, niches, etc. come together. I noticed your (perhaps rhetorical…) question about what to keep and what to pass on. In my zeal to decorate and pare down all at the same time, I passed on some items I now regret letting go. If I had it to do over, I’d hold on to items just a tad bit longer. This strategy would not help clear out the garage, but it would keep some cool items on hand for later use. I’ve enjoyed watching your journey. Have fun with setting up all The Pretty!

  26. Elaine in Laguna says:

    This has been nothing sort of amazing. And who could blame you for being exhausted. It’s all coming together and you’re in the home stretch.
    Unasked for two cents: could naked man (shelves in kitchen guy) help your Dad with the ceiling tiles? Could a couple of gal pals help you with finishing a couple of the rooms? You really need to be able to sit down and rest a few days before your new roommate arrives, the Thanksgiving cooking duties as well as the Christmas rush. Best to you and thanks for sharing your personal journey and house reno-the pretties with us! It’s just beautiful and so are you!

    • Haha, Elaine! Naked man, I’ll have to pass that along to my brother-in-law. Problem is, everyone is busy so I just haven’t had a lot of help with the unpacking part. And most everyone works during the day, so not a lot of time to help out. I know it will get done, so I’m really OK with the time frame.

  27. I have been following your blog for years and you from I just wanted to say I am so happy for you and love seeing this transformation process.

  28. Thank you for sharing! The progress is lovely, and I have to say- your office is my favorite part! What a wonderful labor of love!

  29. Hi Rhoda! Oh, bless your heart (I’m from Alabama! 🙂 ), I know you must be exhausted but you’re home is looking so nice. Just pace yourself an it’s going to be so beautiful! You’ve been so blessed and how marvelous you’re giving God the glory! 🙂
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  30. Ahhhh . . . a nice warm bowl of grits takes away any stress of unpacking! Such a fun few weeks ahead of decorating. Wish I could help!

  31. Your getting there, and things are lookin real good!!
    You have so many pretties, can’t wait to see them all displayed!

  32. I have been waiting to see how you decorate. I think that part is the most fun too!! So far so good! I don’t know how you will decide what stays and what goes. =/ Even though I love all my stuff I’m like you, I don’t want anything to feel cluttered. 🙂

  33. Your bedroom looks great and I love the shades you picked. But, what I really love is the vanity nook !! I also hadn’t noticed, if you showed it before, the great fireplace in your living room. Look forward to more photos as progress goes on.

  34. You are such an inspiration. Wish I didn’t live so far away. Enjoy, relax, and continue to make our world more beautiful!

  35. Your photography makes even the clutter look beautiful! Thanks for the shots of your bathroom cabinet interior – you’re keeping it real for those of us who don’t have the decorating knack – and I do love an organized cabinet. I may have to try the peel and stick tile trick in my somewhat water-damaged bath vanities. Love the overhead shot of your living room, too – it’s fun to look at all the details even if some of them haven’t found a home yet.

  36. I can’t wait to see your blinds and drapes hung. I wish I had done bamboo instead of the white faux wood. I’m a bit of a hoarder, so my vote is to get some shelves for the basement and put the stuff on them so you can switch them out as the mood hits. Will look great when it all comes together.

  37. It’s coming along! Can’t wait to see it all – you are moving faster than I would be especially after DIYing for 6+ months too.

  38. Rhoda – You’ve come so far. Now the fun part begins.


  39. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    You are so close….take your time even if you just get it done just enough for your deadline (Thanksgiving) you can tweak and tweak even after Christmas……..its the styling as you know is where the FUN is and that will bring such a reward to try this knick/knack here or better there – how exciting; and you and your folks deserve every bit of praise. Thank you for your tireless sharing, I tremendously enjoy your bog, Love & Blessings

  40. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    🙂 0000000pppppppppppssssssss 🙂

    BLOG not BOG

  41. What a fun journey for us, and what an exhausting one for you! I can’t even imagine how tired you must feel! BUT, the house is looking great and I know you feel so proud of your hard work! Looking forward to the weeks ahead, when you have found homes for your pretties and decorate for the holidays! Take care of yourself!

  42. Barbara (WA) says:

    Thank you for sharing “before”, keeping it real! I think it’s smart to get everything unpacked so you can easily see what you have and make your decisions. I would love to know your paint colors sometime in the future. Your office is stunning!

    • Hi, Barbara, I’m going to do a whole post on my paint colors, so stay tuned real soon!

      • Barbara (WA) says:

        Thank you, Rhoda! Plus, duh, I just realized you probably documented the painting along the way so I will snoop around your blog 🙂

  43. Rhoda, it’s coming along great! I know it seems like it takes forever, but you have really gotten a lot accomplished. You are lucky to have the space to spread things out and see what you have as you decide what to put where.
    On a side note, the new Queen of Hearts antique mall just opened today on Sandy Plains Rd. I remember you went there on your last “thrifting field trip” so I thought you might be interested. I went first thing this morning; it is very nice. See my blog post about it here:

  44. Hey, Rhoda! I see that you still have the brown transferware dishes that you got at my yard sale! I am the one who lives in Indian Springs Village. We finally got around to doing a major reno on the house so I have taken your advise with paint colors and we have removed all the carpeting and put in hardwoods too. If you decide to get rid of those dishes please let me know and I’ll come from Alabama to get them! I’m still working on my husband as far as painting the kitchen cabinets but decided to put that on hold for a while since we did so much with our reno like adding a huge master bathroom and adding an elevator too. Your home is beautiful!

    • Hi, Carol! Thanks for the update on your house, glad to hear you did some of those suggestions. I’m sure it is fabulous. And no, I’m not getting rid of those brown transferware dishes, love them!

      thanks for following my journey all this time!

  45. Rhoda, moving is so much work! The unpacking and decisions on what to put where in the new house takes time. I know you will pull it altogether, so try to be patient! 🙂

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  46. I recently painted my kitchen green, but your dining room color is so beautiful, I now have to repaint my kitchen that same color! Oh well!! You house looks so beautiful. 🙂

  47. We love the fact that you are “keeping it real” and showing all the steps from reno to moving and now unpacking. I’ve never seen the unpacking stage look so lovely! And, you are so talented with showing us the “step-by-step” process….so this falls into that overall blog-decorating process of start to finish and everything in between! The blinds in the Master bedroom are a great finishing touch on that wall with your Antique Armoir! Really pulls that together in your bedroom! Love your vanity. Yep….I know about that makeup mirror. I still have mine. It’s in my daughter’s room on a white Antique vanity I have in there. And you go girl….even showing us what is inside your bathroom cabinets….cause don’t we all want to open those up anyway when we are in someone else’s home? Keeping it real for sure…we love that about you! Take your time…there is no rush! We are simply enjoying it with you and along for the ride and the great photos! And the great tips and product recommendations. Yep – you are saving us alot of time and research there as well!

  48. Oh, my, Rhoda, your home already looks like a designer home. It is beautiful. I laughed when you called your dining room tiny. That’s the size most of us out here in blogland have too. You’ve come a long way and we all know what it looked like when you purchased it. Lots of hard work (kissy kiss for your dear Dad and Mom!), tears (I’m sure) and sore muscles. But it is worth it in the end. I’ve enjoyed every moment of your journey and can hardly wait to see your home all decked out.

  49. Rhoda, I am so impressed with your tenacity. You are quite a woman. I am also so happy for you to have your own home with all of your special touches. xo Kathysue

  50. Rhoda,
    Enjoy the process hon, you have come so far in the past year! Glad we could share the experience with you, I know the house is going to be a show stopper once you finish decorating it.

    Many Blessings in Your New Home!!

  51. Paula Lusk says:

    Rhoda- Your house is going to look beautiful when you are finished. Just remember where you started to where you are, don’t be hard on yourself.
    I think that you have done great on your blog giving all of the recommendations on the items sent to you to try out. I’m going to go out and get the shower dispenser. Been wanting one for years, just didn’t know how they hold up. And, low and behold, you wrote about it. Take care and don’t worry about everything being done right now. Blessings – Paula

  52. Love, love, love that vanity and mirror! And the stool!

  53. Aww, Rhoda, I think you’ve made GREAT progress! You have to get it all out, before you can start on the fun stuff — decorating! It’s probably been a little like Christmas, too, rediscovering your beautiful things. Happy for you… 😀
    xo Heidi

  54. Everything is looking so good, Rhoda. We’ve been in our house 3 years and yours looks more finished than ours! 🙂 You know that I’ll come over and help most any time, just let me know. And I can help you decide what goes in the yard sale, too- hee-hee, insert evil laugh here. 😀

  55. It’s looking good! I just moved out of my big house and had to get rid of so many of my treasures, as you did earlier. It is hard and I still regret selling or giving away many items.. I keep saying it is just stuff but…
    A question.. my DIL in Canton got a new rug in the family room, the salesman said put your sofa on the edge ( not on) the rug as it makes the room look larger. Is that a personal decision ? thanks, and I just realized you are too busy to think about this question. Rather hear that you took a minute to rest. I like the comment on working in short bursts.

  56. Mary in Idaho says:

    Love, love, love your attitude. Wish I had your attitude all the times we moved. Blessings to you and your efforts. Love your blog.

  57. A home is never “done”. Enjoy this wonderful (at times overwhelming) journey!! Take a deep breath and take your time. It all looks beautiful. Love watching it all!!

  58. Hey…I see your style coming through even though it’s stacked here and there. What a special home you are creating.

  59. Your is looking beautiful, Hang in there it takes time.

  60. Your vanity is precious, just precious!! Love it. And the blinds look great in your bedroom. You do need a break. But, I know how it is with people telling you to slow down, and you just want to get the jobs finished. I hope you can get to a point that you can take a break. You certainly deserve it!

  61. Kerry Mohondro says:

    Love it! I’ve been checking back to see your updates and poured over all your pictures, can’t wait to see more! Lovely! Congrats again, and welcome home!

  62. It’s been fun watching all this come together here Rhoda. Very beautiful. You have been truely blessed. 🙂 and are a blessing to others like down in Atlanta 🙂

  63. I see lots of progress Rhoda! Just think, this time last year I contacted you to help with my family room and you were living with your mom and dad and I don’t even think this house was on your brain yet!? Isn’t it funny how time changes everything!? 🙂

  64. I think every thing looks wonderful, all the work you all have done has paid off. I would enjoy the season and work at the small things you go along. Treat youself and enjoy your new home and family.
    I love the fresh color of green in the kitchen, the open shelves with the green dishes, it’s all lovely. I smiled when I saw your vanity mirror, I use the big magnify!

  65. I don’t know, I think it IS even now looking pretty!!! I can’t wait though till you get to hit all the fun stuff and do the decorating part. I stayed up many nights way past my bedtime decorating when I FINALLY got to move into our new house. As I’m sure you can relate, when you are on a decorating roll, there is no stopping the creative juices 🙂

  66. Hi Rhoda!!

    Your place is looking amazing. It’s coming together beautifully!! I love the Armoire in your bedroom and the antique vanity is gorgeous!!


  67. Rhoda,

    I love your blog. It reminds me of my very own blog. I would love to become a follower.

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