House Renovations: Week 10, Building a Door Roof {or How Awesome is my Daddy?}

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Hi, my friends!

Last week was devoted entirely to Haven for me and I have been completely exhausted after a week of running like crazy, but my daddy was hard at work at the house, getting a couple more things accomplished.  I’ll do a recap on Haven on Tuesday and it was SO fabulous, I hardly have words to express it all. I’m still on a Haven high!  I did get some great sleep last night, so I’m feeling like a human being again.

But, back to the house.  So many wonderful girls from Haven asked me about the house and told me how excited they are for me and this house.   They asked me if I was bringing my mom and dad to Haven, but I didn’t get them there.  Everyone wanted to meet them, but they would have been so out of their element!

Back door before

Here’s the little back door that goes outside from my laundry room/storage area downstairs.  My daddy is one who loves to put a roof over a doorway like this.  He likes to protect doors from the elements and they definitely do last longer when protected from the weather.  So, with my Lowes Creative Ideas blogging opportunity for June, we are going to add a cover over this door.

cover over door

He went and bought lumber to get started and this was the very beginning that I snapped pics of at dusk one afternoon. That daddy of mine is so good at all of this and I’m grateful to have him.

door cover in progress

He framed in the top and sloped a short roof.  We’ll eventually put a metal roof on top.

back door roof

And here it is all framed in and almost finished.  The metal roof will go on top of this and it will all get painted out white.  Note:  we ended up using shingles and not a metal roof, which worked out great too.

side view 2

Isn’t it cute?


Close up of the brackets.  We’ll add a bit more trim and then it will be done.

close up brackets

My daddy is so smart!

side view

I love it, it’s so cute and will look so great when painted. Now hopefully this door will not get water damage. We had noticed that a bit of water comes in by this door when it rains, so it will be interesting to see if this stops it. Hope so!


I never showed you the finished master bedroom paint, so here is Moderate White (SW) again. I’m keeping my bedroom light and airy too and will probably keep my blue and white and add some green splashes in here.  Lots of greens and blues in this house this time around.  Love those 2 colors together.

bathroom sink gone

Another thing my dad got done was tearing out the old vanity sink cabinet from in here.  This will be a great space for my antique vanity.

sink gone

Can’t wait to use it!


And here’s the extra bedroom with Moderate White.

I’m loving the house so far, it is so much fun to see it come alive.  I know you all are so excited for me.  And a big shout out to Lowes for providing a giftcard for this project. That has been such a help to me to get this house finished.

Here’s some exciting news too!  Lowes is giving away a $100 giftcard for ONE of my readers.  Leave a comment telling me what outdoor project you would work on if you win.

Have a great week!

- Rhoda


  1. I have a back sliding glass door off my den that goes to my backyard (similar to your door)…and it too needs a roof over it. Thanks for the idea from your dad….would love to do the same at my house. Can’t wait to see yours trimmed out and painted! What great before and after pics you have! Love you Rhoda!

  2. Michelle H. says

    Our pressure washer just died and needs to be replaced. Then as soon as we have some cooler weather, we can wash the concrete driveway and sidewalks!

  3. I would start working on some backyard landscaping.

  4. I would definitely buy tile for my small patio if I won a Lowes’ gift card!

  5. My front porch needs lots of help!

  6. Cindy Hancock says

    I L.O.V.E. your blog so very much. I’ve saved it on my “Favorites” and check it everyday! So excited for your new home and journey in life! What a blessing to have your Momma and Daddy helping you like they have! I still have my parents (in their 80’s), also, and I couldn’t imagine life without them! Oh, a Lowes gift card would come in so good right now! We have so many projects that are incomplete at my house, one being our Master Bedroom. I would use the $$$ to purchase trim for crown molding and paint. Right now it’s very bland and needs a “face lift” drastically! Thanks for the opportunity to enter! 🙂 Look forward to seeing your progress! Take care, Cindy

  7. We’d love to redo the gate my father-in-law built for us when our first daughter started walking. He didn’t want the toddler to fall off of the back deck. The gate needs replacing.

  8. Your progress is so inspiring! Thanks for the chance to win a Lowes card. I would use it to paint the wrought iron on our porch black. Fingers crossed:)

  9. Woot! Woot! Your new home is coming along nicely!!!

    If I won the Lowe’s gift card, I would use it to update my den’s sliding glass doors to French doors. Also, screen in the small porch that leads from the “French doors”.

    Thanks to Lowe’s and Rhoda for this opportunity!!!

  10. Would love some new lighting for my front portico area!

  11. Lisa Conforto says

    My hubby tells me I’m spiraling out of control with my DIY projects, So I’ll skip the out door fireplace pit for now, but boy oh boy I need to fence in my yard, our Black Lab Sicily keeps running away ,(the neighbors are giving me that look of dismay lately. The only way I can retrieve her is to get in the car and start it up , let her jump in the back seat and of course drive her around the block. That is getting really old I would surely get a fence up to confine her and get back on the now grouchy neighbors good side if ya know what I mean.

  12. Stephanie Nichols says

    On the back door roof, I noticed you left the siding and attached the roof on top of it. What did you use to prevent water from getting between the new roof and the house?


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